Ocean Nursery

After my sister asked to see some pictures of the completed nursery this week, I realized I never got around to posting about it! Again, the whole he-was-born-3-weeks-early thing really threw me off ;) I think I'm going to be trying to play catch up for the rest of my life.

So not only did I not post about it, but his nursery still feels a little unfinished to me. A few things we'd ordered last minute or hadn't gotten around to still aren't totally done- but his nursery is still my favorite room in our house. We ordered some decals for above his bed that we ended up hating, so I still need to come up with something to hang there- but otherwise I love it! The ocean themed colors and decor just make me so happy when I walk in there.


Printables from this Etsy shop. Highly recommend! :)

I love the bright colors as opposed to the neutrals that seem to be so popular in kids rooms right now. It's cheerful and happy and just what Jared and I hoped it would be like. I hope T will love it as he gets older :) 

A Normal Weekend

This weekend was the most "normal" weekend Jared and I have had in awhile. The past few have been a total blur but this weekend we got back to a few normal things we typically do and it felt great! It definitely made me feel a little more sane and like maybe we can actually raise a tiny human while still participating in everyday life too ;) It was nothing too eventful, but it was good all the same. 

I actually popped into my office at work for about an hour and a half Friday morning. Trust me- they won't be seeing me again for weeks BUT because I left in such a hurry, I knew there were a dozen unresolved things left on my desk. I don't think I've mentioned it yet since I haven't written an actual birth story or anything, but I left work on May 25th for a normal, afternoon visit to the doctor and found out they wanted to induce me that night- so I never made it back to the office. And my boss was on vacation when this all went down. Anyway, I didn't want to worry about work for the rest of my leave so a quick meeting with my boss was just what I needed to do. 

Saturday we finally had NO plans, NO visitors and NO WHERE to be. Can I get an amen for that?! Jared snuck out early and surprised me with some doughnuts from our favorite bakery but after that we lazied around all morning and took our time getting up for the day.

Once we were up and at 'em Jared and I took care of some much needed to-do's around the house. While he mowed the lawn and took care of some yardwork, I caught up on the laundry and finally gave my kitchen the cleaning that it needed. We also started another donation box and added some new things to get rid of- which you all know by now is one of my favorite things to do. That night? We started possibly the most difficult puzzle I've ever seen, put some Frank Sinatra on the record player and just enjoyed each other's company while T snoozed away. 

Like I said, it felt good to feel "normal" and to be doing things we did before life got so crazy. Taking care of ourselves, our home and our marriage are all important things that I know will seem routine again one day- but for right now we have to remind ourselves to tend to them! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and CHEERS to the first day of summer!

Utilizing Naptime

Hey, Happy Wednesday everyone! I guess I'm sorta' recapping a weekend today.. but more like just recapping the past handful of days. Life is totally a blur and I honestly have to check what day of the week it is about 25 times a day. I just cannot keep track of time or dates to save my life.

Yesterday was officially my due date, which brought all kinds of emotions to the forefront. Even though you know due dates are just an educated guess, it's still the date you keep in mind for 9 long months while you're growing a baby and dreaming about what he/she will be like. Not to mention the half dozen emails from various baby subscriptions congratulating me on being at my due date--- while I stared at my almost 3 week old little man. Just such a mix of feelings yesterday. I'm happy to say I survived ;)
This was the final bump picture at 37 weeks, 2 days as we checked into the hospital that night!

Visitors to the house have been such a blessing to Jared and I. Even though it sometimes feel stressful trying to time up feedings and naps the best we can, it's always so sweet to have visitors and see/feel their excitement over meeting our son. The meals we've received, the diapers that have been dropped off and even goodies like flowers and chocolates for this momma have meant the world. It is so nice to feel loved and know that your baby is loved, too. I can't even begin to thank everyone enough!

Other than that? I wipe booty, feed a mouth and stare at this little cutie all day long. I'm still in awe that Jared and I made such a cute, perfect human. Obviously we are biased, first-time parents but I can't believe he's ours. Amazing and terrifying to know we are responsible for this tiny person!

I hope you all are doing well! I haven't read blogs in almost 3 weeks but I hope to catch up with you all and your blogs in the near future. Life is slowly becoming "normal" so we'll see if I can utilize naptime to catch up soon ;)

Five Years

May 28th was Jared and I's fifth wedding anniversary! Sadly- we spent it cooped up in the hospital, BEGGING for them to discharge us that day, but they made us wait until the following afternoon. Even though I was in pain, Jared was stuck on a tiny pullout couch and we were trying to figure out how in the world we'd become parents- it was still a special day. My parents sent us some beautiful flowers which brightened up the cramped, sterile hospital room. Jared even crawled into my hospital bed to be with me that night since I wasn't up and moving around a ton at that point. Even though we should have been sleeping we stayed up late for a couple of hours staring at our baby and talking about life. It was definitely an anniversary I'll never forget.

Jared has been my rock through everything. When I was scared of being induced, and then completely petrified about going into surgery Jared was my comfort and my strength. He was scared too but never showed it- he kept it together and encouraged me constantly. Not just during labor and delivery, but he has encouraged me through an entire pregnancy, through job struggles, financial worries, personal doubts; Jared is truly the glue that keeps me put together in any situation.

So although our official anniversary came and went without a big celebration, no fancy dinner dates, heck- we didn't even get a family photo on that day- I couldn't let it go by unnoticed. Five years is no small feat and it's incredible all we've done, seen, shared and experience in those years together. While we enter into a world of diapers, spit-up and sleepless nights I had to let my man know just how much I love him. It's impossible to put into words, but I did my best. Happy (belated) anniversary, Jared!! 

10 Things I've Learned in 10 Days

Hey blog friends. Me again, still alive and still existing in this whirlwind of newborn-land. The past 10 days have been the craziest of my life, there is no other way to describe it. You always hear other people talk about this phase of life and imagine how it'll be for you, but until you're in the thick of it there's just no way to fully understand what it will be like. Jared and I are having so much fun figuring out this parenthood thing and I know every day will be a new adventure, a new challenge and a new chance to fall in love with our little guy.

I've learned a lot already in the past 10 days and I just figured I'd share what those things are:

1. Bodily fluids are no longer disgusting when they are your own child's.

2. I can somehow exist sleeping only 2 hours at a time for multiple days in a row.

3. If someone offers to bring you a meal or to run an errand for you- LET THEM.

4. C-sections suck and I would never wish them upon anyone.

5. I'm a terrible patient and hate hospitals. I also have a lot of strong opinions about the medical world, inductions and childbirth now. One day I might be able to post about it all.

6. Life can change overnight and it messes with your mind. Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

7. Parenting with Jared is already my favorite thing in the entire world. I have fallen more in love with him every day since T got here.

8. Post-baby body is super weird/fascinating. I lost 20+ pounds the first 10 days (woo!) but everything else looks TOTALLY different.

9. Even though the only things he really does involve sleeping, eating and dirtying up diapers- he is totally our #1 source of entertainment right now.

10. My son is the cutest and I say that about 1,000 times a day. I can't believe he's ours!!

Happy Monday!! :)

Meet our Son

Oh, hello world, hello June! And hello, I have a one week old baby today! In case you missed the news on Instagram, our little man made his debut into the world 19 days before his due date, on 5/26/16 at 6:45 PM. World, meet our son.

His arrival was nothing like I'd ever hoped or planned for and to be honest, Jared and I are still trying to process everything that has happened in the past week. After five looong days in the hospital, we are just so thrilled to be home with this little sweetie and we're so thankful for his health and for mine as well.

Thank you EVERYONE for all the well wishes and prayers- they have meant everything to us! Please continue to pray for a speedy recovery for me (I don't care what anyone says- having a csection is rough) I'll be back at some point with more details and updates, I'm sure ;) Right now I'm enjoying every second with my new family of three!