Nov 1, 2016

Hello, November!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. We passed out candy at our house with some family last night and it the perfect low-key celebration we needed. T was dressed up like the cutest little pumpkin ever and lasted about 20 minutes into Trick-or-Treat before I put him to bed. He was just taking it all in and I loved showing him off. He was a big hit with our neighbors ;)

I was quite proud of myself that I managed to only eat ONE piece of Halloween candy the entire night. Candy is my weakness and most years I'd sit there and probably munch on those sweets all night but I contained myself. I did make the Pioneer Woman's popcorn balls for everyone so of course I had one of those too- but that was it! I kept my sweet tooth (eh, teeth?) in check for the most part and thankfully there is no leftover candy to tempt me.

Now I'm totally the one who is always "WAIT! Don't start the Christmas stuff yet!" but last night I was guilty of thinking ahead too. I told Jared it was officially his favorite time of year now! That guy loves Christmas more than anyone in the entire world, I'm sure of it. But don't worry, we won't be decking our halls or putting up the lights just yet. There is a lot of fun to be had in November that I'm looking forward to. I always have to remind myself not to rush from holiday to holiday, from life event to life event, from milestone to milestone. It's easy to do but I need to soak in the now.

In November I'm looking forward to...

A fun girl's night on the calendar. We're doing one of those painting classes which I've always wanted to do and never have! Scheduling friend-time in advance is a necessity as an adult.

Celebrating Jared's birthday. We had so much fun at his 30th last year and I can't wait to have fun again this year. Not sure what we'll do but it will likely be a bit more low key ;)

Thanksgiving, of course! My sister and her family will be in town and I can't wait to see them. We'll be doing an early gift exchange with them while they are here so that will be fun, too.

Family photos. Since T will be 6 months old at the end of November it's time to get some actual photos done of all three of us. Hoping we can catch the perfect weather for a mini-photo shoot.

Cooking/Baking. I've admitted it more than once, but since T's been born I have been slacking in the kitchen department. When I do cook, it's been the same ole' things and I have been uninspired to say the least. The cooler weather and holidays have already sparked my interest though and I'm ready to bring out the recipe box and I'm looking forward to making new things again.

What are you excited about this month? Are you listening to Christmas music yet? I won't turn that on until Thanksgiving is over!


  1. The popcorn treats last night were DELISH. Great job! I need to look into the Pioneer Woman's holiday cookbook you have, seems legit! I have one of hers and to be honest haven't dived into it much - that needs to change now that life will be slowing down here soon! Can't wait for girls night, AND the photo session! Yay!!

  2. Oh he is such a cute little pumpkin!!

  3. Those popcorn treats look so good/cute!! And of course, T is looking ADORABLE in that pumpkin costume! That hat is just too much!! Glad y'all had a good time handing out candy with your family, and you go girl on limiting yourself to one piece of candy!!!! I wish I could say I did the same thing lol. Happy November!! Your goals looks fun- I have done the painting class a couple of times and have loved it every single time! Such a fun activity, and it will make the best girls night!! :)

  4. I refuse to do Christmas until after Remembrance Day at the earliest. Once advent starts then I feel like it's Christmas. T is adorable in his pumpkin costume!

  5. Awwww T looks adorable! And those pumpkin balls look delicious. I ate WAY more than one piece of candy last night. And this morning. Oops. Sooooo I totally am the one who starts playing Christmas music on November 1. Especially this year since it is still in the 80s. I don't even feel like Halloween has happened and football season is nearly over but it doesn't feel like it and I just want to feel fall and the holiday spirit! So I will trick myself with Christmas tunes and I will be decorating early for Christmas (probably in a week or two) because I wont be able to in a few weeks with a new baby! I didn't put fall stuff up since I knew I would do Christmas early.

  6. So cute! I'm pretty sure every baby HAS to be a pumpkin for their first Halloween. Hendrik was for his first two! And I discovered the best secret to not eating all the candy on Halloween...go to bed super early! I'm so behind on sleep, I just went to bed right after Hendrik did, and then I forgot all about the enticing sugar :)

  7. Hadley was a pumpkin, too!! Nothing cuter! :) I've been the same way about cooking since she's been born..totally in a rut. We are trying Hello Fresh this week for the first time - our first box is actually being delivered today! Takes some of the work out of the weekly meals!

  8. I already dragged (drug?) our Christmas tree out of the basement this morning 😂 No shame in my Christmas game!

  9. He really was the cutest little pumpkin! Those popcorn balls sound delicious and way better than the normal candy that I always find myself snacking on during Halloween!

  10. The baby looks adorable in that pumpkin costume! I refuse to do Christmas until Thanksgiving weekend then I can start playing the music. I can't wait!

  11. Aw your little pumpkin! Glad you all had fun passing out candy. And Yay for making the popcorn balls! I need to make them again soon. I made a PW recipe on Halloween too...she's just awesome. Also...we MUST get together before this next baby comes. Deal?! Haha.


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