Mar 1, 2016

Goals for March

Welp, let's just cut right to the chase. February was not my month for goal-achieving. Out of my 9 goals for February- I only crossed off 5 of them. So I dropped the bomb on almost half of them. Can I blame the short month? Even though it wasn't that short with the whole leap year thing? Or can we just pretend that I did in fact cross 'em all off? Maybe I'm being too ambitious at 6+ months pregnant, but I still like having monthly goals to work towards. Otherwise I might not ever get off my couch and do ANYTHING ;)

Here's what I did do in February:
 Made a large, extra mortgage payment. Rumor has it Sallie/Perkins will be back soon for an update.
 Painted the nursery. Thanks, Jared and father-in-law.
 Steam-cleaned the carpet. Finally! It was much needed.
 Wrote 14 blog posts. I wanted 15, but dang, I came close.
 Got a prenatal massage. I know, not a tough one to cross off- but whew! It was awesome.
 Worked on our registry. It's about 90% done, just a couple more items I think we need to add.

So not a total waste of a month, but there was still a lot I didn't get around to doing. Oh, well right? Move onto the next month and try again. That's my motto anyway :)

Keep Walking! 
I'm trying not to be too hard on myself in this category, but it's tough. As I do get bigger (by the day it seems) I know I'll need to slow down some, but I still want to keep up with walking as much as I feel comfortable doing. Last month I averaged 7k steps a day and honestly feel pretty good about that. I think I'll aim for 7500 this month, since I know there were a few days last month I totally forgot to wear my FitBit; I think it's manageable and safe as long as I keep feeling good!

Blog Consistently.
I feel like I've really gotten back in my groove in the blog world lately and it feels good. Somehow I'm finding the time/energy to actually write these dozens of posts swirling around in my head. I'll hope for another 15+ posts this month which I think should be easy. March kicks off Spring and Easter is this month which just happens to be my favorite holiday so the topics should be flowing.

Decorate for Easter.
Speaking of Easter, somehow it's the holiday I have the least decorations for and that needs to change this month. Yes, it's a pressing issue! ;) I love all the Spring/Easter colors and cuteness that I keep seeing everywhere- it's time to add a few things to our home and brighten it up because despite the fact that it might snow Thursday- Spring is on it's way, I swear!

Plan a fun date for Jared and I.
This is probably going to be a consistent goal of mine for the next few months. I'm loving this phase of life with Jared and can't get enough time with him it seems! He deals with me talking baby-baby-baby stuff probably way too much, and I want to be sure to carve out the time for just us two while our world is still right side up. Hopefully with warmer weather we'll have more options of things to do around town and we can find something unique to do together.

Host a March Madness party.
Jared and I haven't had any big parties at our house since football season ended; we actually didn't even bother with a big super bowl party this year! With the NCAA March Madness tournament starting later this month we decided we should plan at least one night of food and hoops for our circle of friends to come over for and I can't wait! There's nothing better than a house full of your favorite people- especially when food and sports are involved ;)
I love party food!

Baby Related Goals:
-Figure out details of maternity leave. Most of the details are already figured out, but I need to make it official with our HR department and with my boss.
-Read 2 pregnancy/baby related books. I stocked up at the library last week!
-Find a glider for the nursery. Why are gliders/chairs SO expensive??? This is the last big piece of furniture we need in the nursery and we can't seem to decide on one.

What's on your to-do list this month? Leave me a link if you post about your monthly goals, too! 


  1. Great work in February, friend. Looking forward to a S&P update :)! I know you will rock it in March!

  2. Way to rock those February goals girl!! I'm happy that you've found your blogging groove! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I walked all the way through month 9, even went to Christmas shows and stuff. I still say that's why K was 4 day early instead of late.

    I'm back in a blog groove too finally and loving it!

    Last we bought our glider/foot stool off of Craigslist. I sent Tyson and a friend to pick it up, $40 for the set and $5 worth of cleaning stuff and we had a great chair. My mom now has it at her beach house, I still love gliding!

  4. Girl, I think you did AWESOME in Feb! And, I know you'll rock March too! Can I please come to your March Madness party???

  5. Good luck with your goals! Enjoy blogging while you can...little mister will get all your attention instead once he's here 😉

  6. March madness woop woop!!! ;) I cannot wait to see the nursery when it's all finished. I know it's going to turn out amazing!

  7. Great goals for the month!! My advice is to check out furniture stores for a small rocking recliner for the nursery. We went with that option and have LOVED it! It was around $250, it rocks, reclines and isn't too bulky. This option ended up being hundreds of dollars cheaper than the ones at baby stores.

  8. The 7500 step goal sounds totally achievable, especially since you were so close last month. I'm so excited that you're blogging consistently again too, I missed reading your blog! A March Madness Party sounds like so much fun, and what better way to celebrate than with tons of basketball games!

  9. Erin, I've read your blog for years and love it! I'm a momma of a 10 month-old girl, Ava, and have to tell you about the glider we got for our nursery... Someone recommended it to me and it really is awesome! (And extremely comfy)... It's actually from Target (score!) but their online store only... Called Shermag Madison Glider.. It was super easy to put together and less than $200... I was shocked at how pricey some of them were! Anyways, mommyhood is the best and you are going to be a wonderful mom!

    1. Thanks for sharing!! I saw that one online but it's tough to pull the trigger on something you haven't seen/sat on in person haha. Thanks for the stamp of approval! :)

  10. We bought an upholstered glider from babies r us but I couldn't be more happy we spent the money on it. My thing was I wanted it to be a piece of furniture we could move into our living room once we were done with it in a nursery. It might be my fav piece of furniture we own and even with our now almost 1 year old we still use it every morning and night.

  11. Party food really is the best food! I love that you have a mix of personal and more social active goals. I'm keeping mine pretty simple this month with lots of reading & writing. Eagerly anticipating the return of Sallie & Perkins! :)

  12. February is a crapper month in a lot of ways for me. I'm much more on it in March!

    Hope you find a cheaper glider. They are SO expensive.

  13. Ohh I can't wait for another S&P update!! And you're growing a baby... I'd say that was a big thing in February and will continue to be in March... I mean 'grow a baby!' should totally be on your list! ;)

  14. Yay for Sallie and Perkins! Excited to see them again. I really hope you can agree with your boss on a maternity leave that you are okay with. It's hard but totally doable and I'm sure you will handle it fantastically. We bought a glider/rocker from Babies R Us and really like it. Worth the money for a good one because you will spend a lot of time in it! Think of it as an investment on your back ;)

  15. I need to pull out our Easter stuff this weekend and put away the vday stuff. My sister's bday falls on Easter this year! Cant wait to see what Sallie and Perkins have to say! Looks like you did good in February and have a lot of great stuff planned for March! Good luck with the glider, those things are expensive!!! Maybe Craigslist or thrift store and a good cleaning??

  16. Wow! You got a lot accomplished in February!!! Great March goals :) You are getting stuff done missy!

  17. I seriously love this. I don't know how on earth you have time for blogging and working full-time and cooking and being with Jared and having friends and family and whoa. I'm seriously impressed. I'm shocked you don't have many Easter decorations! I know it's your favorite holiday, so you should stock up after the big day this year. ;) Way to go on the walking! Keep it up! Still so thrilled for you, girl!

  18. Ohh party food is my absolute favorite!

  19. Great job on your goals! Can't wait for a Sallie/Perkins update!

  20. OH I love S&P, can't wait to see that post. I need to do some Easter decorating too, and I have NOTHING. Although I am making an Easter Wreath this weekend, for my blog post on Monday :)

  21. ugh gliders and stuff are ridiculously overpriced. hope you find a good deal!

    i think you did pretty well in feb! good luck with march goals :) i love party food too... its my favourite part about hosting people lol

  22. They are ridiculously overpriced! And it's so hard to buy one online when you haven't tried it in store. We bought one from Buy Buy Baby but the back was too short for my 6'3" boyfriend and he hated it! It ended up being a waste of money! Good luck with your March goals! :)

  23. Oh I love party food! It's the best! :)

  24. Looks like you have a promising and fulfilling month ahead.
    Enjoy spring! :)

  25. HAve a great march! those are some good goals!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  26. Sallie and Perkins are coming back?!?!?!? This makes me so happy!


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