Jun 29, 2015

I'm Thankful

This weekend I had a lot of free time, a rarity it seems. We had an open calendar for the most part and I had plenty of alone time and plenty of time with Jared. A perfect weekend blend, if you ask me (which you didn't- but hey, this is my blog after all!). All the free time really gave me a lot of time to think and to reflect. I took things slow, I wrote in my personal journal, I thought about goals and future plans, I prayed for family and friends and most of all I just felt thankful. There are too many things we forget to appreciate when life is busy. The small things that we'd miss if they didn't exist. So today I just feel like shouting from the rooftops a few things I'm thankful for...

A parking garage downtown. Rainy days suck and I genuinely feel bad for those who are walking to work in the nasty weather. I'm glad I don't have to remember an umbrella every day because let's be honest- I would likely forget it nine times out of ten. I don't function well in the mornings.

Technology. I've said this multiple times, but every chance I get to Skype with my little niece just reminds me again how great video chatting is. I hate being miles and miles away from her and missing a lot of her growing up, but Skype helps me feel not quite so far away. She's getting older and talking more, showing me things and one of these days soon we'll get an "Aunt Erin" out of her- I just know it ;)
Sorry, no pics of that cutie allowed. But you can see how happy that little girl makes me :) PS- I miss my long hair!

Vacation days. In the grand scheme of things, I actually don't get that many days off. Much less than most people I know, but boy- does that make me appreciate the days I do have to spare! I've still got a few beautiful days to use before this year is up and I'm clinging to them like gold at the moment. I am SO thankful I have paid time off and want to squeeze the most I possibly can out of those days. Now I just need to decide when to use them!

A good margherita pizza. Enough said.

Pictures. I've been doing a lot of cleaning and purging lately and came across tons of photos I hadn't looked at in a long time. I know how much I love looking back at my mom and grandma's old pictures and I'm so thankful I'll have plenty to pass down to generations after me. The memories just cannot be beat.
Ok, yeah- we were cute as kiddos. #truth ;)

My health. While being injured was a very minor thing compared to many issues people are dealing with every day, it truly opened my eyes to how fortunate I am. Overall I'm a healthy, strong person and I don't want to take that for granted. I want to keep taking care of this body and this life because we only get one.

Other notable mentions?
 - Fantastic multi-colored pens
 - Good coupons when getting your car worked on
 - Disney movies and a hubby who loves them just as much 
 - BW3's Sweet BBQ sauce- nom, nom nom!
 - A good pedicure that lasts 3+ weeks and going strong
 - All of you who take the time to read my crazy posts :)

So today- try to be thankful. Sure it's a Monday, but it only has to "feel" like a Monday if you make it. Take a quick second to be grateful for all of life's blessings today. We are so fortunate!!


  1. I always love your positive outlook on life!! What a perfect post for the Monday blues. But it's technically Tuesday, because of the Friday holiday, right? ;)

  2. look how cute you 2 are!!!! um that pizza looks so freaking delicious!!!

    I am ALL about pedicures!!!! And lately manicures lately too, I switched to shellac manicures and they last and I couldnt be more excited (its the little things nowadays lol)

    have a fabulous week friend

  3. Yes to skyping faraway family, I'm so glad technology makes it possible.

    Also colored pens make boring work a little more fun.

  4. What a great post to read on a Monday! Thanks for making me smile and reminding me that even though I'm exhausted and sore it's still a good life! :)

  5. You two are gonna have CUTE kids one day!! ;) that's for sure. I'm so glad you guys had a good weekend!!

  6. I love Auntie Kel time! I'm so blessed to have 6 little faces I can spoil. Multi-colored pens are the best. I wish the base had parking garages, but most of the time I remember my umbrella. Happy Monday!

  7. You look so unbelievably happy in that picture with your niece and it melts my heart. Also, your baby pictures look JUST LIKE you! I think I have a problem because of how much I love baby pictures...We've already discussed this, but AMEN to the pedicures! I'm glad you had a nice, thankful weekend! :)

  8. Yes to the pedicure that lasts more than 3 weeks and a good pizza! Such a good post to read on a Monday!

  9. Margherita pizza is the best! We finally found one we like in B-more after almost a year here :)

  10. That pizza looks amazing & another sign that I should have pizza tonight. Yummy!

    Secondly, can you please find that shirt again, do the pigtails & recreate that picture cuz it's fabulous! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  11. Oh my goodness you two were so adorable! Not that you aren't still...ha. That reminds me that I need to look through old pictures while I'm home so I have them once I'm back in TX. I love the shout out to pizza. That sounds so good right now.

  12. I don't park in a parking deck anymore, but I sure love when I did!!! To be fair, I dont have that far to work anymore though either. And colored pens! SO fun! Haha! Hope you have a great week, I am going to go dream about that pizza.

  13. Not going to lie, when it storms/hails, etc here in STL I'm okay with the fact that my car is covered at the hotel and not at home without a garage. Trust me, I hear you on that one! ;)

  14. every time i have to walk from my car to the building i work in and it's raining.. i yell at myself for forgetting an umbrella. even if i had one in the car, i'd forget it. haha. margherita pizza - yes! yum. and i love disney movies as well, alas my husband does not. boo.

  15. Love this post on a Monday!! Colorful pens - amen to that LOL!! And pizza yes to pizza all the time! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  16. Great post for a Monday!! I need to make these "thankful" lists more often because you're right, it's a good thing to reflect on, whether life is crazy or not! This week I'm feeling super super thankful for my mom and the incredible way she cares for me and supports me! She can make me crazy sometimes but I'm glad she's here to do it! :)

  17. That pizza looks fabulous...SO good. And love the old pictures. It is so fun to look at them! All the memories. :)

  18. love technology and being able to skype/text/call family and friends but I hate technology at the same time for being around 100% of the time. we have some friends that we hang out with often then they are on their phones the whole time every time and it kinda drives me nuts. rant over haha
    and I also love parking garages/garages/shade in general. doesn't rain much in AZ but that shade is very very helpful in this crazy heat!
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  19. I love that pic of you and your niece! I know I can't see her face but I do know exactly how she's looking at you from how you're looking at her. What love!!!!

    P.S. I'd love to know...what are your fave Disney movies? We're big Disney fans at our house too. Hopefully, we can take the kids to Disney in a few years!

    -Jess, Sweet Little Ones

  20. Good multi-colored pens are definitely something to be thankful for! They make life more fun if you ask me. And technology would make my list as well. Between my bestie who lives in California and blog friends that I've never actually met (yet) technology allows me to keep in touch with them no matter how many miles away they are from me. It's great to feel like you're part of their lives when you're so far away.


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