Apr 4, 2016

Goals for April

Happy Monday and Happy Opening Day, everyone! You know football will forever have the #1 spot in my heart, but I still get excited for baseball season each year, too. I'm hopeful that Jared and I will be able to get to at least one game before we have a baby- we've been eyeing a couple of the fireworks nights coming up. Gotta' admit... Snapchat was on it with the fun filters for today! Even if I do look like a boy ;)

So while I'll be in my office downtown, watching everyone else head to the parade and the game- I figured I could tackle a few things ;) That's right- it's time for another edition of Erin's goals and updates for the month! Here's what I was able to accomplish in March:

Keep Walking. Overall I'm still hanging tough with this one as it's my main form of exercise these days. Not every week is perfect and there are definitely some days I just know I need to rest and that's okay! In general I'm still trying to aim for about 7,500 steps a day.

Blog Consistently. Success! I blogged more times in March than I had since last summer, so that felt good to actually plan for and execute.

Decorate for Easter. Check! We don't have a ton of Easter decor but I made sure anything we did have was proudly displayed for a couple of weeks. I just need to keep gradually adding items each year.

Host a March Madness party. Not quite... but sorta? We had 3 friends over one night to watch basketball and Jared whipped up some buffalo chicken dip for everyone. It was a fun night and I'm glad we did it, but let's just say my desire/energy to host anything is dwindling fast these days.

In baby-related goals we also checked off a few things:
✔ Finalized maternity leave details.
✔ Read/still reading a couple of great pregnancy books from the library.
✔ Got our chair all set up in the nursery.
✔Scheduled our hospital tour/classes.

There were a couple of things I didn't completely get to but I still feel like a lot got done in March! It truly is hard to believe it's April right now. The weather is playing tricks on me so I keep forgetting it's Spring in general but it really is! Here are my goals for the remainder of this very busy upcoming month:

Order one more photobook. 
I've been on a roll with these and just got my Disney one done which I am obsessed with! Realistically, having one more year's worth done and printed pre-baby would be a great feat. (PS- in case you missed it last week I wrote about my photo organization/process).

Meal Plan more efficiently.
In an effort to be completely honest let me just tell you all- I have sucked with meal plans since becoming pregnant. Whether it was no food sounded good, or only certain foods sounded good or I was hungry at weird times... I have been a wreck! There are have been far too many dinners out or last-minute trips to Kroger to pick up one or two items just to get a meal on the table. You all should seriously feel bad for Jared! ;) I'm determined to stick with our plans this month so things not only run more smoothly but so we stay on budget, too.

Start stocking the freezer.
Also in the food category but I want to start stashing away some freezer meals/items for after the baby's born. I want to really have a lot of good, healthy options so I'm planning on doing one freezer day in April and one in May as well. I'll do some old favorites of ours for sure, but want to add some new options (including breakfast foods!) into the mix. The easier food can be postpartum, the better.

Keep walking.
Jared and I upgraded our FitBit's last month from the Zip to the Charge HR and I feel extra motivated now that we have them. I'm still aiming for an average of 7,500 steps a day which I think is totally doable. It's really hard for me to get away from my desk at work (no matter how hard I try- seriously!) but with a treadmill at my house and the nicer weather/longer days- there should be no excuses.

Baby-Related Goals:
- Enjoy two baby showers and promptly write thank-you's. I cannot wait to celebrate our little guy with both sides of the family and friends this month.
- Decide on/schedule maternity photos. Still up in the air if we'll do these or not, but if so- we need to get them on the calendar ASAP!
- Finish designing art for the nursery. I'm a perfectionist and these are taking longer than they should, but I'm anxious to finish, print and frame these items.

What's on your to-do list this month? Leave mea  link if you post about your monthly goals, too! 


  1. Great work in March friend, lots checked off the list. WOOHOO April is here, so many fun things happening this month. Stocking the freezer is key according to my mama friends, great plan, lady!

    Happy Opening Day!

  2. I so wish I had today off! Taking the day off last year to see Brandon in the parade was so fun! I also posted about goals!! These posts are some of my fave. Can't wait to see what you choose to make for freezer day!

  3. Stocking the freezer is going to be HUGE especially once baby comes. It'll be so nice to just reach in, thaw it out and eat!

  4. Way to go on your goals for March! Fingers crossed that you'll be able to complete another photo book before baby comes! It's definitely not an easy task to do, especially when there's a million things happening at the same time!

  5. I love my FitBit Charge HR, the extra features are well worth the extra money! I've been seriously slacking on the walking lately as well, it's near impossible to get away from my desk at work, I get excited when I have to go photocopy something because it's an excuse to get up and go for a little stroll.

  6. If you do nothing else...stock your freezer. Even if it's just with frozen junk from Sam's or something easy like that. When you get home, you will not care at all if you have nice, healthy, wonderfully prepared meals..you will just want something that someone can throw in the oven and be done with it. Eeeek I'm so excited to see the nursery decor!!

  7. I need to do a freezer meal day too! My husband has an incredible paternity leave, but I can't imagine we'll want to cook much after chasing a toddler and a newborn all day. You should share your favorite recipes for the not culinary inclined... like me! Ha!

    Also, you should totally do maternity pictures. I did them with my first, and it is nice to have photos of that precious time in our lives. :) You won't regret it!

  8. Yes to freezer meal days!!! I am actually looking forward to that as we get closer to baby.

  9. Having a stocked freezer is something I've never thought about when it comes to life post-baby, but it makes so much sense! Yeah girl, stock UP that freezer!

  10. Freezer meals are the best! I'm kicking myself for not doing them sooner. I (thought I) had 2 weeks to do some deep cleaning and freezer meals but Mav decided to come 2 weeks early haha. Thankfully my parents came down and helped us get everything stocked up so we had plenty to eat.

    April is crazy crazy crazy with a wedding that we are both in this next weekend and something planned literally every weekend for the whole month. So my only goal I'm setting is to make time to workout 5 days a week which is my me time :)

  11. I started making our photo book from our trip in Feb...but haven't made nearly the dent I wanted - but it's on the list!! Good luck with all your goals girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  12. April is going to rock girl! Something about Opening Day makes it feel like summer and it definitely makes me happy! :)

  13. 7500 steps is about my goal too! I was doing so good the last few weeks because it was so nice out, but the next two weeks look cold and rainy! Boo! My boss was just telling me she's gotten 10,000 steps a day since JANUARY 1ST. Now I'm motivated to get a few 10,000 step days this month!

  14. Woohoo for baby showers and maternity photos! I can't wait to see recaps of both :) You're in the homestretch, mama!

  15. Yay for crossing things off of your to do list! Good luck with your April goals!

  16. What a great list!! I just started putting a to-do list together!!! I was totally up in the air about maternity photos too - I still am actually - but I found a photographer offering mini sessions - so we can pay 1/3 of the price for a 20 minute session. That way if we don't like them we didn't spend too much money - and I won't regret not doing them! :)

  17. So exciting with two showers coming up this month!! I am sooo happy baseball season is back, I'm in Charleston, SC but I had a Braves snapchat filter so I laughed at that one! Have a great week!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  18. what! you have to do maternity photos!! even if it's maternity photo, singular haha. man i've been sucking at meal planning and i'm not even pregnant. the last minute kroger trips are the worst.

  19. I say do the photos BC you may one day say "why didn't we?", especially if you end up only having one kiddo.

    Go cardinals!! 😎

  20. You have so many fun things coming up with showers and all!!! I have a few friends who were pregnant and didn't do maternity pictures because they thought they didn't care about those, but now they really regret not doing them. I would highly suggest it! Even if you dont want to spend the $$ maybe you can get a friend to take a few of you and Jared somewhere. I hope you will share your new freezer recipes with us!

  21. Such exciting goals! Yay for showers, I bet those will be SO fun.

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  23. I'm in the maternity picture camp. Do it! :) and yes having freezer meals saved me in those first months. I really need to do that again soon.

  24. The opening day filter is definitely my favourite one so far!

    My part time job is at a food market that specializes in prepared frozen meals and so many people come in to buy meals that are ready to just be put in the oven for friends who just had babies - such a good idea!

  25. I can't believe I've never been to Opening Day! That needs to change, but it's tough to get home and take off work. Ugh. I can't wait to see pictures from your shower! So very exciting!

  26. I hate baseball. I'm like the oddball off the whole state :(

  27. Can't even believe it's April either!! I'm also planning on making some freezer meals before baby and am going to check out some of your faves. It'll also be nice that it's going to be June and warm out so the guys can grill for dinner - anything to take the pressure off of us since I think we'll have our hands full!


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