May 28, 2017

Stronger Than Ever

It seems like my blog has been one thing to celebrate after another lately. I guess April and May are just a busy time of partying in our world ;) Today marks an extra special day, though. Jared and I are celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary!

The past year was probably the most challenging, memorable and incredible year of our marriage thus far. Last May 28th we were getting to know our 2-day old baby in the hospital after a whirlwind delivery.  Each year is so different and I love looking back at what's changed in our marriage and in our lives. This past year was certainly a life-changer.

Having a child changed who we are as individuals and as a couple. I now understand more than ever how important quality time with your spouse is. Before T was born, every day was all about us! We could ditch our dinner plans for a night out at the drop of a hat. Jared could go out on an ice cream run at 11pm just because. If a Groupon caught our attention we could buy it and hop in the car for a roadtrip with hardly any notice. Those things are few and far between (or non-existent in some cases!) but that doesn't mean we can't make every day special together.

In the past year, we often went days where we hardly talked about anything except T. We rarely had date nights out of the house. It was hard. It was an adjustment. But after the realization that hey, we need to try a little harder- it impacted me in great ways. Jared is an incredible husband, father and friend and I don't want him to ever forget any of those things. I don't want us to be so focused on our roles of mom and dad, that we forget to be husband and wife.

Our marriage has been challenged and changed and stretched in the past year, but today on our 6th anniversary I feel that it is stronger than ever. Putting the extra effort in and nurturing our marriage is something I never ever want to stop doing. I love you, Jared! So happy to be on this adventure of life together.


  1. Happy happy anniversary to you two!!!!

  2. Happy anniversary my friends! Love you both dearly! <3

  3. Happy Anniversary! Having things to celebrate is great!

  4. Happy Anniversary!!! Having a kid for sure changes your relationship! I dont think I quite expected it to change quite so much, I am glad you guys are finding time for each other. SO important! Have a great day!

  5. Happy Anniversary!!! I hope it has been an amazing day.

  6. This is so sweet! Happy Anniversary, friend!!

  7. Big changes in life always change the normal flow of marriage. This past year was a big change for us so I get what you're saying. Happy anniversary :)!


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