Inside the NFL Combine

Jared and I are adopting more of a "now or never" mentality as we get closer to becoming a family of three. I know we'll keep living our life and life will be AWESOME and we can't wait for this stage of life- but regardless, it WILL be different once we're parents! So why not be a little spontaneous while we still can? That's just what we did this weekend.

The NFL Combine takes places in Indianapolis each year and I have always wanted to check it out since it's just a quick 2 hour drive for us. For you non-football people, the combine is a week-long "audition" for guys who are hoping to get drafted by the NFL in April. You have to get invited to attend the event as an athlete, usually around 300 get chosen to come each year and show off their stuff in front of tons of coaches and scouts from each of the 32 teams.

This year Jared and I were able to snag some last-minute guest passes through work and be up front and center for Saturday's events. So we grabbed some snacks and hopped in the car like the crazy, young kids we are and headed over. I felt pretty VIP after we picked up our official guest passes from the hotel next door. The security in the area was insane! Then it was onto Lucas Oil Stadium (booooo Colts) to watch some of the best up and coming athletes out there. We loved seeing some of our Ohio State guys like Braxton Miller and it was fun to compare guys from all the various teams.
nfl combine
Someone I work with once told me the combine was boring- like watching paint dry but I 1000% disagree with that statement. Jared and I were just yards away from these talented guys who were basically trying out for the job of a lifetime. The whole event felt so reverent and was incredibly organized. There was always something going on to watch and the people running the combine kept all events flowing quickly and smoothly.
nfl combine
Marshall Faulk!
We watched them do the 40-yard dash, broad jump, bench press and quite a few on-field drills for the various positions and honestly the whole day flew. It was probably a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I'm glad we went! A lot of people might find the whole thing boring but if you're a football lover like us- you'd enjoy it. Next up on our football radar is the draft in Chicago! ;) 

Friday 5 {Baby Edition}

Sweet Friday- it's good to see you. I've got a lot of weekend fun planned and I am so looking forward to the next few days. Hopefully the snow from yesterday is gone and the report of temperatures in the high 50's and maybe even 60's is correct for this weekend. As I was drafting up this post of all the highlights of this week everything seemed to turn baby-related so I figured I'd run with it. 

ONE - I had my 24 week appointment Wednesday and everything is on track and healthy for baby and me both. He's measuring just slightly ahead of schedule, maybe a week- but nothing to be concerned about at this point. I've gained 11 pounds total, get heartburn after eating just about anything, still trying to walk about 4-5 days a week, feeling excited- really can't complain! Next appointment brings the infamous glucose test- can't wait to see what all that fuss is about.

TWO - Also this week we took dinner over to Jared's grandma one night. She requested Skyline Chili which we were happy to pick up. She made this beautiful blanket for our little one and I couldn't love it more.

The colors are so perfect for our ocean-themed nursery and the yarn is so, so soft. I just love this treasure from our baby's great-grandmother. How cool is that, seriously?! We had a nice visit with her, lots of stories were told and I told her I'd try to have the baby on her 88th birthday which is just a few days before my due date ;)

THREE - I've been feeling kicks and punches for a couple of weeks now pretty consistently and Jared has caught a couple here and there. I swear, this little dude must sense when it's Jared because he'll stop moving completely. Playing tricks already ;) However- one night this week out of no where I got a huge jab to the belly and actually SAW my stomach move. It startled me, it was so much more pronounced than any other movement so far. Pretty crazy/weird/cool all combined.

FOUR - Our wedding photographer recently offered us a free maternity "mini-session" if we are interested! I did a favor for her back in the fall and she wanted to pay me back so to speak. I honestly didn't think we would get maternity photos done at all just because they're so pricey and I wasn't sure if I'd really want them. But since they are free and it's just 30 minutes, I think we'll take her up on this offer in a couple months when I'm bigger. But not too big.

FIVE- When your BFF is also pregnant and texts you to, "go outside and make Jared take a picture of your belly in the snow. It's so pretty!" you just listen. I'm hopeful this was the last big snow of the season so I'm glad we ran out to the back deck and snapped a few pictures just for fun.
Let's be honest- I'm just not good at pictures! ;)

I hope everyone has a great weekend planned! I know I do :)

Things Jared Has Taught Me

That I shouldn't care what people think, ever. He used to embarrass me doing silly things in public but I think I'm equally as embarrassing (if not more so!) than him these days. Every time we're at the grocery Pharrel's "Happy" comes on and I do a full out dance with the shopping cart. It started as a joke with Jared and I, but since apparently they only have about 4 songs on rotation- the song comes on a lot and the dancing happens always.

That owning blu-rays is important. Quality is key when we're ready for movie night- don't judge us. Those Disney movies DO look 100x better on blu-ray vs. DVD and that's not up for debate ;)
For the record, this is not my photo/collection. But pretty accurate nonetheless.

That I should trust myself when cooking- sometimes the best meals aren't following a recipe. Jared is great in the kitchen and has always been a natural at free-styling with recipes and mixing and matching things to his own tastes. For the longest time I was too nervous to stray from a recipe, but the more I do it, the more I trust myself with it. I feel much more confident putting my own spin on things now.

That it's okay if the house doesn't look like Bree VandeKamp's. Any other Desperate Housewives fans? That show was the best and even though Bre was semi-crazy, I wanted to be her. I loved her domesticated self with her sparkling home, four-course dinners set on fine china every night, first one to whip up muffins for a new neighbor...etc. I've finally come to terms with the fact that Bree is a fictional person and I'm totally okay when my house and my dinners don't resemble her's in any way.

That protein shakes really can taste good, you just have to pay for the quality stuff. I used to refuse to drink any protein because the only ones I've tried previously were disgusting. Just another thing I've found that it's okay to pay a little more for because it's completely worth it.

Last but certainly not least? 35 is the new 25. You don't have to have everything in life sorted out yet. It's more than okay to still be in the figuring things out phase and you're definitely still young enough to do anything you want. As long as you are trying to better yourself and as long as you're pursuing what makes you happy you're doing alright.

Jared- thank you for the valuable life lessons thus far. You're kinda' awesome.

Choosing a Nursery Theme

Choosing a theme for the nursery was a little tougher than we anticipated. There are SO many options out there (which seems to be the case for all things baby) and we liked so many of them. I think while we were shopping around and deciding we said, "Well, we can do that theme when he goes to a big kid room." Or, "Well, our second boy can have that theme." Yes, we are crazy and talking about future children already. #FirstTimeParents  There were two themes we seriously considered before we settled on the one we're currently working on (and loving!) but here's how the decision came to be.

Option #1: Sports
DUH! Jared and I are crazy sports fans and I think we both kinda' automatically thought that our boy's room would be a sports themed one. Instead of just football we thought it would be fun to include all the sports we both love. There's a lot of cute stuff out there, and we loved this set from Babies 'R' Us, but with how small the room is- we were worried it would be too dark for that small space. Plus we have white furniture so we weren't sure it would even look right together. Sports will (hopefully!) be something he loves one day but for his room we sadly had to let it go. Is it too early to plan his first birthday party?? ;) 

Option #2: Disney

Probably another duh, as you know how much we love all things Disney. However once we looked around for ideas for this theme- it just didn't feel like something we loved. There was a lot of all blue Mickey-dominant stuff, but I wasn't loving it. And then on the opposite end of the spectrum, a lot of the other Disney stuff we stumbled upon was too pastel and looked more feminine which we obviously didn't want. While our child will surely be a Disney character/movie/parks fan one day- the room just wasn't working for us.

So we finally landed on...
Option #3: Ocean/Under the Sea

We saw this Nemo lamp in Babies 'R' Us and the colors were so bright and fun we decided to run with it. We didn't want to plaster Finding Nemo all over the place in there- but we loved the bright blues mixed with pops of green and orange. Whales, fish, crabs and even a plush octopus will likely make an appearance in our little guy's room. It's not necessarily a nautical theme, like I've seen a lot of- let's be honest, Jared and I aren't nautical, we don't boat! Haha. But we do love the ocean and we love the bright, cheerful colors that can come with an under the sea theme.

Whew- so there you have it! This room is going to be the coolest room in our house by far once we're done with it. I can't wait to share progress as we get more stuff to actually put in there :) 

Lessons Learned

Here we are, another Monday, another fresh week! The last week of February in fact, gosh has it went quickly or what?! The beautiful weather we had this weekend was totally a tease, as I know there is still plenty of cold days coming to us in Ohio but Spring- come quick, please!! It was so nice opening up the windows and having that fresh air flowing through the house- I need that all the time :) It was a solid weekend complete with some lessons I learned and thought I'd share.

- Putting furniture together is something I weirdly enjoy but apparently a lot of people don't. We got our crib assembled in less than an hour and I'm so happy with what we picked out! It looks great against the bright blue accent wall. I have walked into that room to run my hand along the railing no less than 200 times in the past 48 hours ;)

- I'm officially pregnant. Yes, I did in fact learn that just this weekend. Jared and I did a lot of stuff around the house Saturday and I'm still paying for it two days later. Don't worry, I wasn't doing any heavy lifting or anything dumb like that, but a day of cleaning, organizing and laundry and up and down the steps all day wears a girl out apparently. I was shocked at that wake-up call. Gotta' take it easy and be okay with that, I guess!

- Sometimes you just have to say no. Last week was a doozie for Jared and I. We've both had a lot of stuff going on at our jobs and it made for a long, stressful stretch of days. This weekend we just needed time to unwind, be together and get some things done without a million errands and obligations squeezed in. It was worth it and much needed.

- Mellow Mushroom is still just as tasty as ever. Okay, maybe I've always known this but it had been a looong time since I've had it. Probably last Spring, actually! Becky was in town this weekend visiting Kayla and I got to join in for a girls night Friday night and indulged in the Red Skin Potato Pie pizza.

-Walking Dead is making a comeback for me! Before they did their mid-season break, I was really losing interest in the show. It felt too slow, too predictable and I wasn't sure if I could keep watching it. However, the past 2 weeks?! SO GOOD! Who else is still watching??

Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better Monday :) 

Blogs I Read Every Day

I read a LOT of blogs each week. A lot. I organize my BlogLovin' into categories so I can jump to certain topics/people quickly, but I have a few in my "must read" folder I always get to. Today I'm sharing a handful of those... some you may know about, some may be brand spankin' new to you but I wanted to share where I love to read and why I love to read 'em.

IHeart Organizing is possibly one of the very first blogs I ever read. I've been following along for years and cannot get enough of her ideas, creativity, eye for design and more! Her blog is (of course) simple and easy to navigate; I love that anytime I'm trying to come up with how to organize a space in my house- she's got it categorized already. She also offers quite a few free printables and is always adding to her collection. I can't say enough good things about this blog- love, love LOVE it!

Mama & Mou. Kristin and I have been blogging buddies for yearssss now and we actually got to meet in person last August! I love her blog and the mix of topics she talks about, but lately her momma posts have been so helpful and informative. She's currently due with baby #2 and there is just a wealth of info on all things pregnancy and baby on her blog. Aside from all that? She throws the most epic parties ever and you will feel inspired for the next one you need to throw, no matter the occasion! :)

Venus Trapped in Mars. Sarah is a fellow sports lover like me and that's what initially drove me to her blog. Her blog has exploded over the past few years, and her hard work shows. A lot of times I shy away from blogs when they have a lot of paid posts, but I think Sarah is the perfect example of how to do it authentically, and how to also weave those types of posts into normal, everyday "lifestyle" posts. She is hilarious, shares blog/design how-to's that are actually helpful, talks any and all sports and I love love LOVE her colorful photos in every post.

I really don't read/check fashion blogs too often, but this is one I follow along with and really enjoy. If I need style inspiration- I check out Maureen from The Northeast Girl.  Her wardrobe is always classic and fresh. Plus, her older posts about maternity style have given me a lot of ideas how how the heck to dress this bump once it's large and in charge ;)

So tell me- what are your MUST-read's each day/week? Who am I missing? :) 
Happy Friday, friends!!! 

So Tell Me About Savannah

I mentioned last month that Jared and I had our made our plans for our last vacation as a twosome for this Spring. We're heading back to one of our favorite places, Hilton Head Island, and plan to stay about a week there. On our last visit we'd planned to make a day-trip over to Savannah, GA but never got around to it. This trip we'll be stopping in for sure! We're actually going to kick off our trip there and have a full day to spend there exploring.

That's where you all come in- of course! Getting travel recommendations is one of my favorite things about being part of the blog world. There are never a shortage of ideas and tips for anywhere I happen to be going. So thank you in advance, anyone who is going to chime in! 

We've got our hotel all taken care of, we'll be close to everything which will be nice. I've heard so SO many things about the food so I'd love to hear your must-eat's. We're good with hole-in-the-wall spots to grab lunch at, a nicer sit-down restaurant for dinner and definitely any dessert/sweets that we can't miss while we're in the area ;)

A guided tour is something we're also considering doing- but would love to get anyone thought's on this. Typically Jared and I are good with exploring on our own and seeing what we can discover while in a new city. However, since we have just one day there- we feel like we might be better off doing one of the hop-on-hop-off tours offered so we can see as much as possible. I am definitely looking forward to checking out all the historic homes and landmarks in the area.

Anything else major? Absolutely can't miss stops or photo-opps? :)  This cold, February weather has me itching to get out of town and onto vacation. I'm excited that this trip will blend an old favorite spot with a new city as well. There's nothing I love more than traveling with Jared. The countdown has begun!

Our Wonderful Life

Raise your hand if you took no photos this weekend!!! *My hand is officially raised for those wondering* It was a glorious (yet snow-filled) few days away from the office and just what I needed. If only I were off yesterday like so many other offices downtown. Oh, well. Yesterday was better than your average Monday because after work I headed straight for a prenatal massage and it was glorious. One day when I'm wealthy I need to have a standing appointment with a local masseuse each month. 

Jared and his dad painted our boy's room Friday and it looks absolutely fantastic! We chose two different shades of blue and it turned out so perfect. We'll be steam cleaning our carpet this week and THEN we'll finally set the crib up. The giant box has been staring at me, practically begging us to put it together so this week we definitely will at some point. Then, let the decorating begin!

Our Valentine's weekend was low-key and I loved every second of it. We shopped for awhile on Saturday, for nothing in particular; we just let the day take us wherever we pleased. Neither of us had really made any plans for Sunday so we did our usual church/lunch and headed back toward home, since we knew there was quite a bit of snow coming our way. At the last-minute we decided to stop in at CVS and each spend $10 on each other on a gift. It was fun, funny and creative- truly the only gift I needed was spending time together. Although it was quite hilarious that we each bought each other some sea-salt & caramel Ghirardelli's for part of the gift ;)

That afternoon, we laid in our son's freshly painted, unfurnished room and just talked for who knows how long as the snow came down outside. We discussed everything imaginable and it was in that afternoon I truly just felt reminded how blessed/lucky/whatever you want to call it we are. Our life may be simple to some, but I couldn't imagine it any other way. Life is wonderful♥

And this concludes my blogger faux pas of a post with no actual photos.

Weekends Are Still The Best

Hooray for Friday! I am going to be so happy to see this workweek end. Am I right? I know, I know... I should look forward to every day; I really do try but cmon, weekends are still the best. Especially when they aren't jam-packed and you know you can do whatever you want, whenever you want. I wanted to chime in with my "Friday 5" for today so here goes:

ONE: Weeknight dates! Last night we made a date out of our Lowe's trip and a local eatery we hadn't been to in quite some time. It was fun to sneak in a date-night during the week and just chat about life. I cherish every day with this guy!
Flashback to our Niagara falls trip last year!

TWO: When I get home today our baby boy's room will be all painted and ready to go! Jared and his dad are putting in all the hard work today and I cannot wait to see the final product. I'm thankful they are both excellent painters because that is something I do not excel at. Next week I plan to share some details/inspiration for the nursery.

THREE: A girl at work gave me a huge tub of maternity clothes that she no longer needs! I have made it pretty far with only a few maternity purchases- some basics like leggings and long tank tops + a couple of gifts I got at Christmas have carried me so far, but it's definitely time for some other items. I plan to go through everything this week and I'm hopeful lots of them will fit.

FOUR: Anyone watching Biggest Loser this season? I just love this show and this season has been really good so far! Bob Harper is the host this year which is different, but I'm still loving his role in the show. Usually I have a favorite right away but there are a lot of likable people this year. I'm also glad Kristin puts up with me texting her my every single thought throughout the episodes ;)

FIVE: This little guy wiggling in my belly! The movements are still small, but getting bigger each day it seems. I can feel him moving around mostly at night when I'm laying down, but I'm starting to notice little kicks and jabs during the day sometimes too. Craziest/best feeling ever.

I hope everyone has a wonderful, Val or Galentine's weekend! Speaking of Galentine's day- my Etsy shop is throwing in a fun FREEBIE for every order $10 or more through tomorrow night, check it out on Instagram!

All the Sports

Now that football season has finally concluded, I can start caring about other sports again! Even though football will always have the #1 spot in my heart, there are a lot of other sports I enjoy this time of year. I keep up with the NBA a fair amount, but since their season is SO LONG, I hold off on getting too invested until this time of year. The Indianapolis Pacers have been my favorite team since 2009 and Jared and I love getting to a game each year if we can. It helps that two former coworkers of mine now work for the team and can occasionally hook us up with some tickets ;)

And with this time of year, you can't forget March Madness of course! I'll be the first to admit I don't have a favorite college basketball team I follow, but there is nothing more fun than the madness than ensues for the NCAA tournament each year. Making brackets, wagers at work, upsets left and right?! SUCH a fun time in sports. I always love to see the local teams do well (Ohio State, UofCincy, Louisville, etc) but again- since I don't have a team I just love rooting for good games and good underdog stories. 

The obvious sport just around the bend is baseball! Even on this snowy, freezing day- I can dream of warm afternoons at Great American Ballpark with some nachos. I've been stalking the Reds home schedule already since I will likely only get to a couple of games before the baby's born in June. Jared and I might splurge on some good seats for one game, but honestly- the cheap seats are just as fun :)

Last but not least, I am already getting excited thinking about the Summer Olympics! Yes, yes they aren't until early August but who doesn't love the excitement of summer olympic years?! There are SO many good sports to watch- my favorites are usually gymnastics, the track and field events and a lot of the swimming/diving events. Man, don't I wish I was going to Rio de Janeiro to watch them live ;)

What sports are you "diving" into now that football is over? (See what I did there?) Have you been counting down the days until football season was over... or will you happily be watching the NFL Draft come April? I know I will! Happy Wednesday, sports fans!

Food Coma

Happy day-we-all-wish-we-weren't-at-work! ;) I am officially still in a food coma from last night. Entirely too much chips and dip was consumed but that's really what the Super Bowl is all about, right? 

We didn't have a big party or anything this year, but we had Caleb and Kayla over for some pre-game board games, food and lounging around. It was a much overdue game session for our foursome. The guys beat us in Sequence (lame) but I came out on top for Monopoly which was definitely a first so of course I needed a photo with all my money ;)

Even though I was rooting for the Panthers to win, I was rooting more for a good game- and I don't really feel like we got that. It was sloppy football on both sides and just not that exciting for me overall. I thought Lady Gaga KILLED IT on the National Anthem, and I can't help it, I loved her outfit and look. Very "her" but not too crazy/weird. Halftime show? Eh. It felt shorter than normal and while I can appreciate each of those musical artists, it felt weird to have them all mashed together in the same show. I could have probably just enjoyed a full Bruno Mars show and been good.

Thoughts on the commercials? Another "eh" from me in this category. Not that many funny ones. The Doritos/baby one was equally funny/creepy to me as someone who is currently pregnant. And I also liked the other Doritos commercial with the dogs sneaking into the supermarket. Probably more so just because I liked all the dogs.

Super Bowl 50, you were a bit boring for me- for all the hyper surrounding the golden year and all that. But hey, maybe I'm just bitter since I know the Bengals could have beat both those teams playing last night ;)

Super Bowl 50

Can't believe it took me until Thursday to say this but I wanted to be sure to wish you all a HAPPY: 

It is indeed one of the best weeks/weekends of the year and I've been stalking the coverage of everything going on out in San Francisco... holding back tears from time to time of course (whodey forever) but still loving the excitement surrounding Super Bowl 50! Here's just a quick survey for all you other football fans that wanna' talk gameday stuff ;)

Who I'm Rooting For:
Cam Newton and those Carolina Panthers!! I've told multiple people this over the past couple of weeks and most are surprised by my answer. Why, I don't really know. But I'll tell you why I am rooting for them:

 - Cam Newton is hilarious and adorable and has fun doing his job. Lots of people don't like to see a quarterback dancing in the endzones, having a good time on the sidelines, etc... but to that I say "psh!" Winning is fun and he's had a lot of wins this year so let the man celebrate. Plus, he's a good guy these days. (Yes, I'm aware of his college days and the whole "laptop thing" but that was in 2008 and everyone deserves a second chance.)

- Giving kids/fans football every time they score is becoming a "thing" and I can't get enough of those reactions each week.

- I love that the Panthers are another small market team like Cincinnati. They don't get a lot of hype or love most of the time and I can relate to that.

- Most years I end up picking the NFC team in the Super Bowl. It's next to impossible for me to root for an AFC team that is there at the big game instead of my Bengals. #stillcrying

-Finally, Cam Newton is also one HUGE reason why I won my family's fantasy football league this year.

What I'll be Eating: 
All the things in all the land. <-- That exact phrase is what I've told Jared I want for dinner approximately fifty times in the past few weeks. I am hungry all.the.time. so bring on the food this Sunday. Buffalo Chicken dip or Crack dip are both top contenders. 
If you're making this for a crowd be sure to double (or triple!) this :)

Pregame/Halftime Performances:
Coldplay is a solid choice + the Beyonce addition will I'm sure make people go crazy. I like them and they probably appeal to a lot more people than Katy Perry did last year- although you know I'm a big fan of hers ;) I'm actually pretty stoked to hear Lady Gaga do the National Anthem AND to see if any of the rumored guests are true. Names like Bruno Mars, Adele, Rihanna and Taylor Swift are all floating around as possible cameos. We shall see! 

Commercial Sneak Peeks?:
Can I just say I hate that you can watch a majority of the commercials pre-Super Bowl now? What fun is that? I try to stay away from any of the teasers out there because I love seeing what people are shelling out all that money for come game day. This year costs are up to as much as $5 million for a 30-second spot. No pressure, advertisers!!

So tell me- what are your plans for this weekend? Who are you rooting for? Are you hosting a big party or laying around in your sweats with a personal bag of chips and dip like me? Bring on the football, baby!!!

Goals for February

I'm back to check in with my January goals and set new ones for February. It's the only way I stay on top of things, I swear. I love reading what other people's monthly goals are too, so if you post about yours be sure to let me know so I can check 'em out and we can cheer each other on. Also, I think I've asked this before- but is there a goals link-up out there somewhere?? In January my goals were:

- Get rid of something every day. This was actually tougher to remember to track, but I'd say I nailed it. We got rid of SO MUCH STUFF, and I did a better job of keeping up with clutter on a day-to-day basis, rather than waiting until there was a giant pile of mail to go through or 7 loads of laundry that needed done at once ;) There were multiple trips to GoodWill and massive amounts of junk just pitched. There is no better feeling than seeing clutter leave your house!

- Finish and order our Disney photobook. Didn't quite get there. Lots of progress, but didn't finish. I apparently take a ridiculous amount of photos on Disney trips.

- Push myself to stay active. I feel like I deserve a yes on this one as well. Coming off the chaos of December/holidays I knew I needed to make working out more of a priority this month. With our purchase of a treadmill it's much harder to put off a work out. I averaged 3-4 workouts a week in January and got my daily step average back up. Hoping to do even better in February!

- Go on a fun/unique date with Jared. While we spent a lot of quality time together, I don't know if I can classify any of our outings as a unique date. It's hard in the winter to want to be out and about; and to be honest? Our at-home date nights are just too fun sometimes! We still need to get out more so there's always next month ;)

Baby Related Goals:
 Buy a crib
 Find out if we're having a boy or girl - BOY!
 Start brainstorming some nursery ideas - We have a theme and I can't wait to pull it all together.
 Start writing in our baby book - This is the best baby book ever, seriously. It's so cute and quirky; Jared and I are both having fun writing answers in it PLUS it goes all the way until the child's 2nd birthday. Love!

So apparently I rocked all things baby this month and not quite so much the other items. For February, let's see how well I can do on the following goals:

- Meet with a financial advisor.
Another item Jared and I have put off for months but really want to do soon. We feel like we're in a good place but would love the expert's insight, especially with a little one on the way.

-Make a big, fat extra mortgage payment.
We are committed to making an extra mortgage payment each month and I hope this month we can reign in our spending and put a solid chunk down. We made a large payment in January which felt great; I love seeing that number go down. It's a big number but every little bit extra adds up to savings in the long run.

-Finish and order that photobook.
No excuses, it needs to be done this month! How will I ever keep up with baby pictures if I can't get all our vacation photobooks done before he gets here?!

-Steam clean our carpet.
This is mainly for our baby's room, but if we're going to rent a steam cleaner we might as well go all out and deep clean the whole house while we're at it. Fingers crossed it'll make a big difference.

-Write 15 blog posts.
I have all these ideas and plans for the blog and often lack the discipline to sit down and actually write them or take the necessary photos for them. I only blogged a handful of times in January and really did miss it, so I'm hopeful that February gets me back into the routine of blogging 3-4 times a week and keeping up with everyone's blogs, too.

Baby Related Goals:
-Get my 1st prenatal massage. Jared bought me this package back in October and I am officially ready for some pampering!
-Start looking at various hospital classes and decide which ones to attend. Yikes!
-Paint the nursery. There are SO many blues, but I think we're narrowed it down.
-Work on our registry. We started one and added some of the 'easy' stuff but definitely need to do our research on a lot of the bigger items still.

Cheers to getting stuff done! :)

All Weekends Should Include Donuts

Happy February and Happy Monday! I hope you all enjoyed as good of a weekend as I did. It was another no-actual-obligations-or-plans weekend and those are becoming my absolute favorite. Life post-football season CAN in fact be good. I love the time for Jared and I to just do whatever we want at whatever pace we want. Those couple of days away from the office are always my favorite no matter what we do :) Although it's always preferable that the weekends include donuts at some point.
The weather here in Ohio was ridiculously nice and we definitely took advantage of it while it lasted. It was in the high 50s on Saturday so we headed out to a part of town we don't typically visit. I had a few returns to do that I'd been putting off for weeeeeeks. Does anyone else hate returning things? I dread it just as much as I dread getting an oil change. So I took a deep breath and tackled the car stuff AND the returning stuff all in one day. I'm such a grown-up, I know.

After the errands, we explored the area we were in. Shopped in lots of stores we don't have near us and ate a nice dinner out at a steakhouse- yum! Plus, there was a bookstore next door that we couldn't resist visiting. Their bargain book section was incredibly tempting, but with the decluttering we've been doing lately I had to tell myself no to purchasing. Instead, I just took detailed notes for a future library trip.

Speaking of decluttering- we also donated two large boxes of stuff over the weekend and threw away two large trash bags of junk. It's both sad and amazing that we continue to find things to get rid of in our house but it's been a fun challenge to see what we can get rid of each week. I'll be reporting more on that tomorrow :)

And last- but certainly not least... Congratulations to the winner of the Valentine's Day planner pack- Lisa!! Thank you to everyone who entered and those who continue to support our Etsy shop.