What's Up Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, everyone. This week has been a hot mess and it's only halfway through it- someone pray I survive the next few days. I haven't linked up with Shay in awhile and today felt like the perfect day to do so as I sit surround by boxes and packing tape. Here goes nothing!

What we're eating this week:  Lots of veggies, and lots of soup. We've been trying to have more meatless meals around here (which I'm loving!) and since I also caught another nasty cold, soup has been my BFF for the past few days.

What I'm reminiscing about:  Being able to sleep in ;)

What I'm loving:  This facial scrub. It's super inexpensive but I love the smell of it. Definitely wakes me up in the morning!

What we've been up to: Oh, cmon- everyone knows the answer to this one. PACKING and MOVING! That's truly all our life consists of at the moment, sorry.

What I'm dreading: See above answer.

What I'm working on: In the few moments a week I give myself some free time, I've been continually working on organizing digital photos and files on my computer and my external hard drive. It's something I do little by little so it's never a monstrous project.

What I'm excited about: A very small, private wedding reception we get to attend next weekend. I mentioned Jared's cousin is getting married in the courthouse with just immediate family, but we were invited to a dinner reception with everyone afterwards and I can't wait!

What I'm watching/reading: Watching some college basketball, but not nearly as much as I like to this time of year. And I recently read Girl on the Train. Even though I'm years behind the rest of the world- I LOVED it.

What I'm listening to: Too many kids songs on YouTube ;) But Frank Sinatra is still a regular on our record player in the evenings. I refuse to pack up our music until the last minute.

What I'm wearing:  HAHAHAHA. Oh, you really wanted to know? Mom uniform on repeat. When I have to jazz it up I am all about the LOFT ponte pants (similar, via Ann Taylor) I have- love, love love them.

What I'm doing this weekend: Packing and all that jazz, plus hopefully getting out the house for some family walks if we get any warm days without rain!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Closing on this house. My 30th Birthday. Easter. You name it... BRING ON APRIL!! :)


  1. I LOVE loft but I've never tried on any of their pants...(mainly because I HATE pant shopping - and because I love every and all pant at Banana Republic and that's where I pant shop). Do I need to add these Loft Pointe Pants to my shopping cart????

  2. Good luck with all the packing & moving business!

  3. Girl on the Train is in my top 5 reads of all time - I loved it!

    April sounds like an exciting month for you and your family!

  4. April is going to be a very busy and exciting month for you guys!! :)

  5. I know the mom uniform all too well these days! You have a lot of fun stuff coming up with the wedding, Easter, your birthday, moving!!! So many things going on.

  6. Hope you feel better soon! We've been trying to cut out meat in our house some too and I love it too! I'm not that big of a meat eater anyway so a day or two without it doesn't bother me and it's cheaper!

  7. Those ponte leggings are my FAVORITE! Three years later and they still look brand new.

    1. Yes!! Mine are only like 1.5 years but they are holding up perfectly!

  8. That is so cute that you listen to Frank Sinatra on your record player!

  9. Your birthday is right around the corner! I am so excited to see what year 30 brings you :)

  10. Oh I love a good facial scrub - thanks for the recommendation!! Yay for 30 - it's been wonderful so far for me - I'm like 2 weeks in LOL xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. Yay for April birthdays!! Boo packing but YAY moving! I'm checking out that facial scrub recommendation. Don't forget to take some time for yourself too! :)

  12. Oh gosh moving is so much work especially with little people. We moved every 2 years growing up for my dad's work, I look back and wonder how my mom did it! She's my hero ;). The mom uniform is awesome and I wear it nearly every day too unless I feel fancy for a hot second. Loved visiting from the link up! xoxo ERIN

  13. yay meatless meals! you should share your favourites. haha. i'm always looking for new ideas.


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