Jul 22, 2015

My friend Candace

Something I have really enjoyed about not doing sponsors on my blog anymore is that I can now 100% authentically promote someone's blog I love without someone thinking I'm just doing it because I "have" to. Candace and I have been following each other's blogs for awhile and she's just the sweetest girl out there. The photos on her blog make me swoon daily and she happens to design gorgeous blogs as well! We thought it could be fun to swap blogs for the day and hopefully get to know some new faces. So while I'm over being silly on her blog, she's here today so please make her feel welcome. PS- Her birthday is right around the corner!! 

Hey guys!! I'm Candace from Lovely Little Rants. Erin is just the nicest thing to let me take over her blog today! (Thanks, E!) 

Let me sum myself up for you with this little list:

1. I've been married to Jason for almost an entire year (August 7th)! We met our graduation night of High school and we were best friends for a few years. We dated for 5 months and were married 3 months later! Best decision ever. Oh and ps we grew up 5 minutes away from each other and had never met. Whattt!!

2. I'll be 24 on Friday. Which also makes it my golden birthday! Please tell me you get 3 wishes or something on your golden birthday.

3. I make pallet wood signs for some wonderful customers which results in stain covering a portion of my body at all times. So guess what? Just because you guys like Erin as much as I do, use the code football for 15% off any sign! Yay discounts!

Feel free to see them all in my shop or on instagram. :)

4. Obviously I love clothes. And obviously my closet is always hungry. You'll find lots of cute clothes and ways to get them for a steal over on my blog among other things like hair tutorials and even how to make your own hair extensions!

5. I'm sort of obsessed with design. It's just my thing! I redesign my blog pretty regularly because I can never settle on just one design for long. I can't tell if it's a blessing or a curse ;) 

Obviously I love blogging and it's just the most fun little hobby of mine! I love making blog friends even more so hop on over to my little space in this big internet and introduce yourself. Let's be best friends, k? I can't wait to meet you!!


  1. It's always great getting to meet bloggers I'm not already following! Your wedding and engagement pictures are gorgeous girl! And love the wooden signs, those are so fun! Definitely going to check out your shop!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. Those pallets are amazing! I need one for my home!!!

  3. Too funny! One of my best friends 24th birthday is on Friday!! ;) I'm obsessing over that world map one and may or may not be showing my husband right now. I need that in my life! So glad to "meet" you, Candace! PS the wedding photos are STUNNING!!!!

  4. Those photos of you guys are so stunning!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  5. Nice to meet you! I love the pallet signs, those are so cute, especially love the little poem about the house!

  6. gorgeous photos, and that's hilarious you all grew up so close to one another without ever meeting. those wooden signs are beautiful! love the first one.

  7. My birthday is on FRIDAY, too!!!! We're birthday twins!!! I celebrated my golden birthday in Chicago seeing Wicked performed for the very first time! You totally get extra wishes on your golden :) Hope you have an awesome weekend celebrating YOU!! Love the stained wood...definitely gonna check out your shop!

  8. Loved seeing your wedding photos - so gorgeous! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  9. love meeting new bloggers, gorgeous pictures!

  10. Love meeting new bloggers! Your site is gorgeous and I agree on the whole designing all the time thing!

  11. Thanks for the introduction! I need to find out how to make my own hair extensions now!

  12. This is kind of confusing me ahah. I wanted to come say hi to you Erin, but Candances face is right here so it's weird so I'll just say hi to both of you lol. Hi Candace. Hi Erin. I'm Morgan. I write a stupid blog about my life and follow cooler people like Candace. I don't really like sports (sorry, blame my dad!) but I can relate to a lot of the young married and with TONS of loan debt! You guys are really done??!! HOW?! (in your blog I hope) I also liked when you said running isn't for you. I call myself a "walker" but it doesn't seem to impress anyone, haha. Anyways, this was cool you guys did this little blog swap! and LOVE YOU CANDACE!

    x. Morgan / morningappleblog.com

  13. Love the photos and the palette signs are so pretty!

  14. Yay for golden birthdays! (fun fact: here we call them champagne birthdays) I think 3 wishes and unlimited foot massages should be in order.

  15. I hope your golden birthday is fantastic! I love your wooden signs too! So cute!

  16. Happy almost anniversary, Candace!

  17. Love getting to know Erin further though this post! What a lovely story about how you met Jason and happy almost anniversary!

    Ginger Side of Life

  18. Love finding new blogs to follow. Candace, you do seem like the sweetest. Gorgeous pics with your husband and I LOVE your pallet signs!

  19. So great to meet you Candace! Love your wood artwork - I'm a bit of a junkie for woodwork. Lol!

  20. Nice to meet you Candace :D The pictures of you and your husband are so so so lovely :3 Congratulations on you both and happy birthday!
    Dany | Dew Light


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