Psst- 85 days!

I wanted to title this post "85 days until Christmas" but I was pretty sure the internet might shut down if someone mentioned that holiday in September, of all months ;) While I have gotten a jump on my shopping I am definitely not ready for that just yet. However, I've been meaning to share one more piece of our little trip to northern Ohio. Come to find out just a quick drive from downtown Cleveland was something totally random and different.

The Christmas Story movie house and museum! It was a fun stop and actually very interesting to hear the history of how it came to be. A guy bought the place on Ebay in 2004. Not just any guy- a huge fan of the movie who had started his own business  "The Red Rider Leg Lamp Company" which made replicas of the famous prop in the movie! Talk about a super-fan, haha!

My dad is about to "SHOOT HIS EYE OUT!!!!" 

He spent a ton of money restoring the house to make it look just like the movie and later bought the house across the street to make into a museum- which has actual props and costumes from the movie. Everything is interactive, they encourage you to pick up the props, take photos, etc. Our tour guide told us the owner made back all his money he'd invested within the first month of the house/museum opening. People love a good, cheesy Christmas movie! ;)

We spent a little over an hour seeing this, as it's a quick walk-through- but if you're in the area and/or a fan of the movie it's a fun, unique place to stop in. I always think movie memorabilia is fun and interesting- makes me wonder what other stuff is on display out there around the country that I'd like to go check out?! And now since I've got Christmas on the brain, I gotta' get shopping!

Sports & Food

I mean, the title of this blog post says it all. Those two things consumed my weekend and I'm not mad about it. Friday night involved dinner and dessert with my parents, grandparents, sister (& NIECE!) and other extended family members. I didn't take a single photo that night, or even think to since I was busy having fun and catching up. It's not very often we all are together so it was a fun evening- for the most part. The downside? Blowing my tire right in front of my grandparents house. How does that happen?! It was an embarrassing, frustrating 45 minute delay in the night- but thankfully Jared is a tire-changing pro and every other man in my family got to watch him and "help" ;)
Saturday night we had tickets with Jared's company to the Reds game that included food, hooray! It was an overcast day with some spotty showers mixed in, but it was still fun being downtown together and enjoying some baseball and tasty food. 

The Reds got creamed, but we really didn't care- baseball season is long over in our minds... Because hello?! 
It's football season and our Bengals are now 3-0. Talk about a crazy game yesterday, and a division game at that. I was hoarse at the end of it from yelling so much, whoops! My in-laws had us over for all kinds of delicious food and of course some puppy lovin' too.

Now excuse me while I try to keep my eyes open today. This girl needs a weekend to recover from her jam-packed weekend!

Fast Friday

I swear, Friday seems to get here faster and faster every week. One minute I'm dragging myself out the door on a Monday morning and then I blink twice, it's Friday and I'm left wondering what the heck I've accomplished in the last five days. That's football season for ya' I suppose. I've really been struggling lately to fit everything in and do everything that needs done. It seems when I get one area of my life together, another area is completely forgotten about. Does anyone know how to do it all? If so, please tell me. I need some time management guidance, big time!

But enough of that, it IS Friday after all and this weekend will be fun albeit a crazy one. My sister and niece are in town (hooray!) so we have a lot of various plans with them plus Jared and I will be hitting up one of the last Cincinnati Reds games of the year with his company outing. Not gonna' lie, I have long forgotten about baseball at this point of the year, but the free buffet is enough to get me excited to go ;)

I wanted to thank everyone again for their support of Plan in Color on it's opening week. It's a scary, exciting thing to open a small business but every time an order came through I'm pretty sure Amy and I each did a happy dance in our respective states. Even if planners/stickers aren't your thing (WHAT?!) I appreciate so many of you sharing our shop and putting our name into the hands of people that might enjoy our products. You all are AMAZING! We are going to be releasing a few new items each week so I hope you'll keep following along.
Left: Available Now; Middle: Releasing soon; Right: Sneak peak at November's colors!

My blog has definitely slacked in the last couple of months but I finally feel like I'm getting inspired again and getting back into the routine of posting more regularly. Like I said, I can't seem to get my life completely together all at once, so one thing is always suffering- lately it's been Love, Fun & Football. I'm trying to implement a better daily/weekly schedule for myself to juggle all the various parts of my life and hopefully I'll be back with lots of posts and fun soon. It's the best time of year after all, and that certainly inspires some posts!

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the first weekend of fall :) 

Fall Y'all!

Although today officially marks the start of fall, Ohio is definitely not quite there yet. The mornings are cool and crisp (which I love!) but we're still seeing temperatures in the 80's most days so the shorts and tshirts have yet to be put away. However, that doesn't mean I can't be sprucing up our home and making it feel like fall is here. It'll be here soon enough ;)

Jared and I have been looking up all the local festivals and 'fun on the farm' type of days going on around us and I'm excited to continue our little traditions together. I love that we do the same things together each year, and continue to add to them as well. I cherish these years/times of just Jared and I so much but I know it'll be a blast with our future family one day, too. Picking out our pumpkins and carving them together, drinking entirely too much apple cider and of course getting lost in a corn maze or two over the next couple of months are all on the agenda.

Football is obviously at the forefront of our fall activities, living and breathing NFL games from now until February, but we hope to get to a college game this year if we can as well. The past two years I've generously been given Ohio State Buckeye tickets but this year I may have to be talking to some ticket brokers if I want to see them play. #help

We also are working on coming up with our Halloween costumes for this year. If you've read this blog for any time at all, you'll know that we have an awesome party to go to every year and we love coming up with fun/creative costumes. If you want to check out some past costumes of ours, see here. I'm excited about this year and already counting down until the party! Last year we were both Disney-inspired and had so much fun.

So really, is there any better season than fall? I think not! Bring it on, Ohio! :) Thanks Pinky for hosting this fun link-up today!!

One Happy Monday

It's a GOOD Monday over here today. I'm still on a high from my Bengals winning another tough game and officially starting the season 2-0. The stadium was packed, the crowds were crazy and the hours were long- but getting that "W" always makes it worth it. Onto Baltimore!

In other breaking football news, Jared's 7th graders won Saturday night and I had a great time getting to watch him coach and call the plays. He's so good with the kids both in football and just in being a leader to them. I got to meet some of the parents this weekend who were all so welcoming, and I loved getting to meet a few of his goofy middle schoolers. Right when we got to the game one kid asked, "Coach- is that your bae??" and I couldn't help but laugh, and then explain to Jared what a bae was. ;)
BAE for life ;)

And finally- the moment you've all been waiting for.... Plan In Color opens at 10am (CT) today!!! I'm so excited to launch the 40+ listings we've been working on and to keep adding new releases every week or so. Thank you everyone for the support and for entering my giveaway. The winner of the $25 shop credit is Ashley! 
Even if you didn't win- there is a coupon code on our Instagram for anyone that orders today or tomorrow AND a Halloween freebie is included with every order placed today or tomorrow. Happy Shopping! 

Friday Five

Happy Friday, everyone! Although, this week officially starts my 'its-not-really-a-Friday' since I work Saturday and Sunday... yikes! But that does mean it's a home game for my Bengals so I'm ready. As ready as a nervous, passionate fan can be. Here are my five highlights/updates from the week.

1. I've been so scatter-brained this week that I forgot to holler a big WHODEY after this last Sunday's big win over the Raiders. We had a house full of fans, more food than we knew what to do with and a ton of fun.

2. In other football news I dominated week one of fantasy football in our family league. I know I shouldn't be so confident, but I've been talking a lotta' trash this week... let's hope I can do it again in week two ;) Anyone else tearing it up in the fantasy football world??

3. My blog (now real life!) friend Kristin gave me this quote cube awhile back and I love changing them out every so often. I switched over to this one this week and it's probably going to stay for a good amount of time. It's a reminder I need
4. I had a good conversation with a casual acquaintance last night that really challenged me in a lot of ways. It's nice when unexpected friendships can form and when you feel like someone can truly relate to you, even if you haven't known each other that long.

5. Hanging with Jared always trumps everything. Our schedules may seem crazy at times, but who's schedule isn't crazy, right? I'm so thankful for all the time we get to spend together, and how no matter what's going on in life we laugh together every single day. I swear, if you could see some of the dumb things we do, and the things that we crack ourselves up over? You might not keep reading... We are such nerds, but I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Have a great weekend- Let's go Bengals! 

Giveaway! {Plan in Color}

Happy Wednesday, friends! I don't host giveaways around here a lot so you know I'm super excited when I have one going on. With the grand opening of Plan in Color just a few days away (September 21st - write it down!) Amy and I wanted to celebrate by offering one of you a $25 credit to our shop. 

The credit will be good for any lil' stickers your heart desires! We've been posting sneak peeks here and there, but can't wait to reveal all 30+ listings we've got for the launch. Since we are brand new and working to get our name out there, there are a few options for you to follow our shop and we've love to have you :)
Giveaway runs today through Sunday and I'll pick the winner and announce/contact them on Monday so you can get spending! Thank you to everyone who has already been showing us so much love- we are excited to open next week and show you what we've been working on for months!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Let's Rock and Roll

Our Labor Day weekend fun continued after Canton and we headed to Cleveland for some more museum and hall of fame fun. It's slightly embarrassing that I live in Ohio and didn't realize these two cities were only an hour apart. I'm not exactly geographically inclined. Needless to say, it was a quick drive into the city and after boo-ing the Browns stadium (Sorry CLE friends!) we made our way to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

This place was way cooler than I expected it to be. I think I just pictured all hardcore rock music legends, but they really covered a wide range of music. Learning about the historical influences of music, where the 'big-timers' got their inspiration and just jamming out all day long? So much fun!

And of course they had plenty of current artists like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and duh- this little gem of a Katy Perry outfit tucked into a corner.  I saw her wear that back in 2011!

My dad and I both agreed we were a little dissapointed with the lack of stuff on two favorites of ours. Elton John for him, Michael Jackson for me. MJ's glove and a couple outfits were on display and we caught a quick glimpse of the Jackson 5 in a video, but that was it. And there was ZERO Elton! We did talk to a staff member there who said that apparently things change a LOT in the Rock Hall. Only 2% of the stuff there is actually theirs; things on loan are always coming in and out. So maybe I'll have to keep an eye out for a bigger MJ exhibit coming to my area ;)
Still freaked out over being that close to THE glove!! :)

Overall it was still awesome. The Elvis area was gigantic and a favorite of all of ours. There was a really cool photography section by Herb Ritts, known for his famous photography of some of the biggest names in music (More Michael Jackson here- hooray!)
It was such a fun time with my parents. It's rare that our schedules all work out to spend a day or two together like this but I'm so thankful we were able to. In fact, we actually snuck ONE more stop in on our way home, but that'll be saved for another day. :)

Football Hall of Fame

I'd say I've been a legitimate football fan for about 10-12 years of my life. It was during high school I really started to follow the Bengals and care/understand about the amazing world of football. In fact, I remember my junior year of high school - when everyone starts asking you what you want to do after high school - telling people that one day I'd work for the Bengals in some capacity. The passion was born in the 2000s and has only grown since then.

I say all that to say that a trip to the Pro Football Hall of Fame was well overdue when I finally got to go two weekends ago! Jared and I made the quick road trip to Canton, Ohio with my parents for a long weekend of awesomeness. We arrived Friday evening to our ADORABLE hotel room (seriously, I was obsessed with the blue and orange decor) and grabbed dinner at the closest BBQ restaurant the guys could find. Hog Heaven got a thumbs up from all of us- but especially my dad and Jared.

We started the very next morning at the hall of fame and I couldn't really contain my excitement. I had no idea what to expect, but I knew I would love the place no matter what. I've never known anyone who had visited the HOF so we were going into it with high expectations based solely on our love for football. 

We were right to be excited though- we all LOVED touring it. We spent a good 3.5-4 hours there and probably could have stayed even longer but we were ready for some food after that long. #hangry

There is an awesome theatre that shows highlights from the previous year's Super Bowl in the HOF and my gosh, I felt like I was reliving it right along with the players. The film footage they have, the sideline commentary, it was awesome. And definitely had me dreaming of the day the Bengals will bring it all home to Cincinnati :)

We had so much fun exploring all aspects of the NFL. History, hall-of-famers, record-breakers, size of NFL players hands/legs- you name it, we learned about it!

We are Tebow lovers in this family :)

I highly, HIGHLY recommend making a stop here if you're ever in Northern Ohio. Canton is only an hour from Cleveland- which is where we headed the following day. More on that tomorrow :) I hope everyone had a great football-filled weekend... you know I'm yelling a big ole WHODEY this morning!