What's Up Wednesday

A link-up with some fun prompts seems like the perfect way to blog this Wednesday. I read Shay's blog mainly for her recipes but I figured I'd join in the fun today with What's Up Wednesday.

What we're eating this week:
Lots and lots of salads! After some pretty junk-filled weeks Jared and I were ready for a bit of a reset so we've been loading up on greens and lots of fruit too. Looking forward to some new recipes next week, but for now the salads are rocking.

What I'm Reminiscing About:
The last visit with my niece. It went way too fast, as their visits normally do. However, I got to Skype with her cute face last weekend and I heard a very good "Aunt Erin!" so I'm happy with that :)

What I'm Loving:
How cozy our house feels right now. The candles lit, the fall decorations- I might like it even more than our Christmas decor. Shh, don't tell Jared!

What I've been up to:
Carving our pumpkins! We finished them Monday night and are proudly displaying them on the porch now- I'll show you what they are tomorrow! Hopefully they will last through Halloween. I sprayed the inside of them with a cleaner that contains bleach, I heard that helps preserve it. We'll see!

What I'm dreading:
Next week's home Thursday night game. I've had my downtime, I've enjoyed the away games and bye week all back to back to back, but now it's go time. A Thursday home game means working 9am until probably 11pm or later that night. And no coming in late the next day or anything either. Excuse me while I nap until that day. Whodey.

What I'm working on:
Lots of new stuff for my Etsy shop and installing blog designs left and right as well. Last week Helen and Sarah both got face-lifts! 

What I'm excited about:
So many things! A much-needed manicure on the agenda for tonight, a girls night scheduled for next weekend, thinking about vacation plans for next year, the list goes on!

What I'm watching/reading:
Not a lot in either category. Other than football games and a couple scary(ish) movies Jared convinced me to watch that's been about it. I have not picked up a book in quite some time BUT I am pretty thrilled to say I just got a Kindle Fire and will be loading it up with library rentals this weekend. My brain needs a place to wander and I can't wait to dive into some new books :)

What I'm listening to:
Adele's new song because she is amazing. And lots of Mumford and Sons station on Pandora.

What I'm wearing:
I mentioned last week that I'm in love with my new Loft leggings, although they call them 'ponte pants' so I think I'll be purchasing another color. Also, Steph recommended these pants from NY&Co and I snatched up a pair on sale as well. Another great choice! As you can see, my work wardrobe needed a little pick me up and both these pieces are helping.

What I'm doing this weekend:
Nothing at all Friday night (thank goodness- I need some downtime!), passing out candy to trick-or-treaters Saturday and watching my Bengals take on the Steelers Sunday. BIG GAME! Ready for some quality, fun time with my man.

What I'm looking forward to next month:
Jared turning 30 and Thanksgiving. I'm already dreaming of the desserts ;)

What else is new:
I think that should about sum things up. It's new that I've blogged three times this week, haha. What has gotten into me? :)

Link up with Shay if you want and uses the prompts below!


  1. Love this catch up on your life lady! :) So proud of your 3 posts this week - rockin it!

  2. I've been dragging my heels on pumpkin carving! I bought smaller ones this year and they're so cute as they are I might leave them.

  3. Your dining room table is so festive and fun!

    You know, people can hate on salads all they want, but sometimes you just crave a really good salad! Especially when you can put whatever the heck you want in there.

  4. We haven't carved our pumpkins yet but I love the idea of preserving them with a bleach spray! I will have to try that!!

  5. Umm hello link up! I love these prompts :) does she do this every week? I need to join in. So exited for our manicures tonight - I need some girl time! XO!!!!

  6. Love your fall decor! I have been meaning to get around to get more fall stuff this year but haven't done it yet. I may wait til it clearances out and just save it for next year and save money! Steph was talking those pants up to me too. I need to check them out! Sunday is a big game! I am confident we will still be friends when it is over :P

  7. This post was a great way to "catch up" - I like it! Now you've got me thinking about Thanksgiving food, and pie... yummmm... :)

  8. Oh I love NY&Co clothes, they just make great outfits. I loved this link up, so I stole it and used it myself, ha!

  9. The only pumpkin action I've got going on this year is that I got my finger slammed between one and a cart at work the other day, so I'm not actually too happy with them this year, haha.

  10. Lots of exciting stuff going on! My niece calls my husband Uncle Chris, but she can only manage Andrea for me. It is such a sad thing. I still love her anyway, but I'll be glad when she can put Aunt in front of there. FaceTime with them is my favorite!! And a massive WHO DEY for this weekend!!! I'll be running the NYC Marathon, but I'm gonna make my husband text me updates on the game!! :)

  11. I can't wait to see your pumpkins! I'm trying to hold out on carving mine so they last till Halloween, so hopefully I get to them Thursday night. We've been eating a lot of salads too which I feel is kind of weird for this time of year, but I'm loving it!

  12. Love LOFT, love NY&C, and love my Kindle Fire! Have a great day, Erin!

  13. I love reading these recaps of the month! And I must check out those leggings/pants from Loft!

  14. I'm totally in need of a manicure. My nails will get done tonight!

    I meant to check out those pants Steph posted too.

  15. i was very well behaved and did not buy those pants Steph posted about, but I wanted to. are they amazing?!

  16. I haven't read a book in forever (read: since I had a baby), but I started a reread of Little Women and am loving it! I can't wait to read it to R when she gets older :)

  17. All of the fall decorations and the candles are so awesome right now! Last weekend I actually bought some more Christmas decorations and I'm so excited about them that I'm debating about decorating before Christmas. This never happens for me!
    Enjoy your much needed downtime until the craziness of a Sunday and Thursday night home games!

  18. Every so often I get on salad kicks where I could just eat them all day everyday!

  19. Seriously...Loft leggings are the bomb.

    I need to eat more salads this week. Wayyyy too many sweets going on over here.

  20. We haven't carved pumpkins yet this year! We just haven't found the time. It's making me so sad.. we are running out haha!

  21. We still haven't carved our pumpkin, it's to warm her for that. We'll probably do it Friday night or Saturday so our pumpkin doesn't rot before the big day.

    I have Adele's new song on repeat, I cannot wait for the whole album to come out!

  22. Sooo dreaming of Thanksgiving food already. Give it alllllll to me. I am thinking of buying the Ponte pants when they are on sale, you think they are worth the sale price?

  23. I'm looking forward to some yummy apple pie for Thanksgiving! I love that stuff :)

  24. A manicure & a scheduled girls' night - that's great! You'll need that for sure.

    PS - I think that I like my Fall decorations better than my Christmas ones too. :)

  25. your house may be cozy but this whole post is cozy as well!!! How I yearn to have a dining room table to decorate!! I'm planning a low-key Friday night too, excited for it.

  26. I'm truly obsessed with the new Adele song - woke up with in my head lol! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  27. You are making me so excited for the holidays!!!!! And Jared turning 30...dun dun dun. He's about to join the cool kids club. Haha. And leggings labeled as pants...I'm all in. Haha.


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