And That's Life {Volume 5}

Hey, everyone! I'm back for a fifth edition of this kind of post- wow! It must really be a "thing" now right? Life is flying past me right now and it's all I can do to carve out some time to sit and blog. I miss it when I don't!

Blog Life: Speaking of... ;) I'm trying so hard to set aside time and actually get multiple posts done in one session. Anytime I've done that in the past I feel like I'm really ahead of the game and can keep up with both writing blog posts and reading yours, too! I did go ahead and make the leap this week to create a Facebook page for my blog. I fought it for so long because I'm just not a big FB user in general, but it turns out lots of people keep up with their favorite blogs through it. SO- if that's you, feel free to like my page here.

Home Life: We have been living with family for a few weeks now and settling into somewhat of a routine, though it still feels crazy to be living out of just a couple suitcases/boxes. Right now we are tentatively going to be moving into our new house May 18th so it's really coming quickly! I got a chance to walk through this week and holy moly, our kitchen actually is looking like a kitchen. Floors are down, cabinets up, counter tops done... I about died when we walked in!
Floors and counters are still covered up so hard to tell but IT LOOKS AWESOME :)

Fitness Life: Slowly but surely getting into a good groove these days. I've been making it a priority to try to take a long walk every single day no matter what else comes up. Whether it's during the day with T, or if it's late in the evening with Jared- I must do it! Amy and I are still encouraging each other (and anyone else!) to do the 30 miles in 30 days and it's definitely been a good reminder for me to keep moving!

Social Life: My sister and niece are in town this week and we are trying to squeeze all the fun we can into their visit. We've have beautiful weather so far which has been nice. Lots of park visits, walks, bubbles, sidewalk chalk drawing and hopefully a zoo visit later this week. T absolutely loves his Aunt Brittney which is so fun to watch. Since we only see them a few times a year I wasn't sure how quickly he'd warm up but he did almost instantly and I'm loving it!

Mom Life: T is officially 11 months old as of yesterday. 11 MONTHS. Like, there are no more monthly updates to count/think of after this one. His birthday is almost here and I truly cannot believe it. #cliche but true! Also, pictures of mobile babies are next to impossible.

-He is getting really good at repeating sounds back to us, it's so cute!
-He's a dancing machine. Absolutely loves any and all music he can bob around to.
-Still loves books more than anything. We read all day long.
-Loves all food and is such a good eater. I'd say his favorite food is blueberries, by far.
-Has 6 teeth which I feel like makes him look so grown up all of a sudden.
-The past week he's had a nasty cold so he's been pretty grumpy all around, but I can tell he's on the mend. Hoping it's completely gone soon because sick kid = tired momma

So that's life! What's going on with you??


  1. I just cannot handle that Tyler is almost's crazy to me! These photos of him are so cute, especially that last one!! :) So glad you're able to squeeze in so much time with your sister!

  2. How is he almost a year old??? And yay for a Facebook page! I of course already liked it ;)

  3. Your kitchen is looking amazing! Can't wait to see the finished product. I have 7 miles to go. I love this challenge we've done because I would definitely not be getting these miles in otherwise. I'm determined to complete it! T is so cute! Time is flying!!

  4. I cannot even believe that he is almost 1, where the heck did the time go?!

  5. Your kitchen is looking great!! How is T already 11 months?! That's so crazy!

  6. So fun that your sister and niece are visiting! I was wondering who was the small child in the kitchen photo - it looks great btw!

  7. I cannot believe he's almost a year old already!! Glad that you're having so much fun with your sister & niece.

  8. Yay not much longer until you are in your new home. So exciting!

  9. Eeps, so exciting to see the house progress! And white cabinets make me happy :) As does that photo of T and his cousin reading side by side. Adorable.

  10. Your house is almost done, wow! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

  11. Oooohhhh!!!! The kitchen looks SO pretty! Can't wait to see the house all done. We will soon be living with family too, once we can find someone to buy this place. I have to admit, I am a little nervous about it.

  12. The leg posts on your kitchen island are dreamy!! I can't believe T is almost 1, I swear you just had him!! One is such a fun age though, you'll love it :)


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