Mar 28, 2017

NEW HOME: Master Bath

I guess I sorta' started a mini-series about our new house. If you missed it, I talked about our kitchen selections and shared some inspiration pictures a few weeks ago in this post. Since I am constantly daydreaming about our new home I figured I might as well post about other parts of the house I'm pretty darn excited about!

When I think about the fact that Jared and I are going to have an actual master bedroom and master bathroom I seriously want to explode. Okay, I feel that way a lot about our new home in general but I am just so thrilled to be moving into a space that will be all our own. And to actually you know, HAVE space in general. Our current bedroom is tiny, no overhead lighting and the bathroom attached is anything but spacious. In fact, let me show you our photo from our real estate listing, since I happen to have it handy ;)

Yeah. Small. We actually put that sink/vanity in ourselves a few years ago because if you can imagine... the original one was even tinier than that. And that's just a square shower stall back there. Goodbye, old bathroom!

Hello, new bathroom! We'll have a shower and a tub plus a double vanity- yay, storage! Here are a few photos of similar layouts to what we'll have; not necessarily the colors/design, but how the room will look overall. 

We originally had been gravitating toward white/gray for our bathroom (just like our kitchen!) but ended up changing our mind after a veryyy long time at the design center. White and gray felt a bit too 'modern' for me for the bathroom once we saw a few examples of it in actual homes. We changed to more neutrals with a pop of blue-ish/green in the accent tile. My hope it that is will feel cozy and also just a little bit beach-y once we decorate! *Also, there is not a window IN the shower, that is a reflection in these photos!
Our actual selections!

And decorating is what I'm getting the most excited about for this room. We won't need a ton of stuff, but I look forward to plush new towels (we're overdue for them anyway) and hopefully some fun decor that reminds of our favorite place- the beach! I love this soap dish and this bath rug. Just simple touches that will make it feel like our little oasis.
Found here
So that about sums up our master bathroom, I think. I'm honestly glad we won't need to do too much in terms of decorating; I think the design and options we picked out will speak for themselves. I sure hope so, anyway ;)


  1. Oh I am SOOOOO jealous of your master bathroom! My hope upon hopes is that someday we'll have one, too...

  2. That shower looks amazing! I can't even imagine how excited you must be to decorate and settle in!

  3. How fun! I can't imagine having to pick EVERYTHING out that goes into a house...I would be freaking out. It took us so many trips to decide on what tile to put in our pool, I can't imagine having to do that in every room. Seems like you got it handled though :) Can't wait to see more!

  4. Your current bathroom looks just like ours! We have a square shower stall too. Actually, this sounds weird, but when we were looking at houses, we liked that this one was small. We didn't like the ones that felt like they had giant bathrooms and a ton of space wasted on a tub (I hate baths!!). But I understand wanting something larger and I think yours is going to look fantastic! :)

  5. I love love love blue/green color for bathrooms. It is both relaxing and soothing. Add in some beach decor and well you can just transport yourself right on vacation every time you enter the space! Having a master bath is something that is just non-negotiable for us at this point. Cant wait to see your space!

  6. I'm right there with you. Cannot wait to have a place we can call our OWN! I don't think I can share a sink with Caleb for much longer LOL! I love that man but we each need our space while getting ready! ;) I'm so excited for you and I love the theme/colors for your new master bathroom!

  7. I love your bathroom!!! It's amazing, it reminds me of our bathroom at our last house.

  8. Ahhhh so exciting! That space will be amazing, and I love the color scheme you guys chose. As much as I love the crispness of white and gray, it seems to be so overdone lately. I need some pops of color! CONGRATS :-D

  9. A party in the potty! ;) Growing up and looking at houses as an adult, we'd always judge the bathroom size on if you can have a party in it and still to this day I do that, ha!

    BTW Kohls for your towels, less than $3 a lot and they are super soft!

  10. I love the theme of your new bathroom! Super cute!

  11. The only thing I DON'T WANT in my bathroom is a huge tub. I am not a bath person so I don't want to waste space with one.


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