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Back in 2013 I made the ever-so-popular "30 before 30" list. Now that my 30th birthday has come and went, I wanted to look back at that list I made and reflect on what I actually accomplished. If you click on the original post I did, there are links to anything I did and blogged about, which is quite a few, if you're interested!
On my 30th Birthday with my main man♥

THINGS 100% DONE: 19
1. Run a 1/2 marathon.
2. Be completely debt free (minus the house).
5. Be a mom.
6. Organize/Simplify our house, top to bottom.
9. Host a holiday meal.
11. Get at least 2 more stamps on my passport.
14. Upgrade the floors/carpeting in our home.
15. Get professional pictures taken of Jared and I.
16. Visit as many new cities/states as possible.
17. Regularly donate to charity.
18. Watch every movie we own.
19. Throw Jared a fantastic 30th birthday party.
20. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway.
23. Visit DisneyWorld
24. Anonymously help someone in need.
27. Go to a state fair 
28. Update my camera/lenses
29. Grow my hair out and donate to Locks of Love.
30. Read 15 new books each year.

Things still-in-progress or at least still on the radar: 6
4. Finish my novel and submit it for publishing. 
8. Treat myself to a day at the spa.
12. Get involved in our church.
13. Visit 2 more NFL stadiums.
21. Be up-to-date on all family/yearly photobooks.
26. Become an early riser.

Thoughts: I still dream of finishing my book one day. It hasn't been a priority for me, but I hope someday to make it one. Spa day will eventually happen one of these days, too. I thought about doing it to celebrate my 30th but with the new home purchase I couldn't justify that kinda' splurge. Because I'm definitely talking a full day of pampering.

- Being involved in a church is a huge goal Jared and I both share. We've had a hard time connecting and feeling like we've found a church "home" in our area. Once we decide where we'd like to be and where we want T to grow up, I hope we can find a way to connect.

- I only made it to one additional NFL stadium in the past few years, but I did get to visit it twice if that counts for anything! I love seeing new sports stadiums/arenas/ballparks but in the NFL it's not super realistic to make it to regular away games.

- My family photobooks are a constant work in progress and while I'm not totally up-to-date I continue to chug right along on them. I try to set aside at least an hour a week to sit down and knock out a few pages of whatever my current book is.

- And I'm an early riser by default now that we have a kid. But I still moan and groan about it. Maybe part 2 of becoming an early riser is figuring out how to not hate it ;)

Things I don't care about anymore: 5
3. Give up pop for 60 days straight.
7. Grow this blog to 2,000 readers.
10. Crochet a gift for someone.
22. Get a promotion.
25. Restore an antique piece of furniture.

Thoughts: Okay, I should care about the pop thing, I know- but hear me out. I drink significantly less pop than I did a few years ago. And I honestly might have went without for 60 days at some point, but I never made a real effort to track it. While pregnant I stayed away from caffeine as much as I could, but the occasional orange soda still sounded good ;) I don't make a habit out of pop anymore, but it's still a treat I enjoy here and there. So be it.

- My blog is still something I'm proud of and I do hope it can continue to grow. When I made this list, the "GFC" widget was about the only way of tracking followers so I pulled that number to use as a goal. Now that people follow in countless ways, it's tougher to track how many actual people are reading. My blog stats stay steady/occasionally rise, so I feel good about that. Since having a baby I haven't put the time into it like I used to (I truly don't know how I cranked out so many posts back in the day!) but I try to still consistently show up here and write. While it's fun to generate some freebies and even a little cash, I am less concerned about the numbers.

- Crocheting and restoring an antique? Yeah, I just don't have an interest in those things right now and don't know if I ever will. Plain and simple.

- Getting a promotion... does being a mom count? ;) Kidding. I obviously wrote this while I was still working full time for the NFL. I work part-time right now from home and it's absolutely perfect for our current stage of life. Who knows what career path I will take in the future, so it's just not relevant right now to worry about.

Whew, if you're still with me I am super impressed. This was a looong recap of a simple list, but it was fun to look back at it and think about how my goals and hopes in life have changed in the course of a few years. When I made this list I had no idea this is what my life would look like. Funny thing about life isn't it? No matter how many goals or plans you have, you'll always be thrown curveballs. You'll always be presented with new paths to take. And you certainly can't plan it out the way you'd like things to happen because newsflash- it won't happen that way!!

I'll continue to be a list maker and a goal setter, it's just who I am. But I think I can let up on the hard goal lists like this one for awhile. For now I just want to enjoy life and learn to accept that you can't orchestrate your whole life down to every last note and pause. Plus, there's no way I'm making a 40 before 40 list. That is just too far away! ;)


  1. Way to go on accomplishing over half of your items on your 30 before 30 list! I made a 101 in 1001 checklist and I love that it helps to keep me on track as far as goals, but looking back, I know that there's no way that I'll be able to finish them all. I'm still working on all of my photo books too!

  2. I have a 101 in 1001 list that I have completely flaked on. This is the perfect reminder to look at it and see what I've accomplished. It's due in July I think.

  3. Great job on completing so many goals! A while ago I made a 40 before 40 list and most of the things on there don't matter to me anymore or are out of date. Maybe I should make a new one...

  4. Wow you rocked your list!!! It's okay to give up some of the things because after a while they just don't matter, what you did accomplish is amazing!

  5. I know a great NFL stadium you should visit! ;)

  6. 19 things completed 100% is AWESOME!! Isn't it funny how our interests changes over the years?? Still love that you are working on a few things. Also, I would say becoming a mom is a pretty big promotion! ;)

  7. That's great that you accomplished a bunch of stuff :) Reading 15 books each year is impressive! Where do you find the time with all that you do! Thanks for the update!

  8. I need to look at my list. I was very ambitious when I did it, and I'm 4 years removed from 30 so it's strange to think about what I hoped for and wanted.

    I think you have a great perspective.

  9. I like the lists, and it's good to look back and see what was important that might not be anymore. It's not necessarily always about crossing things off. Priorities shift! So do desires. Love the stuff you're still working towards.

  10. Isn't it crazy to look back and realize how much we/our goals can change? I feel like 1/3 of my "25 before 25" list is not relevant anymore or I'm just not very interested in making those goals happen anymore. You seriously ROCKED yours though, I'm proud of you. You're an amazing wife, friend, and momma! XO!

  11. this is a great idea, recapping your list. i actually made mine and then changed it a few times, i removed things that weren't relevant or i had changed my mind about... and then about a year ago i just lost all steam haha. i still have things on it i want to do but don't really care when. i am a natural early riser and even i don't enjoy it that much haha.

  12. I love reading your list! I'm actually making a similar list-- and it will be fun to re-evaluate as I age in the coming years! I have a goal book I made when I was 20 and it was neat to see how things have changed in the past 5 years!

  13. It's so fun to look back on days of lists like that and really take stock in how much has changed. Loved reading this!

  14. I love these lists. I feel weird now that I'm over 30 and no longer have one. I keep thinking about the 101 in 1001 but that seems like a lot of things to come up with, but I'm with you, 40 seems too far away.

  15. You did really great on your list! Haha I think even if it's not by choice, you could cross early riser off your list. Just because you don't always like it doesn't mean you aren't doing it!

  16. I think 19 out of 30 is great! I'll be lucky if I even get 1/3 of mine completed haha

    Like I said, there is NO way I'm doing a 40 Before 40 because just thinking of that makes me feel ill ha. BUT I am thinking about making a 101 in 1001 list. Coming up with that many things might take a lot of thinking though!

  17. Come to Lambeau! It's fabulous! I would really like to visit Soldier Field just to say that I did...& was there to cheer AGAINST the Bears. Tee hee! Also, the Cowboy stadium is really something to see, it's super nice.

  18. Great job on accomplishing so much on your list!!! I wish you were closer to me, I think you would love our church, in all my years never did I think I would be so involved or want to be so involved in a church.

  19. I think you did an AMAZING job. To be able to mark that many off is seriously impressive girl.

  20. I say you did awesome on this list!!! I always find that when I make these lists I always end up not caring about half of it but the time the deadline is rolling around lol. You accomplished some huge things like becoming a mom and getting out of debt! And for that you should be extra proud!

  21. Keeping up-to-date on the photobooks is well worth it! You'll always have those for the precious memories!


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