Jul 13, 2016

Looking Back

A few years back, I was doing a series on my blog of "month's past" and once a month I'd take a look back and see what was going on in life that specific month. I'd look back over a 5-year span and it was always a lot of fun to see what I was up to and how much had changed. Since it's been awhile since I did that (and I have a lot of new readers since then!) I thought I'd continue on. It's amazing how much can change in just a handful of years. Some of these things feel like a lifetime ago!

July 2008
Got to stand by my sister's side and see her marry the guy of her dreams! On a sidenote, I also got the worst case of what I believe was food poisoning about a week before her wedding. That 24 hours could be a post all in itself but I'll spare you ;)

July 2009
Jared won a radio contest and landed us 3-day passes to Kings Island amusement park PLUS Spirit Song, the Christian music festival. Probably one of the BEST weekends of our lives, no joke… it was so much fun! We rode rollercoasters and ate junk food all day and listened to awesome concerts all night.

July 2010
Went to an awesome balloon-glow at a local park for the 4th of July weekend with Jared's family. I can't believe we haven't been back since, it was a great event. I also met up with some of my best college girlfriends for a much-overdue fun day at the outlets. Miss those girls so much!

July 2011
Shot my first gun. In a dress, nonetheless! ;) We were busy enjoying life as newlyweds since we'd just gotten married in May. This whole summer was just so fun, I remember loving every minute of it.

July 2012
Attended my cousin's baby shower just weeks before we'd meet her perfect little man. He was the very first great-grandbaby in the family and we were all SO excited!! This month also marks the month I tried froyo for the first time ever- notable, for sure.

July 2013
Visited a new state- Arkansas! My in-laws lived out here briefly and we were able to make a fun roadtrip out to visit them over the fourth of July weekend. We hit up the craziest antique sales ever, ate the best tomatoes in the country and spent hours out on the lake together.

July 2014
Volunteered at our church and attended as many local festivals as we possibly could. Gimme ALL the fair food!! ;) Man, I am SO ready for some fairs and festivals... something deep-fried is calling my name.

July 2015
Got hooked up with MLB All-Star passes for the Hall of Fame and Celebrity Softball games. Sure it wasn't the big, main event- but we had an absolute blast. I can't turn down a free date night, let's be serious.

July 2016.  And here we are! Seven weeks into this whole parenthood thing. Just taking it one day at a time, one diaper at a time :)

Has July brought any monumental happenings for you in the past few years?


  1. Let's see ... 13 years ago I became a Mom in July
    6 years ago I got married in July.
    July is pretty important!
    Your new guy is absolutely adorable! Enjoy him! Boys rule.

    1. July is a fabulous month for you!!! :) And thank you- Some days I still can't believe I have a son, but I also can't remember life without him!

  2. I love this!! I think I did this once or twice and planned to do it often, but I haven't. I might resurrect this.

  3. I love posts like this! It is so much fun to look back! :)

  4. July sounds like a pretty fun month for you given proof over the last few years! And look how special this one is for you guys!!! July always marks a beach trip for us. I don't hate that fact!

  5. This is such a cool post idea! It's amazing how much changes each year!

  6. Wow! I love this post idea (I may have to do one myself)! I think your July 2016 may be your best yet :)

  7. It's so cool to see years laid out like this! Every season of life is so different but each one brings a new adventure!! So awesome!

    PS I also can't believe we've never gone back to that balloon festival! It was so neat

  8. This is such a good idea for a post!

  9. I seriously LOVE this post idea. It's so awesome to look back and see how many cool things you've done in just a few years! That picture of you and Jared kissing on the tube is SO cute. Probably not as cute as your little guy, though. ;)

  10. Aww oh my gosh I love the idea of this post!!! I probably don't even have pictures as far back as 5 years though, haha. I could do a three year. Maybe four. Regardless this is such a cool way to look back on life. I love this stuff.

  11. Such an awesome post idea!!!! What a fun way to look and see how much has changed!

  12. LOVE this kind of a post! So fun looking back, love the pictures. And the last one, melt my heart.

  13. What a fun post idea - really makes you think about what you've done in life :)

  14. Ah man this makes me wish I blogged more :P I do enjoy the TimeHop app for this reason though haha. The last picture is so great!!! Little man just keeps getting cuter! And you look great as well!!

  15. This is so fun! I think I did this once & was going to make it a thing but then never did lol. I hope you get some friend food soon!

  16. This is such a fun idea. You've had a lot of good things happen in July!! July 2013 was when we got engaged, and my niece was born on July 10th of last year! Not too shabby!

  17. This is such a fun idea for a group of posts, especially since I love the memories feature on Facebook! I would love to go back and see what all we were doing 5 years ago!

  18. Love the last picture! I can see you in him :) One day at a time is a good motto!

  19. I love this! July has been a good month for you :)

  20. LOVE this idea!!! So fun to look back! I think 2016 is the cutest though. :)

  21. awww love this! such a great idea for a post as well. i love seeing how much life changes. we got married in july so it's a good month for us. june is probably my favourite though. that last picture is too cute!


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