Thursday Thank-You's

Thank you, Jared- for putting up with me during this crazy stage of life. For working so hard for our little family. For providing. For making me laugh after a rough day. For being my best friend.

Thank you, T- For being such a good sleeper. For the slobbery open-mouth kisses. For dancing to my favorite songs and for laughing at all the crazy things I do to entertain you.
Hot mess of a mom- but he's adorable and that's what matters... right?! ;)

Thank you, Carters brand- for your incredible sales that are always going on. For clothes that fit T to a T ;) I realized he hardly had any shorts and with the warm weather we're having I scooped up this adorable combo for only $7 yesterday. And then I couldn't resist these for some summer fun around the fourth of July.

Thank you, Fitbit- for keeping me in check. For buzzing when I hit my step goal (that never gets old!) For motivating me to move, move, move!

Thank you, Birthday- for the discounts. While you have completely snuck up on me, the coupons rolling into my email are always welcomed. Did you guys know if you're signed up for Tory Burch's emails they'll send you $50 off a purchase for your birthday!? That's not quite enough to cover the cost, but how cute is this watch??

Thank you, Easter- for being the best holiday ever! For giving me an excuse to eat more candy ;) For allowing me to put T in fun onesies every day. I can't wait to give him his little Easter basket- even though he won't understand what it's for. 

Thank you, blogworld- For reading along. For commenting :) For being supportive and encouraging and full of input when I need it!

Anything in particular you're feeling thankful for this week?


  1. Thank YOU for your blog--it totally makes my day! And I am thankful for Carter's everyday...even though my husband is curious why our little girl has so many clothes and she won't be here til September!

  2. Moving is a CRAZY season in life. You're doing it!

    Carter's stuff is adorable.

  3. Thank you for posting, girlie. That pic of you & "T" is so sweet. :)

  4. Dude, Carters is basically in my backyard, and it's dangerous. THOSE SALES REEL ME IN EVERY TIME.

  5. oh I love this post, you are too cute.

  6. Carters really is the best! I would say about 80-90% of Zoe's clothes are from there! T's Easter basket is so cute! I hope you guys have lots of fun this weekend!

  7. That watch is SO you! I love birthday emails!! :) I can't believe how quickly April is flying by... PS I love that pic of you and T! So precious!


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