Hope for 2017

I hope 2017 is a year where...

...I laugh more. Multiple times a day if possible.

...I make plans with friends on a regular basis, even if we have to schedule them a month ahead of time.

...Maybe I make some new friends. I'd love to be in some type of moms group in the coming year.

...I take the time to print more photos and send them to family near and far. I don't share a TON of pics of T on the internet, so I know a package of adorable pictures in the mail just might make someone's day.

...Health and fitness are priorities for me, always. None of this up and down, back and forth stuff.

...I get into a daily routine at home. Since quitting my full-time job I've really struggled with time management; I thrive on routine and lists and need that order back in my life.

...I actually do something new/fun/drastic with my hair.

...Jared and I decide if we're going to continue going to our church or find a new one. Church shopping is tough but we want to find that place that feels like "home" to us and our growing family.

...I continue to learn how to be a mom and try to be the best one I can.

...I'm quicker to pick a book and slower to turn on the TV.

...Jared and I continue to work on dreams and goals and don't give up on them. You're never too old for a dream, right? :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend. Can't wait to "see" you all on the blog in 2017. Here's hoping it's the best year yet. Happy New Year, friends!

Goodbye, 2016.

I always love writing a year-end post on my blog every December. I never feel more excited or more hopeful than I do in those few days leading up to January 1. This year has been good to me and good to our family. It's been a whirlwind at times and challenging at times, but 2016 is a year I'll never forget, that's for sure. Today I wanted to look back at just a few snippets from the last twelve months.

January- The month we found out we were having a baby BOY. I'll never forget that day or how real the pregnancy seemed all of a sudden.

February- Jared and I got a rare opportunity to check out the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. It was something we did on a whim and I'm so glad we did it.

March- Our last vacation as a twosome! We visited Savannah for a day and a half and then went to Hilton Head Island for the rest of the week. It was the best, most relaxing vacation ever and I'll cherish that time with Jared forever.

April- Got to celebrate our sweet baby boy at not just one, but two baby showers from both sides of our family. I wish I could go back and relive both of those days, they were so special and so fun.

May- We had a baby! Even though we were expecting him in June ;) And Jared and I celebrated our 5th anniversary in the hospital, haha. What a memory!

June- I don't remember June ;) Just kidding... sorta. But it was definitely a chaotic month of sleeping in 2-3 hour increments, constantly changing diapers and me just trying to recover from having a c-section.

July- Definitely still in the crazy newborn stage, but Jared and I slowlyyy were able to get longer stretches of sleep and we were settling into our new normal, as crazy as it still was. We had a fun Christmas in July date-night-in, too.

August- After the birth of our son, this month brought the biggest life change ever for us. I decided to quit my job and stay home full-time. It was such an emotional decision but I'm so thankful to be home with T right now.

September- Got a much needed girls night for the first time since T was born. We also celebrated my dad's 60th birthday and his 80-pound-weight-loss-- I'm still SO proud that he did that.

October- Bring on the fall and fun! We had fun going to the pumpkin patch with our little guy for the first time, and dressing him up as the cutest pumpkin ever for Halloween.

November- Another girls night out, this time to a painting class. Celebrated Jared's birthday. And of course way too much fun and Thanksgiving celebrating.

December- Here we are! It's been a month full of Christmas fun and as cliche as it might be to say, I am so SO thankful for the blessings in my life. This year has brought Jared and I so much joy. This year has strengthened our marriage because we have faced so many new things together. I feel closer to Jared than ever and I love, love LOVE our life. That's not to say that there haven't been challenges and changes that rocked our world (hello, I quit my job to be a SAHM and we are learning to be parents together!) but I have grown so much this year. 2016, you will be near and dear to my heart forever!

A Good Holiday

I'm not one of those people who is bummed when Christmas is over. I love Christmas and I soak in all the festiveness I can, but when December 26th rolls around? I am ready to take the decorations down and get ready for the new year. I'm ready for decluttering, new goals and high hopes for the coming year. That said, we had a pretty darn good Christmas. It was absolutely exhausting for all of us, T especially, but it was so great introducing him to the wonders of this time of year. 

T did well with the long car rides, the wayyy too late nights and even the missed naps but it's definitely taking him a few days to recover. Poor little buddy has been sleeping SO much, he just looks worn out. Anyone else feel guilty dragging their kids all over creation for the holidays? =\ I'm sure it doesn't help that he is trying sooo hard to get those teeth to come in. Can't wait for those suckers to pop through already! But the craziness of it all was worth it and I love to see everyone loving on him, especially great-grandparents. WHAT a blessing it is to have them in his life.
T with his great-grandpa Pappy! :)

It's been a good couple of weeks. Seeing my people and laughing a lot. I've eaten entirely too much fudge and watched countless movies this holiday season. I've also been bad about taking pictures of anything other than T- haha, but I guess that's to be expected. This is the only picture of the 3 of us that we snagged all weekend... Christmas Day and T had already spit up on one outfit and was getting too hot in the other one so white onesie it was. #reallife

I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends over the past few days. Looking forward to stalking all of your photos and updates! I know this time of year blog word goes on somewhat of a hiatus but I have a few more posts this week I'm pumped to share. Cheers!

Christmas Time Thoughts

The week of Christmas! What a magical time it can be. Exhausting and chaotic at times, but still magical in ways big and small. I know this weekend's celebrations will be here and gone in no time so I'm looking to all the little moments that have happened this week that I want to remember. Christmas time really makes you reflect and think, especially leading up to the new year.

I finally took T down to the stadium to meet everyone and to show him off this week. Took me long enough, right? It just always felt like such a hassle or an inconvenient time. We don't exactly live right down the street either- it's a decent little drive. But oh, it was so fun to take him in. He smiled and bounced and let everyone hold him without so much as a peep. While I certainly don't miss the insane hours, I miss the people there and probably took it for granted how many great people I worked with. Needless to say, it was nice to see everyone (Hi, Anna!) and to be welcomed with open arms.

Speaking of T, this has been my favorite month with him so far. It just keeps getting more and more fun. I'll probably write a more detailed post about mom life sometime next week because things are changing a lot around here! Even though he won't remember a second of it, I'm looking forward to Christmas morning with him. It's going to be so awesome to have our little buddy joining us for early morning presents in the cutest pj's ever.

Jared and I both feel that we don't give back enough and hope to change that in 2017. We always do some year-end giving though and every December it reminds me that we should do more of it. I don't say this as a pat on our own backs or anything of that sort, but just as a reminder that it feels awesome to bless others, no matter if you do it monetarily or with your time/talents. I long for the day that our mortgage is paid off and we are truly 100% debt free and can give, give, GIVE even more abundantly to others. More to come from Sallie & Perkins in 2017!!

I guess I'm a little all over the place this week. Just reflecting on a lot of things as Christmas approaches. Life is good right now and I don't want to take one second of it for granted. This year has been so different and probably the most defining year of my life but I can't imagine it being any other way. What's on your mind this week??

Christmas-Filled Weekend

It's only December 19th but I've already had 2 Christmas celebrations this year! I've said it, but I'll say it again... where is time going!? It's all I can do to hold on and embrace this holiday season. I'm looking forward to this short work week (for Jared) and lots of celebrating this weekend with both sides of my family. And then? Oh, I hope for some serious downtime and rest going into the new year. I need a fresh start for sure and I'm already excited for the new year.

Friday night Jared and I snuck away for a third time since T's been born. I get so anxious leaving him even though I know everything will be fine. Jared makes fun of me for not wanting to leave him, especially since every time we've left we've put him to bed for the night already... but it's hard! The time with Jared is always so wonderful once we're out, so I'm working on getting better about scheduling some date nights in the future. We went to Awaited, the Christmas production we see every year at a local church. We met up with Jared's cousin and her boyfriend and enjoyed a festive evening together. I think this is our 8th year seeing this play!

Saturday Jared and I both took turns doing some last minute shopping for each other and running a few errands. Somehow, no matter how much I plan, I end up out and about the Saturday before Christmas and holy moly, I DON'T KNOW WHY!? Way too many people, too much traffic and too much chaos for my liking. But I got the last of things I needed for Jared's stocking and I think I'm all set now. That night we watched yet another Christmas movie while we wrapped gifts.

And yesterday wrapped up with family Christmas at my in-laws house. I ate entirely too much peanut butter fudge and I'm not even ashamed about that. We exchanged gifts and I got some super fun stuff I'm pretty excited about- including new sheets. These are the things that we ask for at 30, right?! ;) T was a trooper, even though he's still teething like crazy (Can we pleeeease get a tooth or two by Christmas?!) and didn't nap like normal. I love my little family so much!

11 Days

Can we talk about how there are only ELEVEN days until Christmas folks?! It has completely snuck up on me... even though I always knew it was coming! In fun, holiday spirit today-- I give you the 11 days of Christmas! (Yes, I should have posted this yesterday and it could have been 12 but... messed that one up!)

11- Attempts at a Christmas card picture. Let's just say, it wasn't our best card this year- but hopefully our cute kid makes up for it.

10- Thousand steps a day I'm aiming to get every day for the rest of this month. I don't want to start the new year feeling like I'm slacked off all holiday season so I'm trying to stick with it! Also, I might be signing up for another half-marathon.... what!?

9- Number of "Baby's 1st Christmas" ornaments I am trying to decide between. This decision should not be this difficult, but it's taking me entirely too long to choose.

8- Varieties of baked goods that are tempting me every.single.day right now.

7- Candles that we have on constant rotation in our house. We've stocked up in the past couple of years so we have a huge variety of seasonal scents that I can't get enough of.

6- Number of Amazon Prime packages that are still on their way to our house. We thought we were so ahead of the game, but WHOOPS we still had some shopping to do.

5- Average hours of sleep I'm getting per night right now. I stay up too late, and my baby is teething sooo...

4- Christmas movies that are still must watches for me this year that we haven't seen yet:  Jingle All The Way, The Grinch (with Jim Carey!), Claymation Christmas and The Holiday.

3- Number of gifts we bought for T this year. He literally needs NOTHING and will remember NOTHING so we got him practical items that he'll actually need in the coming months.

2- Boys that I'm going to kiss under the mistletoe this year. That's Jared and T, for anyone wondering ;)

1- Goal for this holiday season is just to soak it all in. It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle but the holidays are all about family and time together, and that's what I want to focus on.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Between the shopping, the baking, the Christmas movies and a holiday party it was quite the festive few days over here. Friday night after we put our grumpy baby to bed (#teethingprobz) Jared and I made the most of a date night in starting with a few rounds of our on-going rummy game. In case you haven't heard me mention it, we're playing one continuous game and tallying it until someone gets to one million points. Sitting by the the tree with tunes on the record player apparently threw me off my game though because Jared dominated. Thank goodness we still have a long way to go.

That same night I chose It's a Wonderful Life for our movie and was super stoked to watch it because I felt like it had been a few years since I had. So IMAGINE MY SURPRISE when about 20 minutes into the movie Jared tells me HE'S NEVER SEEN IT. What?! I legitimately had to pause the movie and question him, his childhood and his life motives for a few minutes. Once I got over the shock, we continued and Jared ended up absolutely loving the movie. I mean, how could you not?

Saturday I baked all day long with my sister-in-law and her aunt and grandma. This is the third year they've hosted a baking day now and I'm happy to be included in this little tradition. All the treats turned out dangerously good so if you'd like to come help me eat them please feel free. Otherwise I will eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner over the next week!

To round out my weekend, I attended a small get together at the home of the photographers I'm now working for part-time. They invited the team over and I was thrilled to be included, considering I've only worked for them for a couple of months. We enjoyed snacks, more delicious cookies and easy conversation. It's truly a blessing to have this job and I'm excited about the long-term potential as well. They are good people with good hearts and I feel fortunate to be part of their business and their vision.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend full of holiday cheer!

Traditions Old & New

I love hearing about other family traditions and learning what makes this time of year special for other people. Sure, we're all decorating our trees and watching holiday movies- but the unique little things that people love year after year are so special. Jared and I have been making new traditions together each year we've been married and I know we'll continually add to them as our family grows. Chelsea recently shared her family traditions and inspired this post :) So today's post is about traditions old and new!

Growing up my sister and I convinced my parents to let us open presents on Christmas Eve EVE one year and it just stuck. It actually made sense at the time... my dad was always working late on Christmas Eve and then we were rushing off to one Grandma's house that night and another Grandma's house the next day which didn't leave a lot of time for our immediate family to exchange gifts. So every year on December 23rd we got to open gifts from my parents and we'd just save our stockings for Christmas morning. My sister and I thought it was SO awesome to spread out Christmas for an additional day.

Since Jared and I got married we've started many of our own traditions. Every year we put up our Christmas tree and decor immediately after Thanksgiving (okay- except this year we jumped the gun and did it early hehe) and fill the whole weekend with festivities. We waste no time busting out the Christmas movies and Christmas pjs. Most years we see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and we always try to squeeze in a trip to our zoo's festival of lights as well- no matter how cold it is ;) And finally, we make it to a local church's huuuuge Christmas production every year without fail! Bonus points for it being a FREE show.

Now that we have T, I know Jared and I will want to add new family traditions with him- especially as he gets older. Even though he won't remember a second of this holiday season, I cannot wait to snuggle him up on Christmas morning while we open gifts in front of our tree and eat waffles. Well, Jared and I will be the ones eating waffles... still milk and purees for you kiddo ;) I love seeing him stare at our tree in amazement and can't wait for the day he'll be awake late enough to drive around and look at lights as a family. I look forward to a time when T's old enough to understand the importance of giving back and we can do something for a family or charity in need.

What traditions have you kept year after year? What new ones are you hoping to start with your family?

Currently {December Edition}

Joining in with Anne and her co-host Kellie for this month's edition of the Currently series! 

Doing- Too much online shopping. Not really too much, I guess, since everything I'm buying is a Christmas gift. It just feels like a lottttt all at once. I am just not someone who enjoys shopping all that much in general so if I can do it from my couch, you best believe I will! 

Enjoying- How festive and cozy our house feels. Those suuuper early mornings with T are a little bit easier when I come downstairs and our tree is glowing over in the corner. Because yes, I typically leave it on all night and day, 24/7. You only get a month of it after all.

Cooking- Jared and I are on a spaghetti squash kick lately and have been making it a variety of ways. It's nice that it's so versatile and that you can add meat to your recipes or it can be a great meatless option too. Anyone have a favorite way to prepare spaghetti squash that they'd like to share? We are always looking for new ideas.

Wrapping- Nothing yet! I am excited that we stocked up on paper, gift bags and bows after Christmas last year though. I saved money and it was a fun little surprise to get them out of the storage bins this month.

Playing- Sudoku on my tablet (Grandma status) and lots of repetitive "games" with T each day. It's both amusing and boring that he loves to hear/see/do the same things over and over again. He's very into clapping hands (with my help of course) and playing peek-a-boo these days. Ahh, the simple life of a baby.

What are you currently doing??

I Didn't Leave My House This Weekend

If that title isn't enough to draw blog readers from near or far I don't know what it?! ;) This weekend was all about recovering in our household. In the past week all three of us have gotten nasty colds that have lingered far longer than I'd hoped. Having a sick baby is pretty miserable, but having a sick baby while you're sick yourself? Woof. It's been an ugly, germy week over here that's for sure. Luckily, we're past the worst of it but it'll be a good day when we can stop using the NoseFrida. Y'all... that thing is disgusting but absolutely necessary. And as if that wasn't enough, T also had his 6-month check up on Friday but thankfully his post-shots tears were short lived. And our chunker is officially over 18 pounds. I better have some amazing biceps forming...

Since we were pretty much stuck at home for the weekend, Jared and I continued on with our old person status and started a new Christmas puzzle. White Mountain brand has SO many great puzzles, in case any other nerds are looking for some new ones. We always get ours on Amazon. Even though we didn't feel well and went to bed mega-early, it was relaxing to puzzle and listen to some Christmas tunes. My brother-in-law got us the Elf soundtrack on vinyl and we're pretty obsessed. I mean, anything Elf related is obviously awesome right? Unless you're an Elf on the Shelf. No, no, no. Doesn't that just take way too much work and effort people?! Just say no!! ;)

I'm trying to resist buying ALL THE THINGS for T's first Christmas. He will literally remember none of it. But of course it's special for Jared and I more than anything ;) We bought him some cute outfits to rock in the coming weeks and I'm still trying to pick out the perfect "1st Christmas" ornament for him. As a kid I always got an ornament every year from my parents and we want to start that tradition with T. I think this year I want to go with something really simple and classic like this one or this one. There will be plenty of years for fun character/hobby ornaments as he grows up.

In other randomness, I am also on the hunt for a cute, but affordable holiday dress for Jared's upcoming work party. My closet is lacking these days, especially in the dress department. I just don't have any! Now would be a great time to have friends nearby who wore the same size and would just open up their closet to me. I don't have a need for dressing up too much these days but I suppose having a nice little black dress would be a good investment. We'll see what I come up with... 

Last thing! Thanks to everyone who entered my LuLaRoe leggings giveaway and thanks again to Jen for collaborating with me and my readers. The lucky winner is TABITHA! I'll be emailing you soon to coordinate the shipping of your item :)

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Uncommon Gift Ideas

I didn't say it yesterday so let me just say it today... HOW IS IT DECEMBER?! 2016 has been the fastest year of my life by far and Christmas is seriously sneaking up on me. Jared and I have actually done a good amount of our shopping already but there are still a few tough-to-buy-for people on our list. Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite places to shop so I was pretty pumped when they asked me to collaborate with them today and talk about some of my favorite Christmas gift ideas this year.

Some of the guys in my family are the absolute toughest ones to buy for, but I can always find something unique and fun for them from Uncommon Goods- they have a great selection of items for men. My brother-in-law is super into hot sauces and loves trying different ones everywhere he goes- so we are definitely getting him this "make your own hot sauce kit" How fun is this!?
Hot Sauce Kit
It's a running joke that we get both of our dads something from UG every single year- but it's the truth! They just have so many dad-ish gifts that I swear there is something for everyone's pops. Both of our dads are sports fanatics so some of our top choices this year include some football-themed books and for Jared's dad who works in aviation- this flight tie. I mean, where else would you find a unique tie like this? I'm telling you, Uncommon Goods has the best stuff.
Book  //  Book  //  Tie

And of course there are tons of goodies for your mom, sister and bestie. But since most of those people read my blog I can't divulge too many things I'm loving on the site ;) However, this journal is a great gift idea for anyone and they have an awesome jewelry collection too. I've been wanting some piece of jewelry with T's initials or birthstone on it and there are some serious contenders from Uncommon Goods. And this necklace below might just be the cutest necklace of all time. An elephants with her little "peanuts" Yeah, I need it.
Journal  //  Necklace

So hopefully I gave some of you a few new ideas for gifts- or at least somewhere new to look for gifts. Even if my picks aren't up your alley, I promise you can waste a lot of time on their site looking for stuff for your people and you WILL find a dozen things you want to buy! Something else that is pretty cool about Uncommon Goods is that they are all about protecting the environment and you can feel good knowing that you're buying from a company with high standards. About one-third of their products are made of recycled/upcycled materials too! Win, win!

There are so many great ideas that I might just need to start buying for MORE people this year so I have a reason to keep shopping ;) Happy Friday, and happy shopping everyone!

*I was compensated for writing/sharing this post, but I picked out all the awesome items to share and opinions are that of my own.

And That's Life {Volume 3}

I'm making this post a once-a-month kinda thing around here, I think. Seeing as this is my third time writing it in this format, I think it qualifies as a "thing" right? I love any type of post that is in some type of list or organized format... my cluttered brain needs all the order I can get these days!

Football Life: In case you have not been paying attention to the NFL this year... my Bengals STINK. Oh, my goodness are they having a rough season. My (former) boss and I continue to stay in touch and after last week's loss he emailed me to say that apparently my absence in the office had a bigger impact on the team than he realized it would- haha. At this point, can we just skip ahead to the draft in April? Whew. 

Home Life: Our home is Christmas'd up and has been for a couple weeks now. With all the decluttering we've done in 2016 it was fun to decorate since our furniture and overall home layout are a lot different than they were last holiday season. We even donated some of our Christmas decor because we honestly just had too much. I'm addicted to getting rid of things, like, for real. If it's not nailed down watch out ;)

Health/Fitness Life: Jared and I completed two back-to-back DietBets in the past few months and it was definitely what I needed to get headed in the right direction. I'm working out more and more and it feels good to break a sweat a few times a week. I've been doing a lot of walking on the treadmill and recently I've started some barre3 videos via YouTube which I love. We have been using our juicer like crazy and I plan to write a full post soon on our favorite combinations.

Mom Life: I have a SIX MONTH OLD. T is getting more and more fun every day it seems. Jared and I know just what to do/say that gets him giggling; his legs are getting so strong and he loves to "stand" with our help; he officially loves to sleep on his belly and does most nights- which scared me half to death when it first happened; still no teeth but they have to be close based on how much he chews/drools on everything; He's handling solids like a champ. He's had sweet potatoes, avocado, green beans, pears, apples and peas. All winners so far!

So that's life for now. What's going on with you all??
PS- Happy December!!

LuLaRoe Has Won Me Over + Giveaway!

Some of you might remember a few weeks back I mentioned that I really didn't "get" the whole LuLaRoe obsession that seemed to be taking over the internet. I thought okay they make leggings, what's the big deal?! People kept adding me to Facebook events/groups and then I saw they had other items like shirts and dresses, but I still didn't understand what the big deal was. I would see all these notifications and seriously I was like, "WHAT IS HAPPENING?!"

So when I mentioned it on here, I had a very sweet reader (Hi, Jen!) comment and tell me that she was a distributor of LLR and would be happy to chat with me about it. She explained it better to me and I finally could see where the fun was in this business. Each piece is only made in a limited amount, and the people who sell it don't know what they are getting each time they order more inventory. So it's always a surprise for them, and always a surprise/unique experience when people are shopping their items.
This infographic is a BIT old so the numbers are slightly different now, but it helps illustrate how unique the pieces are! :)

Jen SO graciously offered to send me some goodies in exchange for a blog review of them. She stressed multiple times that she wanted my honest feedback no matter what I ended up deciding about the clothes. Well, I decided that they are FABULOUS!!! When I first looked at the options she had, I wasn't sure I'd find something I loved. There seemed to be a lot of floral or wild patterns and those aren't typically what I would wear. Yet the solids seemed too "safe" for my first LLR... decisions, decisions. After some thought and some digging through Jen's Facebook albums of inventory- I found the pair for me.

They're a fun pattern with colors I love, but not so crazy that I feel like people would stop and stare at my leggings in public. ;) Jen happily found me a navy blue Irma top that I think looks great with them. The clothes are honestly SO comfortable and I like that the neck is high on the shirts. An absolute must for carting around a baby or toddler, if you ask me. The leggings are the perfect thickness that I like and the top is long so everything is covered in the back.

The sizing can be a little tricky to figure out at first, but I feel like most Facebook groups do a good job of explaining how they work. Just be sure to check out the charts for each item before you purchase. The prices scared me a little bit at first, but now that I see the great quality of the items I feel 100% okay with the cost. The leggings are all $25 but don't you spend that (or more!) on a pair of good pants from LOFT, Gap, J. Crew, etc? Totally worth the money you guys. You all know I'm not a big spender but LLR clothes are worth every penny- promise.

My wardrobe has been in such a funk since having a baby and LLR clothes make me feel comfy and stylish again. Moral of the story: Jen rocks. I loved collaborating with her and will certainly be purchasing from her in the future. If it wasn't so close to Christmas I probably would have already bought a whole new wardrobe from her.

Lucky for you, Jen is giving away a mystery pair of leggings to one of my readers! You pick the size, Jen picks the pattern and color.  Just enter below and I'll announce the winner on Monday, December 5th!

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We Party Hard

The level of exhaustion I feel this morning is not one I have felt in awhile. Holy moly did we celebrate over the past few days. Jared, T and I visited both sides of my family on Thanksgiving day, visited some of his family the day after that and then celebrated an early Christmas on Saturday with my immediate family. T hung in there like a champ for the most part which was such a relief. He struggled getting to sleep some since he was overly tired, but once he was out he was out for the night, like normal. I know I'm biased but seriously, I have the best baby, haha. I joke with Jared that we shouldn't have any more because there's no way a second baby will be this easy! ;)

I loved being at my Mamaw's house on Thanksgiving Day. While a little piece of my heart is always sad that my grandpa isn't here anymore, it's amazing to see our family grow each year, too. There are now 4 great-grandbabies and another one due any day now. I love seeing cousins and aunts love on my little guy and getting to love on their little ones right back. Between all the chaos and laughter there was plenty of food and fellowship with my family.

Since my sister and her family were in town, we celebrated Christmas and exchanged gifts with them while they were here. It was so fun getting to watch my little niece's excitement over all things Peppa Pig and hear how grown up she sounded! It blows my mind how fast kids change- she is so smart and funny! We enjoyed gifts, plenty of  m&m cookies and laughing at my mom's creative gift tags.
The last few days involved lots of driving around and lots of house hopping but it was all worth it. I love sharing our little boy with our family and it's so special having another member in our family this year. I can only imagine the next month will feel just as crazy, but just as special :)