Best. Week. Ever.

My heart is absolutely running over with joy this week, I can't even begin to explain it. Thank you everyone for all your congratulatory messages- we are just so happy with the news of a healthy little boy. Jared and I are both pretty much still on a high from that Monday appointment. I can't tell you the amount of times we've said "boy" or "little man" this week- an obnoxious amount I'm sure ;) This week has just been so special for us and now I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my guy(s) as well!

Also this week, I'm reminded of how many sweet friends I have- near and far. Becky sent me an e-gift card to Zulily since she knows I've been chomping at the bit to buy some baby stuff. I am carefully stalking now and deciding what adorable stuff I wanna buy first. Allison and I also met up for dinner this week and it was SO good to catch up. I find myself still referring to her as my 'blog friend' but in reality she is definitely my real-life friend :) Throwback to our first time meeting, THREE years ago!

Jared and I have our last vacation as a twosome booked and we are now counting down the days. Initially we thought about going out west, but the idea of a BIG trip with lots of stops, flights, not to mention how pricey it was getting overwhelmed me a little. We ultimately decided that a relaxing week somewhere together would be more ideal so we're going back to our favorite beach on Hilton Head Island and including a day or two in Savannah, GA as well. A week away near the water sounds perfect!

There's a lot going on at work for both of us, that normally would be causing a lot more stress but the news of our little boy has carried us through this week. :) Now let's bring on a weekend of fun and maybeeee a start on this nursery! Happy Friday!

20 weeks: It's A...

I am somehow halfway through this pregnancy which completely blows my mind. I seriously have felt so great overall and have little to no complaints thus far. Okay, Okay- I know you all just want the details. Yesterday's appointment went AMAZING and we found out we're having...
A BOY!! :) :) :)

We were going to be shocked either way but hearing those actual words made everything so real and even more exciting. We had the best ultrasound tech ever, she really took her time with us, gave us TONS of photos and shared in our excitement as well. Linda- you rock!

I had a lot of nerves going into the appointment. Everyone has been asking me if I've felt the little one move yet and since I haven't, it was making me nervous. Luckily my doctor said everything looks absolutely perfect and we got to see that little baby wiggling around on the ultrasound. There have been a few times I thought maybe I felt a flutter or something- but as soon as I'd think it, it would be over. Hoping to feel those real little kicks and jabs soon!

After Jared and I found out we got breakfast at IHOP and basically smiled through the entire meal... Also, this might be my new favorite photo of this stud ;) Proud dad already!

We went to Target and picked out our first OFFICIAL outfit for our little guy. It was hard not to buy everything in sight! We grabbed a couple things and put a cute outfit in a gift bag to tell our parents with that afternoon. It was so, SO much fun spreading the news with family near and far. We were able to snap photos of the people we told in person.

I think I'll be on cloud nine for a little while longer and then- it's on to project nursery! :)

Valentine's Day {Giveaway}

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm off work today finding out the gender of our baby and then celebrating the news with Jared :) As long as all goes well and baby cooperates, I'll probably be able to spill the beans to the blog world tomorrow and I just cannot wait. I've been really anxious about this appointment since our last ultrasound was at 8 weeks which is essentially a lifetime ago. Just hoping for positive, healthy news and finally knowing if this is a he/she we're so excited about!

However, I couldn't leave you guys hanging today so I wanted to celebrate that it's practically February and that means Valentine's Day!! My Etsy shop partner Amy and I have appreciated all the support from awesome blog readers and we wanted to give you a chance to win some fresh new goodies.

You'll get the stickers from our Valentine's day kit, some adorable pads of paper, sticky notes, festive washi (seriously- can I keep that?!) PLUS a $20 credit to use in our shop. FYI Amy is returning from vacation and will reopen the shop tonight at 7pm CST so get those entries in and you'll be able to shop again very soon ;) Thanks again for all your support of our little venture! 

Enter now through this Friday, January 29th. Winner announced February 1st!!

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Boy or Girl?

Happy Friday everyone!! Since I had off on Monday the week absolutely flew by, which was nice. Off-season projects just don't do it for me right now. It's an adjustment period at work but I did have my annual review this week that went well and I got a small raise, so cheers to that!

This coming Monday will probably be one of my favorite Monday's of all time. Jared and I get to find out if we're having a boy or girl!!! ACK! This date has been on the calendar for weeks and weeks so the fact that it's finally here is causing me to lose my mind. We are so excited to find out what this little one is. So many people ask me what I think we're having and I honestly don't know. I can picture us with both and the only dream I've had about the baby didn't tell me anything about the gender. (Although, said dream was SUPER weird and that might be a post for a later date.)

I figured I'd let you all weigh in and make your final guesses. Let's look at the silly ole' wives tales everyone talks about and see where I fit in, shall we?

Chinese Gender Chart
According to this chart, it'll be a GIRL!

The Mayans/Even & Odd - BOY
If your age and year of conception are both even or odd, it's a girl. One of each means a boy.

Heartbeat - GIRL
If the heartbeat is over 140+ beats per minute, that points to girl. 140 or less means boy. My baby's heart rate has been in the high 150s each time so far!

Skin/Beauty - GIRL
If you're breaking out a lot, expect a little girl as they say she's "stealing your beauty." The first trimester I broke out a lot, yuck! My face has calmed down since then but I'd still say this points to a girl.

Morning Sickness - BOY
Sickness tends to mean it's a girl, but little to none means boy. I feel super fortunate that I haven't had any. Sure, I didn't always feel awesome that first trimester but it definitely was nothing extreme or crazy.

Cravings - GIRL
Salty stuff means boy, sweets equal girl. I haven't had any strong cravings but I definitely lean sweet more than salty. Typically my favorite snack has always been pretzels but I've had no interest in eating those and more interest in loading up on fruit.

Mood Swings - BOY
If you're experiencing lots of mood swings it's a girl. I asked Jared to confirm on this one and he says no mood swings (for the most part!) He actually commented how he was glad that I haven't "acted too crazy so far" Aww- thanks, J! ;)

A few other wives tales I didn't feel like I could give a solid answer for. One is based on the way your belly looks/you're carrying but honestly I am just barely showing so I can't say high/low or whatever else. Same with the side you like to sleep on being an indicator. I'm pretty much a wild sleeper these days and change positions 100 times so no go there.

Finally tally is 4 for girl and 3 for boy. Obviously these are all just for fun, but make your guess! ;) After we tell our family next week I'll be able to shout it from the rooftops!

Terrific Tuesday

It's always good to take the time and recognize the small things that add up to big things in our lives. The little things that make us smile, the silly happenings of a week or just a good meal we enjoyed recently. With the stress I've been under as of late, I definitely haven't taken the time to appreciate things like I should have but we're changing that today. There are so many terrific things going on in life even when we don't see them at first glance. Things like:

Random gifts from sweet blog friends. Emily sent me a gift for no stinkin' reason other than she's got a big heart. Plus she knows the way to mine. A cute journal, fun pencils and even a cute little surprise for Baby M! Blog friends rock.

The best crockpot soup ever. I made a few changes to this recipe if you're interested (no chili beans; added a diced yellow onion and a couple diced bell peppers; I don't shred the chicken at the end, I just cube it before adding it to the crockpot.) I LOVE that this is a hearty meal with protein, veggies and a healthy carb. It tastes even better as leftovers :) 

Our treadmill! We ultimately decided that the gym is becoming less and less convenient for us and knowing that come June there will be even less time/motivation to get there, we invested in a treadmill for our house! It's so much easier to pop outta' bed and get a quick workout in, or watch a TV show (or three...) in the evening while getting in some cardio. No excuses now!

My guy. As always, hanging with Jared is my favorite part of the day every single day. I love coming home to him and whether we're pursuing dreams together or just curling up with a good Disney movie- there is no other person I'd rather spend my days with. And just for fun, a throwback photo to us in January 2008- EIGHT January's ago?!! Time flies.


Hey, world. Remember me? The girl that sometimes blogs around here... and sometimes doesn't? Most of last week I unplugged from the blog world and even unplugged somewhat from a lot of social media/technology world too. It was much needed. Every year when football ends for me, whenever that happens to fall, I have such mixed emotions. The hours are long and grueling for a few months and it's like all the noise and chaos just gets to me, without me realizing it. So when the season is over- my mind can finally be my own again. My mind can think about things that have been put aside for long periods of time, my mind can start adjusting to the off-season. It may not make sense but hey- it's where I'm at on things and the week of being a total introvert did me some good. I hope ;)

All that to say, I feel refreshed and ready to tackle big things in the coming weeks and months. I've got a lot on my plate still, with some big challenges and happenings right around the corner but for now I'm in a good place. A place that involves catching up with friends, date nights, tackling house projects and everything in between :)

Friday night Lacey and I had a pregnant chick slumber party at her place. Her hubby was out of town so we spent the whole night catching up, eating and talking all things baby related. It's the best thing in the world being pregnant the same time as your closest friend! We are both first timers at this so we can discuss anything and everything, laugh at ourselves and figure it out together as we go along. Lacey is due 5 weeks before me and I love thinking about our kiddos growing up together!
This is what girls night looks like these days :)

Saturday I came home to discover that Jared had taken multiple loads of our junk to donate, including some old pieces of furniture we'd been meaning to get rid of for months. He got the old dresser out of what will be the baby's room and now I feel like I can finally visualize what we have space for in there! It was a nice welcome home, for sure so I treated that guy to dinner out on the town and we watched AntMan together. Jared had seen it in theaters but I hadn't yet- I loved it though! Paul Rudd is great.

This week will hopefully bring productivity, good news and maybe even an actual workout routine again. No guarantees on any of those things though ;)

Goals for January

I think monthly goal posts are my favorite. To both write and read- so if you've posted yours let me know! They keep me focused and it feels like I accomplish things monthly- instead of just having a year long goal I hope to meet. I'm going to keep up with them the best I can, and also add a few "baby related goals" each month too so I stay on track.

- Get rid of something every day
Stephanie blogged about a challenge where you get rid of one thing on day one, two things on day two, etc. for the entire month of January. I love the idea of it but know I'm too busy/lazy to keep up with the proper amount each day. However, we have a big box ready to donate that I want to add something to every day this month OR throw away things every day. Some days I might find 10 things to donate, other days I might just throw away a bunch of old junk mail that needs to go. 

- Finish and order our Disney photobook
I finally finished and ordered my 2013 book from Shutterfly in December, and now I'm starting on an all-Disney book. Since we traveled there in 2013 and 2014 I figured it should get it's own book. Man, going through the Disney photos does not help me though... I miss that magical place! :)

- Push myself to stay active
I've had a Fitbit for a couple of years now and love using it. It's been SUCH a good reminder to get up more often from my desk job, to take breaks, etc- but as always, football season gets the best of me and I haven't made as much time for fitness over the past couple of months. My goal is to get my average back up to 8,500 steps each day. I also got an exercise ball to use as my chair for work which I'm excited about. Little changes add up!

-Go on a fun/unique date with Jared. Let's be honest, the past couple of months Jared and I have spent a lot of time in comfy clothes with Netflix on. Now that some of the craziness is past and now that I'm feeling great I want to get out and do more fun things this month. Maybe a musuem we've never visited, a restaurant we've been meaning to go back to forever, anything at all! Just excited about dating my guy this month :) 

Baby Related Goals:
- Buy a crib. My grandma so generously offered to purchase it for us so we just need to pick it out. 
- Find out if we're having a boy or girl!!! I am counting.down.the.seconds. people!
- Start brainstorming some nursery ideas. Right now we don't have any clear ideas of what we want to do yet, but I know once we know what we've having we can start gathering ideas and get the ball rolling.
-Start writing in our baby book. Jared got me an awesome one for Christmas and I need to start filling it in before I forget anything :)

So what's on your to-do list for the month??


What better way to ease back into blogging than by linking up with Anne and Jenna? I always love their link-up but haven't planned ahead for it in awhile but that changes today! It's one of my favorite link-ups because you get a small snapshot into everyone's world and I always find new bloggers each time, too!

So currently, I'm:

RESOLVING: To keep up with monthly goals! Instead of doing year-long resolutions I enjoy making shorter-term goals each month. I feel like they keep me on track more and are easier to stay focused on and make adjustments as needed. I'll be posting more about my goals for January this week, for any who are interested :) 

READING: The Baby Cheapskate. Jared got me this book for Christmas and I'm more than halfway through it already- with notes and post-it's just about everywhere. It's all about saving money, stock-up prices and also a reminder that this tiny human does not HAVE to be as expensive as everyone says.

ORGANIZING: A lot of things. Now that Christmas is all packed away we are tackling more decluttering and purging- like the rest of the world ;) My first focus has been our closet and dressers since we will likely be swapping some furniture around in the coming months. I want to make sure everything that goes back into those closets and drawers deserves a spot.

LOVING: Working on our Etsy shop. Amy and I are having a lot of fun with it and the creative outlet is just what I need some days. If anyone has requests on what they'd like to see in our shop soon- speak up, don't be shy!

CRAVING: Nothing in particular, much to Jared's dismay. He is awaiting the day I ask him to run out for milkshakes at midnight... so far, no go! ;) I do have a big appetite these days which is awesome- just about everything sounds good to me except chicken and brace yourselves- mexican food. I know, it's weird.

So there's my little life update in quick hits. With a home playoff game this weekend work is MADNESS- but I'm hanging on for dear life. Looking forward to catching up with so many of you soon and seeing how 2016 is starting for you. :)

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone!! Over the holidays I took a step back from the blog world and a lot of the social media world as well. I hadn't originally planned to do that, but it happened naturally and I'm totally okay with that. I spent time with Jared, our families, our extended families and a few friends as well. Despite the chaos at this time of year, we found plenty of ways to celebrate the holiday season.

I probably felt a little extra sentimental this year, thinking about our last Christmas as just us, and how different things will be next year during the holidays. Jared and I talk about how we know we can't possibly understand what we're in for- but we can't wait! I am so ready to journey into parenthood with my best friend. He's going to make the best dad, seriously. Oh my gosh- we're having a BABY this year!

Our New Year's Eve was low-key as usual. We continued the tradition of dinner at Benihana's with my parents and then spent the evening playing games with Caleb and Kayla. With the whirlwind of holidays and football it was honestly the perfect way to ring in a new year together.
I'm looking forward to this new year and this new start, as always. Real Simple magazine's January edition has already got me decluttering and purging like a boss. No closet or corner is safe! Bring it on 2016, I am READY for you and ready to get back into the swing of things :)