30 before 30

Erin's 30 before 30 list
To be completed by April 20, 2017
1. Run a 1/2 marathon. 
     May 2014 - Cincinnati Flying Pig
     March 2015 - Rock N' Roll D.C.
2. Be completely debt free.
     December 2014
3. Give up pop for 60 days straight.
4. Finish my novel and submit it for publishing.
5. Be a mom.
    May 2016
6. Organize/Simplify our house, top to bottom.
7. Grow this blog to 2,000 readers.
8. Treat myself to a day at the spa.
9. Host a holiday meal.  Christmas 2014 and 2015
10. Crochet a gift for someone.
11. Get at least 2 more stamps on my passport.
     April 2014 - Dominican Republic
     January 2015 - Canada
12. Get involved in our church.
13. Visit 2 more NFL stadiums.
     October 2014- Lucas Oil Stadium
14. Upgrade the floors/carpeting in our home. January 2017
15. Get professional pictures taken of Jared and I.
     May 2015- HHI
16. Visit as many new cities/states as possible.
     February 2013 - New Jersey/Philadelphia
     July 2013 - Arkansas 
     November 2014 - Louisville, KY
     January 2015 - Niagara Falls
     March 2015- Washington D.C.
     August 2015- Canton, OH; Pro Football HOF
     May 2015 - Hilton Head Island, SC
     March 2016 - Savannah, GA
17. Regularly donate to charity.
18. Watch every movie we own.
19. Throw Jared a fantastic 30th birthday party.
     Jared's "Nerdy 30"
20. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway. 
     January 2015
21. Be up-to-date on all family/yearly photobooks.
22. Get a promotion.
23. Visit DisneyWorld  
     April 2013 AND February 2014, recaps found here
24. Anonymously help someone in need. December 2013
25. Restore an antique piece of furniture.
26. Become an early riser.
27. Go to a state fair (I've never been!)
    August 2015 - Indiana State Fair
28. Update my camera/lenses 
     April 2015
29. Grow my hair out and donate to Locks of Love.
     July 2014
30. Read 15 new books each year.


  1. Such a great list! Can't wait to watch as you cross these things off :)

  2. Thanks for reminding me how great these are! It's about high time I whip up mine!

  3. Ooh so much fun stuff here. Love the ones you've crossed off, and I would be especially excited to get to crossing off spa day, holiday meal hosting, and all travel items... Professional photos and being up to date on photo albums aren't quite as fun (sooo awkward in front of the camera, and albums are soooo much work), but they were on my list and I'm so glad for it. Such great things to have for memory's sake!

  4. I'm absolutely stealing this idea and putting it on my blog! Hope you don't mind. :P


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