Week One: In the Books

Week one of football that is! My Bengals pulled off a 1-point win against the Jets Sunday afternoon to start the NFL season off. There were actually a bunch of really close games in week one- talk about nail-biters! Did your team(s) win this week? Not only did the Bengals win but one of my two fantasy teams won so I'll take it. The Bengals play the Steelers this Sunday and I am already sick to my stomach thinking about this game. They are our biggest rival and it's an away game so it'll be tough. So nervous but SO excited!

I'm currently off in football lalaland (and probably will be for the next few months!) so I figured I'd share some of my favorite football items at this time of year. If you're a football fan at all, I think there is a little something here for everyone :)

I was gifted a Bengals Alex and Ani bracelet last year for Christmas and I LOVE it. I'm all about jerseys and comfy pants/leggings for football season, but I also love a nice piece of jewelry to jazz things up on gamedays. Although, let's be serious- I wear this bracelet on non-gamedays as well.

Speaking of comfy, I have been eyeing the new Bengals leggings by Nike and wish I would have bought some before I left my job and lost my discount. (Dangit) On a non-football related comment though, can someone tell me about the Lularoe leggings/clothes deal... like, I kinda get it, but I kinda don't. Is their stuff THAT amazing? Why does everyone sell it on Facebook? What is all the hype about??

We didn't host a get together for the first game, but I know we will be hosting plenty as the season goes on. However, I like to have as many football serving dishes/items as possible. We have a football cutting board, a football candy dish (from Party City!), and Jared owns these football grill tools... although we are currently without a grill, ha! Also, if I didn't already own two crockpots (the obsession is real) I would be purchasing this one as well.

For Saturdays/college games I rep my Ohio State gear when I can, but I kinda' like just having some generic football items to wear too. Lots of boutique type of shops have been coming up with really cute, comfy football-related clothing and I WANT THEM ALL! Sugar Love Boutique has some really cute ones right now and if the black sweatshirt comes back in stock I'm buying it ASAP!

What are items you "must" have for football season? 
Hope everyone has a great, football-filled weekend!!


  1. Caleb and I were just saying we need more football 'serving dishes' for when people come over! They are all so awesome! I've been eyeing the boutiques football gear as well - it's all so cute!! WHO DEY!?

  2. I love Alex and Ani, and I love them even more for making sports bracelets! So. Cute.

    Okay sooooo, Luluroe... I haven't made any purchases, BUT one of the moms of my former student in Charleston was a distributor (is that what they're called...? haha), and as my going away gift they gave me a pair of the leggings. Holy Mother of Comfort, they are the softest, most comfortable leggings I own. SO soft!

  3. my team did win week 1 - in OT!
    Go Chiefs!

  4. My SIL works for NIKE. I can get them for $36 if you really really want them ;)!
    LLR is AMAZING. I haven't tried their leggings but their new carly dress is everything!

  5. You should get a former coworker to hook you up with the discount still ;)

    I've heard positive things about lularoe but one big negative in my book is their price. Can't justify buying them yet.

  6. I was wondering about Lularoe too. Everyone is obsessed with them. I was added to some online Lularoe party yesterday and all the leggings look like crazy prints that a five year old would wear, but I guess they have regular stuff too? I dont know. Let us know what you find out! My friend bought me the Alabama Alex & Ani bracelet for my birthday this year and I am obsessed with it! I guess I need to get a Steelers one too. And those game day shirts are on sale on Groopdealz and Jane allllll the time for under $20, just FYI.

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  8. I'm actually a LuLaRoe fashion consultant!
    LuLaRoe is simply comfortable clothing sizes XXS-3XL that is flattering and fun. We sell at in-home parties, or private Facebook groups, partly because of the nature of our inventory being so varied, and we want to be able to answer questions and interact, not direct people to an impersonal shopping cart. Each print/color comes in only 5,000 pieces total, spread out across 35,000+ consultants in the U.S. so every consultant has different inventory, and we don't have control over what colors or patterns we receive. Every time we open a box it's a surprise! We pick the style/sizes, they randomly give us our colors/patterns. Everyone's tastes are different, but I've been surprised to realize that women don't want to be given fashion limitations. We want the option to have bright, fun, cheerful leggings, or muted solid colors, and still look good and feel comfortable. If you see an item you want in your size, you pretty much have to snag it right away, or risk missing out.
    The clothes are super super soft, and also modest because the founders are LDS (Mormon). They go from the office, to the playground, to the store, to your couch while you still look and feel fabulous!
    I'm obviously a little biased, but I've never been interested in DS companies before, and LuLaRoe is just a totally different environment.
    If you want more deets, feel free to email me (anyone who's reading this!) lularoejenr@gmail.com
    or check out my VIP Facebook group LuLaRoe with Jen Rademacher VIP www.facebook.com/groups/lularoejenrademacher
    I'm posting new inventory tomorrow ;)
    (email me - we can chat about having you do an honest review and maybe even a giveaway if you like the clothes / want to! )

  9. I love that game day shirt! My Vikings did win! Yay! I'm sad that I won't be able to watch them play the Packers this Sunday though. I was all excited that it was a night game meaning I'd be able to watch it no matter where I was...however, not on a plane, I can't watch it on a plane lol.

  10. i have never heard of Lularoe! now i'm curious. yay for your team winning! hope it's a good season for you all.

  11. I love all of your football party hosting gear!

    I have a few LuLaRoe pieces. So many people I know either sell or have parties all the time. With the baby coming, I thought some leggings and their tops would be comfortable for lounging in the winter when I'm even bigger and after he's born. The pants are one-size and the tops aren't fitted, so they're versatile for this stage I'm in. They're very comfortable!

  12. I love Lularoe. Their leggings are the most comfortable things I've ever worn! The prices are a little high for me but I'm still pretty addicted to the sales. Leggings at $25 aren't bad though because they seem to last and COMMMFYYYYYY.

  13. Love all your picks!! I need one of those bracelets in the Cowboys version :) I don't get the Lularoe thing either.

  14. I love that Alex and Ani bracelet. I wonder if they make one for Penn State!

  15. I think that you already know that I need every single one of these things! I do have a Packer crock-pot, pot-holders & hand towels but there is always room for my Packer goodies in our house! :)

  16. I can't even put into words how soft the LLR leggings are. And I'm only 5' 1" and can wear their maxis where as I can't with other brands because they are too long.

  17. OK, I need to know about LuLaRoe leggings. I've heard things about them too. If you end up diving in, tell me everything. I love leggings and working from home, I pretty much live in them :) Plus, I saw that they have a pizza print.


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