On A Lighter Note

Thanks for all your kind words on Monday's post! It's been a downer of a week over here but the notes of encouragement really helped. I appreciate that some of you said to just complain, wallow and get it all out because that's what I needed to do before I could move on. It's not going to be easy but I'll get through it just like anything else. One day at a time, right?! Hey, tomorrow marks 1 week down. I have an additional MRI this afternoon so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for positive news.
-So a few things on a much happier and lighter note today:

In true perfect timing, Keepsake (both a website and app) contacted me about checking out their photo printing/framing services. Since one of my June goals was to get some photos printed it was a no-brainer to partner with them. I chose a different type of photo than I normally would, a far away silhouette that my sister-in-law took of Jared and I on vacation. It was a beautiful night on the sandy dunes and I loved the colors in this photo.

Our house is so empty and blank that it was tough for me to choose a frame... I wanted them all! In the end I chose a distressed blue frame for my photo. I'm planning on hanging it in our bedroom which we are in the process of decorating in blues and greens. Can't wait to show you all how our room turns out but it might be awhile because we're waiting on our furniture to be delivered.

Also? I absolutely LOVE that the frame comes ready to hang. Sorry, but I'm just lazy when it comes to decorating- plus, I'm on crutches. I am all about easy and simplified right now :) I unpackaged the picture, admired it and then immediately hung it up.

Now that I got to see the photo and frame quality I will definitely be using Keepsake again ASAP. We have so many cute photos of T from the beach that I want to frame. PS- they have free shipping. Always. NEED I SAY MORE?!  Use promo code LFF15 for 15% your order! 
*I received my print/frame free in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and I seriously recommend them 100%!!

-I've been reading like it's my job.
In trying to find the silver lining of being on crutches, I have been using it as an excuse to read all the books that have been sitting around forever. I've already read 1.5 books. This week. That's a record for me, for sure. By nature I am a do-er at home, I like to be busy and I like tackling projects - so being still does not come easily to me. Books are helping however, and I'm trying to appreciate that I have the time for them. Anything I should check out while on the injured list??

-Free Trial at PureFlix.com
If you've read my blog for any amount of time, I think you know that I don't promote anything I don't think is worthy of my time- or yours! So PureFlix.com, a streaming site specializing in Christian movies, is something else getting my stamp of approval this week. They also reached out about their website and told me they're offering a 30-day free trial to anyone so I figured I'd check it out and see what they were all about. I've got the time right now, right?!

PureFlix is kinda' perfect for us right now. I can check out new things there when I'm home and T is napping, or Jared and I can check out some new titles for our date nights in- which is pretty much the majority of all our dates these days. At first I thought it might only be kiddy stuff, but they have a huge range of family-friend stuff in all categories: documentaries, heath and fitness, travel-related titles and even devotionals! I love old movies so Jared and I watched a documentary on Alfred Hitchcock that I'd never seen and it was fascinating!

So check 'em out! Like I said, free for 30 days and no commitment past that if you decide it's not for you. PureFlix asked me to share what I've been watching lately so I figured I'd share a few recent go-to's for us and also what makes our movie night a little bit more fun ;)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Let me know if you check out either of these cool sites!


  1. Love how the photo/frame turned out! And despite all the bad that has led to it, yay for reading time... what kind of book are you in the mood for?! I got recommendations of all varieties :)

  2. That print is gorgeous! Great choice! I hope you get good news today!

  3. Oh my goodness, I cannot WAIT to see that picture/frame in person! I'm absolutely ordering from them. I'm with you, the fact that it comes ready to frame is amazing! Go you for reading so much!! I know I mentioned it on vacation, but seriously, Love Does by Bob Goff is so good! <3 Happy Friday!

  4. One of our goals before the babies get here is get a lot new pictures printed out, framed, and hung up around the house! It sounds like Keepsake is a great service to use! And hooray for more reading!

  5. Glad you're feeling better, its tough when life hands us hard moments. Sending you happy vibes. The frame looks great, I need to check out this company.

  6. I'm at 2.5 books this week and both were really, really good.
    Stephanie Meyer The Chemist
    Sally Hepworth The Things We Keep (made me cry)

  7. I love that print and the frame you chose! I will have to check them out! Yay for reading!!! On Tuesday I posted about all the books I read last month and every single one of them was awesome and I would recommend any of them! You relax and enjoy your weekend!!!

  8. I love that photo & that frame! Now I want to watch Space Jam lol.

  9. Oooh thanks for the framing promo code--I had some photos that desperately need to be framed!

  10. Our walls are still bare a year later and it's so hard to decide what to put up!

  11. I love that frame! It's so pretty!

  12. I love that photo of you guys! I need to check this place out because we have a million and one pictures I want to hang once we are in our new house!


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