I'm just an Ohio girl working in retired from the world of football. I married the coolest man on the planet (Hi, Jared!) in May 2011 and it's been one big party ever since. He's the Type-B to my Type-A personality and it's what makes us work! That, and the fact that we both cheer for the same NFL team. #whodey

I started this blog in late 2012 without a clue where it would take me or what the heck I was doing. I just knew that I loved to write and should somehow try to put my Journalism degree to work! This blog is all about our completely ordinary life --Nothing glamorous to see here!-- and the fun we have along the way. I decided to leave my career in 2016 to stay at home with our little boy who was born in May. Being a mom is the toughest job I've ever had, but I will happily accept this unpaid position ;)

We love traveling and seeing as many new places as we can, be it within our city limits or in another country. I still consider myself a wanna-be runner although I've done two half-marathons and haven't decided if I'll ever do another. Mexican food is my jam, DisneyWorld is my happy place and I love meeting new people so please stick around :)