Paint, Babies & Garth Brooks

Another weekend, another blur and another 10 house projects. I'm sensing a pattern that will likely continue for the new few months. If you missed it last week, I announced that we're moving. It's a wonderful situation to be in and we can't wait for our new home, but I never imagined it would be this much work already. Buying a house 6 years ago was a lot easier when we weren't also selling one- haha. But we'll survive and I'm pretty sure people move every day so I just need to put on my big girl pants and deal with all the headaches that come with it.

Our little man is thrilled to have two teeth and we tried out some teething wafers over the past week for the first time. They were a big hit, and I'm reserving them for when I need to buy 10 minutes because that's about how long they occupy him ;) I bought the banana/sweet potato ones and they are great- although the box says 'no mess' which is totally a lie. T finds a way to get it between every single finger, on his shirt and of course stuck to his nose, cheeks and chin. Thank goodness for baby wipes.

Other weekend highlights included just one trip to Lowes and playing some games with friends Saturday night. We played Uno, which I embarrassingly had forgotten how to play...but in my defense, I feel like the newer versions have different cards in them! Switch hands with another player?! After losing at that we played a few rounds of Rack-O which is one of my favorite old school games.

And in case this post didn't feel random enough already, we'll end it with this video. Garth Brooks has been in Cincinnati the past two weekends performing (I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN HIM!) so I've been stalking all my friends clips and photos from the concerts. Well, I stumbled upon this gem of a video and it just made me love him even more. You can skip ahead to 1:40 if you want :) What a COOL NIGHT for this girl!! Happy Monday!


So if you haven't picked up on my hints lately... Jared and I have been doing a LOT of home improvements in the past few weeks. We spent the majority of the last 6 months decluttering and simplifying our home and our possessions. We got rid of our excess and have been slowly but surely updating things in our home that desperately needed a face lift. Why, you might ask? Why now, when we've lived in this house for almost 6 years?
Well, it's because we're moving!

Yep! Our little family of three is finally moving on and moving up. We've kicked around the idea of seriously moving for the past year(ish) and things are finally falling into place. Not only are we moving, but we'll be BUILDING in a new development. I truly never thought we'd be able to make this dream a possibility but it's really happening! 

Originally our plan was to stay in our current home until it was paid off, which would be about another 2-3 years. But honestly? If we stayed here and paid it off, our very first reaction to paying it off would be to move out of it. So we started feeling the whole, "Why wait?" thing. Why work on paying this one off, only to move to a nicer, larger home with a mortgage we would then be working to pay off as well? Time is of the essence, right!?

We have a lot of equity in our current home and have been saving our pennies for this day, so we feel like we're in a good place to move. T is such a joy in our lives and we hope to continually grow our family. We are excited to be in a bigger house before any other kiddos come along.

I have about 50 other posts on various home/moving/financial/Sallie&Perkins posts that I now feel like I can write and put out there- so I'm excited to share this process with you all. As of right now? We are prepping our current home the best we can to get it on the market and get it sold. Lord, help us all!! ;)

Loving 'Em

Happy Wednesday, friends! Two posts in two days?! What's gotten into me?! Today I just wanted to share a few things I'm loving lately. They are completely random, just like my scattered brain, so you've been forewarned. *Some affiliate links might be included.

Have you guys heard of this?? My sister-in-law introduced me and I'm hooked. It's just what it sounds like... you record 1 second of your life every day and then compile them into one video at the end of your year. It's SO COOL and I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. I started January 1st and can hardly wait to see what my entire 2017 looks like. It's not too late to start though so seriously... go get this app. It was free for me on google play but I guess sometimes it does cost $ in the Apple store.

Warm January Days
I'm totally jinxing myself by saying that but hey, I'll take any warmth I can get in Ohio this time of year. It's been warm enough for some walks with T and we were able to have the windows open over the weekend while we painted- thank goodness! I know snow is in the forecast for this weekend (yuck) but it was fun while it lasted.

Sea Salt & Olive Oil flatbread crisps
This is one of those things I just tossed in my grocery cart on a whim because it sounded good at the moment (oops) but I do not regret that choice. These are really tasty with just a light flavor- yum! Be warned, they are hard to stop eating once you open that box, though.

Bruno Mars CD
This is the music that helps get a house clean.

Beach Clothes
Later this summer we're going on vacation with all of Jared's family and I'm starting to get super excited for it. I've been browsing around for some summer-y clothes for myself and also for T! I know he doesn't NEED a whole week's worth of new clothes but gosh is it tempting ;) Also, we'll be there for our anniversary so if anyone has a spare $500 I'm drooling over this Anthropologie dress- HA!
LINK  //  LINK  //  LINK  //  LINK  

And last but not least, I'm loving this guy! He works so incredibly hard for our family and I don't thank him enough for it. He works long days, puts in overtime whenever he can and still comes home to do projects around the house or cook or clean... whatever needs done! I don't deserve you, Jared- but I'm so glad you picked me to do life with ;)
Throwback to 2011!

And That's Life {Volume 4}

This kind of post is officially a once-a-month kinda thing around here. This is my fourth time writing it in this format, so it totally qualifies as a "thing" right? I love any type of post that is in some type of list or organized format... my cluttered brain needs all the order I can get these days! As some may have noticed (who am I kidding... no one notices these things except me) I went MIA last week but Hi! I'm back and hopefully ready to get rolling with all these half-written blog posts finally.

Football Life: Yes, I still talk about football from time to time ;) I am pretty excited about the Super Bowl this year- I'm hoping for a good game and ultimately for a Falcons win. I pretty much always root for the NFC team when it comes to the SB. Also, I don't know if I can actually buy another team's gear, but I am tempted to get this for the game because it's so darn cute! I still miss being on the "inside" with the NFL but the fact that the Bengals were awful this year helped me not miss it quite so much. Onto the combine and the draft- wahoo!

Home Life: If you follow along on Instagram you've probably noticed lots of painting, cleaning and just general dirty work going on over here. The people at Lowe's miiiight know me by name at this point. There are some big things happening in this area of life and I plan to share more later this week!

Fitness Life: Although I think some of the housework I've done lately should qualify for working out, I'm still trying to fit in a few workouts a week. I've been doing a little jogging on our treadmill and have been pleasantly surprised by zero hip pain and the fact that I finally don't "feel" my c-section scar when I work out. I've also done a few barre3 videos at home and... OUCH.

Work Life: Sometimes I almost forget I have a part-time job- I enjoy it that much! If you missed that info back in October, I work from home as a virtual assistant and it is going really well. I've taken on new things as the months have gone on, and they might be bumping up my hours a little in the next month or so, which is cool. It's insanely flexible and I truly can't believe I've been given this opportunity. I love feeling like I'm still contributing to our family while I'm at home with T.

Mom Life: My little baby is not so little anymore! He's definitely over 20 pounds, though I won't know an official weight until his February checkup. The past 8 months have been the fastest of my life. He'll be 8 months on Thursday and though I'll probably say this every month, things are just SO fun with him right now. Despite some teething grouchiness we still have so much fun every day. I love watching his little mind work as he soaks in something new or as he starts to recognize various things, places, etc. 

-He has 2 adorable teeth that I cannot stop staring at.

-Loves to eat "real" food and pretty much likes everything we give him.
-Still sleeps 12 hours straight every night like clockwork.
-Always chomping/licking on something.. babies are so gross.
-Not crawling yet but scooting around on his belly and rolling like crazy to get where/what he wants.
-Loves to stand and jump with our assistance.
-Always lets out a belly laugh or squeal when he sees himself in the mirror.
-Super ticklish on his belly, back and feet.
-Loves music and when I sing to him.
-IS THE BEST BABY IN ALL THE LAND!! I'm not biased or anything, but man we have a sweet little boy. I'm cherishing every stage and every moment I can because it's flying by.

Hopefully this life update will get me back into the swing of blogging in 2017 because I have so much I want to write about... must.make.time! ;)

Random Ramblings

Has anyone else ever been sore from a day of cleaning? No? Just me? That probably just goes to show how incredibly out of shape I am because after a weekend of mopping floors, scrubbing tile grout and deep cleaning our kitchen I am simply SORE. Like, why bother with a gym membership when you can just go to town with the Clorox and some rags?!

Needless to say, my weekend didn't consist of much else. Our house was just due for some good deep-cleaning and Jared and I tackled a lot of it together. I probably shouldn't admit it, but multiple trips were made to both Walmart and Lowes for supplies we needed. Let me repeat, multiple times. Multiple times meaning the people at Lowes were probably beginning to wonder what kind of garbage dump we were cleaning that required this many things. But since one of us was always elbows deep in bleach and/or taking care of T, the other one would run out and grab something only to realize we were out of something else by the time we got back. 

Life with a kid vs life pre-kid sure looks different. Some days I really miss being able to just hop in the car on a whim and go do whatever we want. I miss being able to blast my music as loud as I want while cleaning but hello, naptime is sacred and we do not disrupt a good nap. Speaking of good naps... there haven't been many of those lately because #teething. Are you guys tired of me talking about my kid and his teeth yet? Because I'm tired of it, but it's no joke.

Ya know what else looks different? Not working for a football team anymore. Usually every January I'm heartbroken over how many hours I put in only to have my team lose in the first round of the playoffs. At least, that's what happened 6 of the 7 season I worked there. This year, my Bengals were so terrible it was easy to not have my hopes crushed in the post-season. As of right now, I'm rooting for a Patriots v. Falcons SuperBowl though!

One last thing before I end this random, rambling of a post....Reminder to all that you can still enter our giveaway for an Erin Condren planner through tonight. Winner will be announced tomorrow :)

Things I've Learned Recently

- Weird things actually clean better than typical cleaning supplies. Toilet bowl cleaner is great for cleaning grout! So the grout in our bathroom has been overdue for a good scrubbing for quite some time.  I saw on Pinterest that someone used Clorox gel with bleach, let it sit for about 10 minutes, scrubbed it in, then rinse/mop it up and it looks SO much better. Also, apparently oven cleaner works for shower floors. #mindblown

- When using that many strong products in a very small, no-window bathroom... DO wear a mask. We found these lying around and thank goodness because that stuff is strong.

- Also? New parents take any activity and call it a "date" ... cleaning bathrooms with music playing?! TOTALLY a date.

- There will never, ever everrrr be enough hours in the day to do it all. People that claim/act like they do? They're lying ;) I'm okay admitting that I'm perpetually behind on something (usually multiples somethings) at ALL times.

- Changes are scary, no matter how good the change might be. This isn't meant to be all vague or anything, but it's just something I've been thinking of lately. I used to think I welcomed and embraced change. Until my life started really changing in the past year- haha. It's hard to have life as you know it totally shaken up even for good reasons like new jobs, babies, etc.

- Don't spend money on expensive teethers, your kid just wants anything he can shove in his mouth. T will eat/gum/lick just about any item that he can get his hands on. He FINALLY had a tooth pop through this week- PRAISE THE LORD. He's been crabby and whiney and oh my goodness, teeth are the worst. But thank goodness for random books, toy blocks and momma's hoodie drawstrings.

- If you don't meal plan before the week starts you WILL eat way too much garbage. Enough said.

- Make the time to text/email/call/contact/visit a friend or family member regularly. Another thing that I've been working on is staying in touch with the "outside world" as I call it. Being a SAHM can feel very isolating at times... especially now that it's cold and gross out, not as many fun things to go out and do during the day with T. So that little adult interaction worked into my regular routine has helped so much.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. Teething (as mentioned aboved) has made for a difficult couple of weeks and I feel behind on everything (also see above) but I'm still hanging around blogworld when I can! :) 

Currently: January Edition

I'm excited that it's time for the super fun monthly link-up with Anne and her co-host Jessica. Be sure to check out both of their blogs and join in the fun this month (and year!)

Gathering: Anything I can get rid of and hauling it away. Clothes, junk, unused kitchen items, you name it. I'm tired of the clutter- SO tired of it, and having a baby with lots of stuff only makes it feel more cramped around here.

Making: Stickers! Our Etsy shop took a little break over the holidays, but we are back open and I'm currently designing away. I love getting my new planner out and putting the birthday stickers in it- it's what I do first every year :) Also, how cute are these?! We released these right before the holidays so you might have missed them- but they are some of my favorites in our shop right now.

Sipping: Lots of green drinks! Jared and I are always experimenting with juice recipes. We have a couple juicing books and there are endless combinations. I have a post coming soon with all our favorites.

Following: Clean Mama on her blog and Instagram. She has some great, free printables and fun challenges for cleaning and organizing. Just what I need to start the year! 

Resolving: To make every day count. I think as a SAHM it's easy to let the days blur together and let time get away from me. I want to be more productive each day, rather than letting all my to-do's pile up until the end of a week (or whenever). If I just act on the thing that needs done when I think of it, my life probably wouldn't feel quite so chaotic.

Let's Do This, 2017.

Happy New Year, everyone!! I hope you all are feeling as refreshed and hopeful about a new year as I am. January is honestly one of my favorite times of the year. Sure, I hate the cold and snow and lack of sunshine- but the feeling of a new beginning is just the best. I'm going to cling to my motivation while it lasts and try to really kickstart some things this month.

We had Jared's siblings and significant others over for NYE. Just a low-key evening of tasty food, Hedbanz and a little Disney SceneIt as well. I don't know how in the world we managed to stay up as late as we did, but it was fun ringing in the new year with family. Some crazy people in our neighborhood were shooting off GIANT fireworks and I was shocked they didn't wake up T, but it was kinda' cool to see them right outside our window.

The past week has just been so much fun. T has been cuter than ever- sorry, it's true. The stage he is at right now is so darn fun and adorable; I can't get enough of him! It was so nice having Jared off work for a few days in a row and getting to spend lots of quality time together as a family. There have been lots of lazy/pajama days around here but we've also been getting some things done around the house.
First family photo of 2017! ;)

My big organization project I did over the past couple of days makes me feel so much better. I went through allllll of the clothes T has outgrown (a ridiculous amount) and sorted and bagged and boxed 'em up for storage. I had just been tossing them all in a container with no rhyme or reason and it was stressing me out so I'm glad they are in order now. Let's just say, we better have at least one more boy because these clothes need put to use again one day!

I'm excited to really rock this month and get the ball rolling on all these goals and ambitions I have for 2017. This past year was honestly one of the best years of my life- so I don't know how this year can top it, but I hope it will! Let's do this!