Happy Birthday, T!

My brain cannot process the fact that it's been an entire year since T joined our family. A year ago today I was in the hospital, anxious and excited that meeting our son was about to become a reality. Time is truly the greatest thief of all.
7 hours before we met you!!!

I don't even know how to put into words what this child means to me. It's all those cliche things you hear and roll your eyes at but then wind up realizing they're pretty accurate. He's the light of our lives. The hard days are all worth it. You didn't know you could love someone this much. Blah, blah, blah... they're all true though. T, your dad and I love you beyond what we could ever express. You've challenged us and changed us in your short year of life; I can't imagine what lies ahead for all of us. A lot of fun, I hope ;)
3 weeks old♥
It's easy to reminisce and look back on your tiny baby days with fondness and even a bit of sadness because it truly goes so fast. But I also get excited about each new thing you learn and each phase I know we still have ahead of us. It feel like I blink my eyes and you've mastered a new skill or suddenly you're doing something so hilarious we can't stop laughing.

Thank you little boy, for making me a mom. For being silly and ticklish. For loving long walks at the park and throughout the neighborhood. For being such a good eater and an even better sleeper. Thank you for your patience with me as I learn about you and what makes you tick. Thank you for the open mouth kisses and the very, very occasional snuggle you let me have. You are simply the best. Happy Birthday, sweet T.
1st Birthday party

Some stats about you at age ONE:

  • I'm guessing you're around 22-23 pounds but I won't know for sure until your well-check in a couple weeks.
  • You wear all 12 month clothes right now, but I can tell we'll be moving to 18 month clothes pretty soon. *Sidenote, I wish they made 15-month clothes.
  • You've truly been an amazing sleeper all along and I am forever grateful for that. You still take 2 naps a day and you sleep 11+ hours straight every single night. 
  • You love all food and trying new ones never seems to phase you. Blueberries and cheese seem to get you most excited though ;)
  • You're not walking yet, but I feel like it is very close. You love cruising around the furniture (especially in the new house with more room!) and you're starting to test things out by trying to let go, but you still fall on your booty at this point.
  • Music makes you so happy and you love to dance and clap your hands.
  • We don't let you watch much TV, just a few minutes here and there when I need to get something done or on the occasional morning where I'm just not awake yet. You definitely recognize Mickey though and I want to take you to Disney SO BADLY!!!
  • You don't like being in your carseat a lot of days, which makes for a very whiney ride somewhere. Other days, you don't care at all and you're happy to sit back with your books and enjoy the ride.
*Post coming soon on one-year of motherhood. Warning, I have a lot to say/confess.


  1. Happy birthday sweet Tyler! Being your Aunt has been one of the greatest gifts in the world! I love you! Erin, you and Jared are raising such an amazing little man! So proud of you!!!! <3

  2. This made my cry! Time truly is a thief. What a year it has been!! Hope ALL of you have a fabulous day celebrating!

  3. Happy Birthday! I can't believe it's been a year! Yay for sleep. Mine did the same sleep pattern, it was awesome! Have fun celebrating T!

  4. Aww happy birthday little one! Blueberries and cheese (especially cheese) get me excited, too!

  5. Such sweet memories! Happy Birthday sweet boy!

  6. Happy birthday to your little guy. There is so much more fun and laughs to come! Toddlers are totally the best :)

  7. Happy birthday to precious T!!!! And excellent work on your first year as a mama!

  8. Awwww getting all sentimental over here reading this post. Crazy that your little man is a year old!!!! Happy birthday T! All cliches are so true and time is just going too fast!!!! What kind of car seat are you using right now? Just curious, we are about to get a convertible one for Chris's car and still use the infant carrier a little longer in mine and I cant decide what kind I want to get.

  9. Hope you have an amazing time! It's so nice to relax at the beach with family!

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