My Morning in a Nutshell

- Stayed up way too late watching the NFL draft last night (worth it- #whodey)

- When you stay up later than normal, its a law that your child will wake up earlier than normal.

- It will also mean that you have morning plans so there's no lazying around in pjs.

- But you'll still procrastinate and then rush around like a mad woman to get yourself and your child ready to get out the door.

- You can't find the one pair of shoes that fit your child and actually stay on so you just forgo them all together. Let them call your kid a hillbilly!

- Fortunately, you're leaving early enough in the morning before it gets too hot. Because the air conditioning in your car is currently out of commission.

- Oh, but when you make that hour drive home it's probably going to be nearing 80 degrees and your child will fuss the majority of the drive back because he's hot.

- And you'll want to fuss and cry too, but that's not allowed because you're 30 now. (At 29, it still flies. I think.)

- You'll eventually make it back to your temporary "home" and collapse into a heap.

- Only to realize your laundry has turned from a modest heap into a terrifying mountain and something needs done ASAP.

- Remember when Fridays were all about evening plans, dinner dates and loud music?

Yeah, me neither.

Happy weekend ;)


  1. It's totally a rule that when you have somewhere to be, things will go wrong! Ha! Good luck with your Friday!!!! ;)

  2. Most definitely a law of parenting. Also a law: when your kid stays up late, he'll still get up at the same time. Bottom line, everybody needs to go to bed!! :)

  3. DID YOU TAKE THIS FROM MY LIFE?! I relate so much it hurts 😂

  4. Oh gosh. Well I hope the weekend goes great!

  5. I hope you have a great weekend. The mounds of laundry stress me out too haha.

  6. Haha I don't even have a child & I don't remember the last time Friday night meant any of those things. College? I hope you have a fabulous weekend dear!

  7. Girl, I love this post. Even though baby girl hasn't arrived, I feel like I've had mornings that I could list off like this!

  8. Hahaha! It is so true about if you stay up late, your kid wakes up early.... Have some where to go, they don't want to get up. What is up with that, right?!

  9. What a day!! I hope you have some relaxing time this weekend! :)

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