My Morning in a Nutshell

- Stayed up way too late watching the NFL draft last night (worth it- #whodey)

- When you stay up later than normal, its a law that your child will wake up earlier than normal.

- It will also mean that you have morning plans so there's no lazying around in pjs.

- But you'll still procrastinate and then rush around like a mad woman to get yourself and your child ready to get out the door.

- You can't find the one pair of shoes that fit your child and actually stay on so you just forgo them all together. Let them call your kid a hillbilly!

- Fortunately, you're leaving early enough in the morning before it gets too hot. Because the air conditioning in your car is currently out of commission.

- Oh, but when you make that hour drive home it's probably going to be nearing 80 degrees and your child will fuss the majority of the drive back because he's hot.

- And you'll want to fuss and cry too, but that's not allowed because you're 30 now. (At 29, it still flies. I think.)

- You'll eventually make it back to your temporary "home" and collapse into a heap.

- Only to realize your laundry has turned from a modest heap into a terrifying mountain and something needs done ASAP.

- Remember when Fridays were all about evening plans, dinner dates and loud music?

Yeah, me neither.

Happy weekend ;)

And That's Life {Volume 5}

Hey, everyone! I'm back for a fifth edition of this kind of post- wow! It must really be a "thing" now right? Life is flying past me right now and it's all I can do to carve out some time to sit and blog. I miss it when I don't!

Blog Life: Speaking of... ;) I'm trying so hard to set aside time and actually get multiple posts done in one session. Anytime I've done that in the past I feel like I'm really ahead of the game and can keep up with both writing blog posts and reading yours, too! I did go ahead and make the leap this week to create a Facebook page for my blog. I fought it for so long because I'm just not a big FB user in general, but it turns out lots of people keep up with their favorite blogs through it. SO- if that's you, feel free to like my page here.

Home Life: We have been living with family for a few weeks now and settling into somewhat of a routine, though it still feels crazy to be living out of just a couple suitcases/boxes. Right now we are tentatively going to be moving into our new house May 18th so it's really coming quickly! I got a chance to walk through this week and holy moly, our kitchen actually is looking like a kitchen. Floors are down, cabinets up, counter tops done... I about died when we walked in!
Floors and counters are still covered up so hard to tell but IT LOOKS AWESOME :)

Fitness Life: Slowly but surely getting into a good groove these days. I've been making it a priority to try to take a long walk every single day no matter what else comes up. Whether it's during the day with T, or if it's late in the evening with Jared- I must do it! Amy and I are still encouraging each other (and anyone else!) to do the 30 miles in 30 days and it's definitely been a good reminder for me to keep moving!

Social Life: My sister and niece are in town this week and we are trying to squeeze all the fun we can into their visit. We've have beautiful weather so far which has been nice. Lots of park visits, walks, bubbles, sidewalk chalk drawing and hopefully a zoo visit later this week. T absolutely loves his Aunt Brittney which is so fun to watch. Since we only see them a few times a year I wasn't sure how quickly he'd warm up but he did almost instantly and I'm loving it!

Mom Life: T is officially 11 months old as of yesterday. 11 MONTHS. Like, there are no more monthly updates to count/think of after this one. His birthday is almost here and I truly cannot believe it. #cliche but true! Also, pictures of mobile babies are next to impossible.

-He is getting really good at repeating sounds back to us, it's so cute!
-He's a dancing machine. Absolutely loves any and all music he can bob around to.
-Still loves books more than anything. We read all day long.
-Loves all food and is such a good eater. I'd say his favorite food is blueberries, by far.
-Has 6 teeth which I feel like makes him look so grown up all of a sudden.
-The past week he's had a nasty cold so he's been pretty grumpy all around, but I can tell he's on the mend. Hoping it's completely gone soon because sick kid = tired momma

So that's life! What's going on with you??

A Winning Weekend

Thanks again to everyone for all the birthday wishes over the past week or so. I have truly felt so much love and had one of the best birthday's ever. I felt spoiled all week/weekend long and now I have to come back to the reality of Mondays- blah. ;)

My siblings-in-law schemed with Jared to surprise me with a little grill-out and THIRTY balloons Friday night. It was a fun evening with delicious burgers, sweet gifts and an incredible bonfire that survived the sprinkling of rain that tried to ruin our fun. Also, Jared and I got a photo of the two of us together (without T) for probably the first time in a year so I consider that night a win!

Thank you for snapping this photo, Kayla!

My 30 balloons and my adorable beach tote I got for vacation! 
The rest of our weekend was a little bit of everything. Errands, a trip to Lowes, evening walks and of course catching some sneak peaks inside the construction of our new house. When we walked through, the tile in our bathroom was starting to be installed which was exciting to see! I've said it numerous times, but it is seriously nerve-wracking to see a tiny sample of something in the showroom and choose it to go all over your house. I can't wait until the flooring/carpet start going in because I think it will truly feel like it's all coming together then.
Master bath on the left and top right; bottom right was some of our counter tops and banisters that aren't in yet

This week my sister and niece will be in town and I am SO excited to spend some time with them! I know Aunt Brittney is excited to see T and I am excited to celebrate my niece turning 4 and spoil her with some gifts. I may have went a little bit overboard- oops. It has been way too long since I've seen them both.

Not a lot of concrete plans this week and I'm definitely okay with that. Happy Monday!

Favorite Birthday Ever

It's official. 30 has probably been my favorite birthday of all time. Jared made me feel like the most special gal in the entire world yesterday. He surprised me by taking off work, which I didn't know until I came downstairs to make a bottle for T and he was still there! He was making chocolate chip pancakes in the kitchen and had some gifts waiting on me. 

My big gift was a zoo membership for our family which I was SO pumped about! It's something we've talked about getting for awhile but hadn't totally decided on yet. Well, Jared made the arrangements, got the passes, and surprised me by taking off work that day! So the three of us headed to the Cincinnati Zoo for our first ever family trip. T was pretty enthralled by it all, especially the fish and the giraffes and I can't wait for return visits all year round!

After a few hours we headed back home to lay low until dinner. While Jared and I discussed where we might head out to after T went to bed, the doorbell rang and MUCH to my surprise, my bestie showed up!!! Jared and Lacey had been scheming behind the scenes to surprise me and they absolutely did. Lacey got off work and immediately drove an hour to come meet me for dinner and pedicures, all scheduled and arranged by Jared. I love those two A LOT!

It was the perfect mix of time with my boys and some time with my girl being pampered a little too. Not to mention all the cards, texts, calls, Facebook messages, etc from friends and family with their well wishes. I couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate turning 30. I have felt the love, for sure! Now let's here it for the weekend!!!

This is 30

The day has come, my friends. I am officially a 30-year-old today. When and how that happened, I couldn't tell you, but it's the truth. Happy Birthday to me!

30 has always been that "magical" age where I thought I'd have it all. The dream job, the house, the family, the money, you name it... for some reason 30 just sounded like the age that life really was booming for people. And let's just put it out there. My life is nothing that I'd dreamed up years ago. Is it better, is it worse? No, it just IS. Life is full of its up and downs. I've made countless decisions and taken numerous paths to get to where I am today. I don't know where it will continue to lead me, but I'm certainly going to enjoy the ride.

What I do know for sure? 
I'm happy with myself. 
I don't look to others for validation.
I believe in my marriage and in my role as a wife and mother.
I cherish "me time" and have no problem saying no when I need to.
I still make mistakes, but I always learn from them.
I value a good night's sleep, but still stay up too late, too often.
I have fallen in love with convenience- if it will save me time, sign me up.
I am totally blessed with this life I've been given.
I will still pick the Cincinnati Bengals to go to the Super Bowl. Every. Single. Year. ;)

So cheers to 30 years. Cheers to living life and embracing every age and stage.

NEW HOME: Guest Room/Office

I'm back for another post dreaming about our new house. It's been a couple weeks but I'm still pinning and stalking ideas for how we want to set up and eventually decorate. We've decided we want to have an office/guest room combination. Since I do work from home 10 hours a week right now, I'd like to have a dedicated space to get things done. Right now I kinda' work on the fly from anywhere with my laptop- which is nice to be able to do, but I am so much more productive if I have a set space.

We'd like to have a bed and a small nightstand in there for any guests we might have. It's a decent sized room, so I know it's totally doable- but it's just a matter of how to set it up. Pinterest has some good ideas, but I've had to do a lot of digging for actual practical ideas versus the chandeliers and over-the-top decor ;) That's just not what I'm going for.

I like this set-up (what I can see of it anyway!) I really want to do a biggg bulletin board like this one above our desk. I'm not totally sure what they did but I'll be doing a little more googling. Anyone have a board like this in their house? We have this desk from IKEA and plan on keeping it- it's all we need! Pictures, to-do's, a calendar, etc- I want it all up above me and not cluttering up the desk space.

This one is nice too; it looks a little more like a daybed set up. But truthfully, I'm just obsessed with those curtains and the hooks in this one. How cool are they?!
I also like the idea of floating shelves but I don't know for sure if I want them. Sometimes they make a room feel more cluttered/closed-in but if they're done right I think they look really cool.

As far as colors, I am leaning towards something like this. I feel like it's the right amount of color and fun, without being too wild that you can't focus ;) This is definitely one of the rooms I'm most excited about decorating and setting up once we move in. Jared said I can do whatever I want with it so the possibilities are endless right now!

And the last thing on my must-have list for this room is as GOOD chair. I think these are so hard to pick out. I need comfy, support and preferably not one that's going to break the bank. I sat in this one at JCPenney and then saw the price tag... HAHA. This one from IKEA is really cute but I don't think it would be comfortable long term. Send me your suggestions on this one, please!!

Easter Weekend

Happy Monday, everyone! Jared and I had the best weekend with T and the rest of our families. Y'all know my love for Easter runs deep and we really fit in all of the festivities we could over the past few days. Friday night we grilled out with Jared's family. The food was absolutely delicious and the laughs and s'mores went laaaate into the night.

Saturday we headed up to my parents bright and early to spend the remainder of the weekend with them. T got spoiled with Easter baskets galore and we spent some time at a local park because the weather was just too beautiful.

Jared and I keep joking about how we're "homeless" these days, living with family and floating house to house, but we truly felt thankful over this past weekend. Thankful for family that loves us to death and family that is always willing to open up their homes to us. It felt weird at first not being in our own home on a big holiday weekend, but spending it with family in their houses was certainly the next best thing.

I have loved seeing everyone's family photos on Instagram and Facebook yesterday- can't wait to catch up with your holiday weekend recaps today. Cheers!

Thursday Thank-You's

Thank you, Jared- for putting up with me during this crazy stage of life. For working so hard for our little family. For providing. For making me laugh after a rough day. For being my best friend.

Thank you, T- For being such a good sleeper. For the slobbery open-mouth kisses. For dancing to my favorite songs and for laughing at all the crazy things I do to entertain you.
Hot mess of a mom- but he's adorable and that's what matters... right?! ;)

Thank you, Carters brand- for your incredible sales that are always going on. For clothes that fit T to a T ;) I realized he hardly had any shorts and with the warm weather we're having I scooped up this adorable combo for only $7 yesterday. And then I couldn't resist these for some summer fun around the fourth of July.

Thank you, Fitbit- for keeping me in check. For buzzing when I hit my step goal (that never gets old!) For motivating me to move, move, move!

Thank you, Birthday- for the discounts. While you have completely snuck up on me, the coupons rolling into my email are always welcomed. Did you guys know if you're signed up for Tory Burch's emails they'll send you $50 off a purchase for your birthday!? That's not quite enough to cover the cost, but how cute is this watch??

Thank you, Easter- for being the best holiday ever! For giving me an excuse to eat more candy ;) For allowing me to put T in fun onesies every day. I can't wait to give him his little Easter basket- even though he won't understand what it's for. 

Thank you, blogworld- For reading along. For commenting :) For being supportive and encouraging and full of input when I need it!

Anything in particular you're feeling thankful for this week?

The Ups & Downs of Moving

Hey world! I have been living in one insane whirlwind for the past week. I'm not sure the last time I've been more sore. Or more tired. Seriously. Moving is hard work and exhausting. I probably felt this tired was when T was a few weeks old and we were totally sleep-deprived but goodness, I need a vacation!

Our closing was supposed to be yesterday and due to a stupid clerical error on the appraiser's part, more paperwork had to be filed last minute and they pushed closing until this evening. Nevermind that Jared took off work yesterday, we made arrangements with T... UGH! So, if nothing else goes wrong today (fingers crossed!) we'll be finalizing everything this evening and can finally breathe a sigh of relief. I just feel so uneasy with the closing hanging over us at this point. One of those things that until it's 100% official I'm just going to be anxious about it all.

This photo pretty much sums up my current mood. Jared snapped this right before we hauled out the last load of junk from the house. It's true what they say, you always have more stuff than you think you do. We have gotten rid of LOADS of things over the past 6 months (before even deciding we were moving) and I still can't believe how much there was to get out of the house. It's scary how things pile up in places you don't think about. We threw away countless trashbags, made additional trips to the donation center and even sold some last minute things on Craigs List.

And because I'm boring myself to tears talking about moving, who needs to see a couple cute photos of T?! It's Easter week and he has multiple outfits to wear starting with this one ;) Jared got to go overboard on Christmas, I'm choosing to buy too much for T's first Easter.

Pray that we close our house with no more issues tonight!!! xo!

T G I (next) F

I think the title of this blog post says it all. Thank goodness it's (NEXT) Friday ;) Moving weekend is here and I am just ready to get it over with, so I'm already looking forward to next weekend. When it'll all be over- at least phase one ;) I might not have made it clear, but though we are closing on our current house and moving out- our new one isn't done just yet so we'll be living with family for a few weeks.

I logged about 6 miles for the first week of 30 Miles/30 Days, so not a bad start. Some of you have been tagging us in your progress on Insta and Twitter and I love it! It is so motivating to know that there are people out there working towards a goal along with you. Feel free to link up a blog post too if you want, that link will be live all month long!

We'll be loading up and moving this weekend, but we'll take a quick break to attend Jared's cousin Natalie's wedding reception tonight. She's having a private ceremony at the courthouse but then we get to celebrate afterwards at a fancy restaurant with them. I'm so thrilled Natalie has found the love of her life and we couldn't be happier for her.

If I can get it together next week, I've got a few fun posts planned for next week. Mostly Easter-themed, yay! :) Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Currently: April Edition

It's that time again! Time to link-up with Anne and her cohost for the month Jess for the Currently series. And obviously since April is the best month of the year I couldn't miss the link-up despite my world being upside down at the moment ;)

Accomplishing: Not enough! We are just 5 days from moving out and it feels like things will never get done. There's of course the packing and moving itself, but all the other little items to check off that you could easily forget about. A good cleaning of the house still needs done; Canceling or updating various services like cable, trash collection, utilities; Having our mail held and/or forwarded. Hoping I don't forget anything major...

Feeling: Stressed. I feel for people who have to move often... whether for work or whatever. I'm not handling it all that well, let's just say. On the bright side I am totally counting this entire week as a workout because I'm sore and sweaty every day- lol!

Needing: A nap ;) Oh, besides that? I'd also take a cleaning fairy and a million dollars. Let me know if y'all have any leads on either of those for me.

Practicing: Finger foods and new sippy cups with T. Meal time is getting really messy these days but it's still so fun seeing him try new stuff and watching him try to get food from the tray to his mouth. Shoutout to Amanda for recommending these cups- we love them!

Pinning: Mostly decor ideas for the new house, but also a few Easter treats/recipes that I'm hoping to make for our family at some point. Even though we'll be house hopping and living out of boxes for awhile, I'm determined to make Easter special for my little fam :)

What are you doing these days???

April, Let's Go!

April!!! It's Easter month. Birthday month. Moving month. Holy moly it's gonna' be a wild one, that's for sure. I feel a lot better about the move after the past few days. We got SO much packing done and it feels like we are well on our way to getting out of here. Since our new house isn't ready just yet, we're renting one of the portable pod/units to store most of our things in. The unit gets delivered at the end of this week and I cannot wait to load it up!

Besides talking about moving (boring, I know!) I have a bunch of other little things that are going to makeup the rest of this post. I haven't been able to focus on anything else so there are things I keep forgetting to mention or document. Bring on the blurbs....

- I took T to storytime at the library for the first time recently and it was one of the cutest things I've ever witnessed. He loved seeing all the other kids and was super into the book and songs they did. I got to meet a new mom friend who's also a blog reader (Hi, Jenny!) and her cute kiddos and we plan to meet up there regularly, as we can.

- We also did what the "pre-drywall walk through" of our new house. Basically checking out all the locations of outlets, lights, plumbing, and making sure everything is correct up to this point- which it was. It felt so surreal walking through the house... I truly can't believe in such a short time it will be a completed home for US to move into. I'm counting down the days, y'all.

- Yesterday was World Autism Awareness Day! The whole month of April is Autism Awareness month and Jared and I are rocking some shirts for a special friend and her sweet boy, Kase. #LightItUpBlue all month long!

- I logged my first 3 miles of April with a nice, brisk walk on a nature trail with my guys yesterday. It ended up being much warmer than we thought it was going to be so we couldn't let the sunshine go to waste. Family walks are pretty much my favorite thing to do!

- Finally, and possibly most importantly.... T'S TOP TOOTH FINALLY BROKE THROUGH. Oh my goodness, this one was brutal. And we won't talk about the fact that three other top teeth are on their way. This one finally making an appearance was seriously life-changing. He went from super crabby to happy as a clam overnight. This momma is HAPPY and so is this little guy ;)