Pressing On

Thanks to everyone for your sweet words on my last post. I know Jared really appreciated your comments as well. Last week was an emotional, long week but we are all pressing on and getting back into the swing of things. We sortof don't have a choice but to get back on track since our move out date is closing approaching.
A beautiful rose we saved from the funeral.
Our house right now looks like absolute chaos. There are boxes half-packed, packing supplies, trash bags of things to drop at the donation center and of course the baby toys that seem to multiple overnight. I don't think Jared and I have ever bought T a toy ourselves so it's crazy how many he has. Ack! This move is helping me realize there are plenty of things he has outgrown already and I've been all too happy to box those up knowing he won't miss them!
We have also been surviving on way too much junk food lately... oops. It's so easy to make the excuses for it, but we're hoping to change that this week. Although the next couple of weeks will still be stressful, eating crappy doesn't help anything! However... I was not mad about these donuts showing up at our house over the weekend.

T turned 10 months old yesterday. So of course I took a ridiculous amount of photos, videos and then scoured the internet trying to decide what I want to do for his first birthday. I feel like most first time mom's have the whole thing planned by now.... Um. I have decided nothing. Like, I don't even have a date in mind and I also don't know if we'll have a home by then. So that's going well ;)
I title this photo, "Moving, with a baby who likes to move"

As crazy at life seems right now, I actually have a lot of blog posts I'm excited about for this week so I hope you'll check back again. Happy Monday and as always, thank you for reading!


  1. Seriously cannot believe Tyler is 6 months OLD! Oh my goodness, time needs to slow down!!! ;) let us know if you want any help with the packing! XO!

    1. 10 months!* baha, clearly I need some caffeine this morning.

  2. I honestly sneak toys out of Mav's stuff all the time because they just keep multiplying haha. I sneak out toys that I hate if they aren't his favorite and I take out the ones he's outgrown or hasn't touched in weeks. We rotate our toys every few weeks so he actually does play with everything but I try to get rid of something every time we bring something in!

    Also, I didn't plan Mav's first birthday party until a few weeks before the party haha. You are not alone in that! I've found that big, elaborate birthday parties are just not my thing so I've given myself permission to let it go. This year we literally just had my brother & SIL and my best friend over for supper and cake. He had just as much fun with that as the big party we threw last year!

  3. Moving with a little one is hard. We moved once when C was 2 months old and that actually wasn't too bad but when we moved when it was a little over 2 years old, that took some patience.

  4. It must be so hard to pack up and move right now. Good luck with everything!

  5. i totally have my first child's birthday party already planned, so you are way behind. LOL kidding as if. i really don't, i swear. i'm nutty but not that nutty.
    we totally ate tons of junk food when we were doing the whole fixing the house up and moving. it was just so hard to eat normally because nothing was where it should be and the kitchen was covered in stuff because we painted the cabinets. that being said, i think because we were working our butts off, it didn't hurt us too much - though it was hard to get back in a routine again. we are hoping to move into our new house/close next week and i am already trying to plan for meals that don't require a lot of prep or whatever, just so we don't eat out.

  6. 10 months? I feel like he was just born! So sorry to hear about J's grandma, so hard to go through that. Good luck with moving, feel grateful that he doesn't know what toys are missing, so much harder when you get rid of something and then they ask for it, lol.

  7. Still sending lots of good thoughts your way during everything you have going on.

  8. You guys are rocking it - so the donuts are totally needed! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. I can't believe it's already time to think about a first birthday party!! Oh my gosh!! Hope you find some moments of calm during all the crazy this week!

  10. wow, I missed a lot. First so sorry for the loss of Jared's grandma. Congrats on the move. And there is NO WAY T is going to be ONE!!!!!!

  11. I cant even think about first birthday things right now. Why is time going too fast! And how do you ever decide on anything when planning their very first birthday party anyways???? It is the very first, but also the one they will never remember lol. Moving is always a chaotic state for a few months between the packing and the unpacking but I am sure that will make you appreciate the new normal at the new house even more when it finally happens!


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