Jul 1, 2015

Goals & Progress

Apparently this whole week on the blog has been in honor of my long hair- RIP.

Why hello, July! I plan on completely tackling you over the next four weeks, but I've gotta' backtrack for just a moment. I love making monthly goals because it helps me focus on just a few smaller-picture things at a time. Let's see how I did, shall we? My goals for June were:

1. Cut back on sugar - This gets a half-point from me. I definitely made the conscious effort, but still snuck a few treats in. It'll be a work in progress for awhile but I am getting there little by little. Why is it so tasty!?

2. Get back to the gym - Win! While I only actually went to the gym that we're members of twice, I also had 9 physical therapy sessions, went for a couple evening walks and even played some basketball with Jared one night. I feel good about being more active in general. I've discovered things about my fitness and interests that maybe I didn't realize before (post to come on that topic) so I'm back on track.

3. Work on photobooks - Win! I had hoped to finish the 2013 book but apparently I took a LOT of photos that year. I got dozens of pages done and I'm nearly at the end of this one, it's just taking longer than I thought. In the past I've been really disorganized about photo storage so the searching/choosing pictures takes way more time than it should. I've implemented a great solution to digital storage though and I know photobooks will be less time-consuming as I continue on them.

4. Landscape our yard - We finished phase one of our landscaping so I say it counts. There is still work to be done but we knew it would take awhile to complete all the different aspects. With all the rain we've been having it's not the easiest thing to make time for, but I'm glad we got a good portion of it done and our yard looks pretty great!

5. Make time for personal goals - I didn't really specify what this was one, but it included a variety of things. Reading more books, catching up with friends more often and a couple other personal things. This is the one area I don't feel like I succeeded in this month. I just didn't make the time- plain and simple. Fail.

July- Oh, July, how you scare me! It's the first day of this month and my calendar is completely packed. I've got multiple work events going on (aka- outside of normal work hours) and so my weekends might be a bit non-existent in July. However, that's no excuse to not get stuff done! Here's what I'm hoping to accomplish this month.

1. Read 3 books. My nightstand cannot possibly take any more crowds. I must make time for all the delicious pages waiting on me! I think I need to stop reading your recommendations for books too, otherwise my list will never stop growing ;)

2. Finish the landscaping, part 2. This one will be tough to squeeze in, but it's a must.

3. Meet with a financial planner. Jared and I are ready to take our financial life to the next level. We're debt free (minus the house) and have big goals in the coming months and years. We're looking forward to sitting down with an expert and really focusing on what we should be doing to prepare for our future.

4. Make a couple new meals. I think summer is the easiest time to get off track with meal planning, or to just get boring with it in general. Our dinner rotation definitely needs a few things added in so hopefully I find a couple new winning recipes to add to the mix. Anyone made anything healthy and delicious recently?

5. Keep workin' on that fitness! I'm not sure how to quantify my fitness goals this month, but I just want to keep making it a priority. Getting out more, trying new things, bettering myself in this area!

Happy July, everyone! Are you setting any goals this month?


  1. you really did SO well on your June goals and I know July will be an even more awesome month for you guys!!!! Go you guys on the landscaping!! It's sad how badly I failed at my June goals so I'm hopeful to make July's a little more obtainable!!

  2. great job on June goals

    I just made a new recipe yesterday, if you like stuffed cabbage you will love it!!! And better yet, its a crock-pot meal!

    we really need to do landscaping too,,,,this rain surely puts a damper on things

  3. You rock my socks off! I love your July goals and know you'll do great! :) Also I LOL'd at the "RIP" comment on your hair. hahaha!

  4. congrats on your june goals! sorry you didn't make time for your personal ones, i hope you get to in july! my advice for reading, take a book in to the bathroom with you! every one has 5 minutes to read in there ;)
    my goals for july are to get back into a fitness routine, declutter the house and my closet and read some books. my july is not busy at all though lol.
    seriously though why is sugar so tasty? i'm in hardcore withdrawals after all the stuff i ate in europe.

  5. I might do a 3 book goal, too! I like that--having a specific and totally doable number.

    but, but, but....chocolate is SO tasty! Sugar can't be bad for us, right?! ;)

  6. We have an appointment next Tuesday with a financial planner. We are looking to grow our savings and add some for an education fund for Connor.

  7. Nice work in June! Cutting sugar is SO hard. I have the biggest sweet tooth in the world. I'd give up everything else for the sugar! :) Meeting with a financial expert with be great! Yay for saving and planning for the future!! Look forward to your book reviews, too!! I have some lofty book reading goals for July as well! Here's to another month of craziness and excitement!!

  8. Good job on your June goals and you'll for sure kick butt in July!!

  9. I have to say - while we still have two student loan balances to pay off, I found meeting with a financial planner helped put a lot of things into perspective for us. We got a lot of good information, plenty of ideas and have a plan to really get our incomes working for us. I hope the meeting is successful!

  10. Hurray for fitness goals and reading books! Somehow July always sneaks up on me and I look at my calendar and notice that I've only got three days of something not penciled in. I love the reading goal too - I try so hard to read new books and always end up grabbing a classic that I love.

  11. I just saw on the Today show the other day that you shouldn't cut out sugar cold turkey & you still need to eat it sometimes so I say sneak that candy! You did great with your June goals. I'm really impressed by the photobook. I've been talking about doing that for years & I need to just sit down & do it. Good luck in July!

  12. Girl I totally worked on my photo book too I'm so happy to be done with that!!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Good job with most of the June goals :) I was making a photobook on Monday that I needed to buy on Tuesday (got a groupon) and I was a little less than halfway done, computer crashed and I lost it...suffice to say I didn't get to use my groupon, boo! Oh well, live and learn. How do you store your pictures? Always looking for good tips since I take a ridiculous amount of pictures.

  14. Why do I love these posts so much?! Nice job on your June goal progress. I've never met with a financial planner, but now I'm thinking that sounds like an awesome idea. Three books?! That seems like a lot of reading, but really - there are few better ways to spend time, IMO. I know how busy you'll be the next few weeks, but I have full confidence you can get through these goals!

  15. I love setting a few goals each month! I finally finished up a photo book with personal photos from our wedding last month and I was so happy to have that out of the way!

  16. Girl, you totally rock those American flag glasses. Ha!

    Good luck with your July goals! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  17. I'm so nerdy but financial planning makes me so excited!!! I hope you feel awesome after talking with a financial planner/advisor.

  18. Good luck with your July goals! A busy month can be kind of intimidating, but I have found that sometimes it makes you more productive, too, because you have limited time!

  19. I have a July goals post brewing but have yet to get it out of my head and down on paper (or on the screen should I say?). I have noticed that posting about my monthly goals makes me much more aware of them and I do better with working towards accomplishing them. And I just feel more productive when I make goals for the month!

    I don't think you should stop reading our recommendations...just need to hang on to them for when you're looking for your next good read! Good luck with landscaping phase 2. I'm so glad I don't have to worry about that stuff yet. :)

  20. Good job on June and good stuff for July! I agree, summer is hard with meals. I typically fall into the grilled whatever with a side of veg. It's nice to stretch the cooking muscles a little in the summer!


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