Jun 6, 2017

June Goals

It has been a few months since I did a goals post and this post is long overdue. I have completely let the chaos of selling our home, moving in with family for six weeks and then moving into our newly built home take over. My planner hasn't been touched in months and if we're being honest here, I don't even know where it is right now. Still have a few of those boxes to unpack- whoops!

But now that we are in our house and I feel like we can finally get into some sort of routine, I'm excited to set some goals and really push myself this month. There are a LOT of things I want to accomplish so hopefully by month's end I feel really good about things. Here we go!

Lose 10 pounds.
Y'all. I could write an entire post about my body post-baby, but I'll spare you that agony. I have reached the lowest of the low here. Once I stopped BFing/pumping around month 7, I feel like things really shifted. In a bad way. All those extra calories I was eating suddenly were showing up in the most unflattering ways and I let things spiral out of control. I am wearing a size I never thought I would and going to the beach last week just made it all the more obvious. Time to take care of this body- it's the only one I get!

Organize/Set-Up our Office
We will be organizing parts of our home for quite awhile, I'm sure, but this month I want to make the office a priority. Since I work from home part-time, I want my dedicated space to be not only organized but inviting as well. There are a few things I need to buy (still deciding on a chair!) but mainly just unboxing the rest of our office supplies, books, electronics, and finding a place for everything. Paint will come later, but I am shopping around for that perfect color.

Create our New Budget
With all the life changes that have happened in the past year, it's definitely time Jared and I sit down and reevaluate all aspects of our finances and our budget. With another family member, a new house, me leaving my job and getting a different part-time job... our heads have been spinning! We still have a lot of goals and ambitions for the next few years and having a clear picture of where all our money is going is so important to us.

Stock the Freezer/Pantry
With a new, big kitchen at my fingertips I am thrilled about cooking and eating at home more often. So much of life feels like it stopped throughout the moving process. Now it's the little things I'm looking forward to doing in my day-to-day and stocking our freezer and pantry is on my list. It may seem silly but now that I have the space, I want to make it easier to cook at home and not make the excuse that we just don't have anything. I'm hoping to make some good freezer meals to stash away and I want to buy a few extra things for the pantry each grocery trip to have on hand- things like pasta sauce, canned goods, baking supplies, etc! I figure if I grab a few extra each trip it won't feel like I had to spend a ton all at once.

Print some Photos
What? You thought I could write a goals post without mentioning at least some type photo project or goal? :) Again- with the blank canvas of a new house my walls are begging for some photos to go up. With T's birthday and our vacation pictures I want to choose a few to print and frame and decide where to put them. At the old house we had wedding pictures everyyyywhere and while those will still have a place here, it is time for an update!

That's it for the month. I feel ready to tackle the world this month- let's see if I can do it! :) What are you all working towards in June?


  1. I feel you on the goals. We are still figuring out everything in our house and redoing things so it seems like things are out of control. You'll get there, promise. And yes to a new big kitchen to stock with prepped meals and freezer meals.

    Body image is hard and when things go crazy we stop taking care of ourselves. Just remember, start small and incorporate small changes with food and exercise. Maybe some evening walks as a family or afternoon walks before Jared gets home for now? Once you get settled I'd highly recommend Whole30 [for you too, not lil one], it is a fantastic program to help you reset. Cheering for you whatever you do!

  2. I'm working towards losing some weight, I can do it, I can do it, I can do it...that and trying not to cry my eyes out that Baby Fox is graduating kindergarten and going to what I have deemed "real" school next year. Right now he only goes t school for less than 3 hours, next year it's 6 hours...going to be a shock to his system.

  3. You wrote my thoughts word for word on post baby body. Just coming off of baby #3 5 months ago....I'm so not happy with where I'm at! June is the month to make some changes. We've got this!

  4. These are great goals! With a newborn around my goals this month pretty much involve getting us on some kind of normal routine but that seems to mean something different everyday :)

  5. These are great goals!! I need to work on budget as well, it is the one thing I NEED to get done.

  6. Check out amazon photos, I love the quality and they are always running great deals. Walgreens does too, they have freebie prints all the time!

  7. My youngest is almost 7 and I'm still working on losing that baby weight, lol! Good luck on these goals!

  8. I DEFINITELY need to get my office set up! Now that I work from home one day a week, I need a space to actually do it, instead of the couch!

  9. I have a list a mile long for June with my to do's. I'm eager to see you accomplish your goals and I wish you luck with your weight loss. I'm currently working on that myself.

  10. Good goals, my dear! I am hoping to log a lot of walking miles; read a few books and book some photo shoots.

  11. I second you with the photo goal - I always have frames in need of photos. Good luck with your health goals this month, too!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  12. I have printed ZERO pictures since Crosby was born...9 months ago. I love that goal!

  13. I need to get some photos organized this month too. And every year I make a slideshow of photos for my niece's birthday so I need to get moving on that! I also had the goal to meet my Fitbit step goal of 7500 steps every day in June. I did great until yesterday and today when it poured rain and I came right home and put on my PJs. :) Oops! Back on track tomorrow...!

  14. Give yourself some grace with the moving. It's a tough time! Awesome goals! I hear you on the 10 lbs but it's so hard :)

  15. Ahh, I need to do so many of these things too!! June is definitely going to be my "get it together" month! Good luck! :)

    1. Get it together month indeed. Let's DO IT! :)

  16. I feel like I'm 100% with you on those goals! Well, except I think it would be frowned upon if I lost 10lbs right now 😉 We're dwindling down our pantry/freezer stockpile for the big move and our budget is an absolute mess because we're just trying to get through the next month with as few things to think about as possible. I'm ready to settle back down into a new normal! I can't wait to see how you organize your house (and your budget) after the move, I'm looking forward to reading about it!


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