And That's Life {Volume 4}

This kind of post is officially a once-a-month kinda thing around here. This is my fourth time writing it in this format, so it totally qualifies as a "thing" right? I love any type of post that is in some type of list or organized format... my cluttered brain needs all the order I can get these days! As some may have noticed (who am I kidding... no one notices these things except me) I went MIA last week but Hi! I'm back and hopefully ready to get rolling with all these half-written blog posts finally.

Football Life: Yes, I still talk about football from time to time ;) I am pretty excited about the Super Bowl this year- I'm hoping for a good game and ultimately for a Falcons win. I pretty much always root for the NFC team when it comes to the SB. Also, I don't know if I can actually buy another team's gear, but I am tempted to get this for the game because it's so darn cute! I still miss being on the "inside" with the NFL but the fact that the Bengals were awful this year helped me not miss it quite so much. Onto the combine and the draft- wahoo!

Home Life: If you follow along on Instagram you've probably noticed lots of painting, cleaning and just general dirty work going on over here. The people at Lowe's miiiight know me by name at this point. There are some big things happening in this area of life and I plan to share more later this week!

Fitness Life: Although I think some of the housework I've done lately should qualify for working out, I'm still trying to fit in a few workouts a week. I've been doing a little jogging on our treadmill and have been pleasantly surprised by zero hip pain and the fact that I finally don't "feel" my c-section scar when I work out. I've also done a few barre3 videos at home and... OUCH.

Work Life: Sometimes I almost forget I have a part-time job- I enjoy it that much! If you missed that info back in October, I work from home as a virtual assistant and it is going really well. I've taken on new things as the months have gone on, and they might be bumping up my hours a little in the next month or so, which is cool. It's insanely flexible and I truly can't believe I've been given this opportunity. I love feeling like I'm still contributing to our family while I'm at home with T.

Mom Life: My little baby is not so little anymore! He's definitely over 20 pounds, though I won't know an official weight until his February checkup. The past 8 months have been the fastest of my life. He'll be 8 months on Thursday and though I'll probably say this every month, things are just SO fun with him right now. Despite some teething grouchiness we still have so much fun every day. I love watching his little mind work as he soaks in something new or as he starts to recognize various things, places, etc. 

-He has 2 adorable teeth that I cannot stop staring at.

-Loves to eat "real" food and pretty much likes everything we give him.
-Still sleeps 12 hours straight every night like clockwork.
-Always chomping/licking on something.. babies are so gross.
-Not crawling yet but scooting around on his belly and rolling like crazy to get where/what he wants.
-Loves to stand and jump with our assistance.
-Always lets out a belly laugh or squeal when he sees himself in the mirror.
-Super ticklish on his belly, back and feet.
-Loves music and when I sing to him.
-IS THE BEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND!! I'm not biased or anything, but man we have a sweet little boy. I'm cherishing every stage and every moment I can because it's flying by.

Hopefully this life update will get me back into the swing of blogging in 2017 because I have so much I want to write about... must.make.time! ;)


  1. THOSE BLUE EYES...melt my heart!!!! So stinkin' adorable, I just can't stand it. I am loving these kinds of posts that you do. Woo hoo for zero hip pain and not being able to feel you c-section scar anymore!!!!! I think it is so incredibly awesome that you are able to work part-time from home and that the hours are flexible. What a blessing that is!! Happy Tuesday, friend! :)

  2. Housework TOTALLY counts as working out! :)

  3. Painting is definitely a workout and no one will convince me otherwise.

  4. I love doing stuff around the house, it's nice when things get done and you feel productive.

  5. Yay for finishing up so many house projects. That's a lot of hard work. I'm excited to see what's in store for your family. We're also hoping for a great Superbowl game with some delicious food. Baby's 1st Superbowl should be a good one - right?!?!

  6. Such a sweet little guy!!! Sounds like you have been busy with some housework - can't wait to hear more about that!

  7. Hey there! Nice to meet you. Your little guy is so cute!! I'm looking forward to reading more about all these parts of your life.

  8. Girl, working on the house totally counts as working out, ha! I was a little sore from it after this past weekend! What Barre3 videos do you watch? This sounds like something I need to try during nap time!

  9. OH goodness, he is so big! Yay for loving your new work, off to read your October post. Can't wait to see your house updates!

  10. I count housework as working out all the time! You have to inorder to get things done!!

  11. Things seem like they are going really well! Barre workouts are HARD! I currently am taking classes and its a love/hate relationship for sure!!

  12. I cheering for the Falcons as well. Really anyone but Pittsburgh or New England and I'm okay.

  13. Omg T's eyes!!!! Can't get enough of those! And we are finally cheering for the same football team! Go falcons! Can't wait to hear your big home news!

  14. Can't wait to hear what the big house news is! We are on a first name basis with the people at Lowe's too. I feel like it's only appropriate that they know our names since we spend almost all of our money there! :) T is the CUTEST little guy! I can't believe how big he is getting!! This is such a fun age though!

  15. 12 hours of sleep?? That's awesome. I would love that schedule :) Can't wait to hear your news on the homefront. Your pictures bring back memories of last April when we spent a very long week prepping our house to put on the market. Now that we are settled in apartment living, I kind of miss having little projects.


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