Apr 15, 2015

Rolling With It

First and foremost, I cannot thank you all enough for your sweet words after I posted on Monday. They mean so much to me, truly. You all continually prove why the blogging community is amazing. Keep the prayers coming! Secondly, I have to wish a Happy Birthday to two sweet bloggers I know! Pinky & Carolyn both are celebrating today and I have to say, they picked a great month to be born ;)

You know what else today is? Bookmobile day! Did anyone else get excited about a bookmobile rolling up to their school on occasion? I remember feeling like I was practically royalty, getting to get inside this VEHICLE and pick out books to rent. Fun fact of the day- bookmobiles originated in the 19th century and were horse-drawn wagons with boxes of books in them. You're welcome for that bit of information today. This site is my guilty pleasure.

Speaking of books- I just finished reading Popular thanks to a recommendation by Becky. I was kinda' in the mood for a light-hearted, fun read and this book fit the bill. It's a memoir by a 15-year-old girl who decided to follow an old 1950s teen etiquette book and see what happened throughout the course of a school year. A quick, easy read and you know I love a good memoir. I'm writing one myself, after all. 

This blog post has gotten random and out-of-hand pretty quickly, but I'm rolling with it... because sometimes you just have a lot of jumbled up thoughts you need to type out and get out of your head. I've eaten cauliflower in some form for three days straight and I'm not upset about it. Roasted with garlic and oil, made into a pizza crust, you name it- I love it. Not the prettiest food to take a picture of, but boy does it taste delicious!

I gifted myself something for my upcoming bday (Monday- don't forget!! ;)) and it is currently en route to my house. I feel like a kid at Christmas, seriously. I will be rushing home to tear into that package and then will let you see my goodies for sure ;)

Jared has been making my "birthday week" so fun and I love that he gets into it so much. Little surprises here and there, notes in my lunchbox, making plans for the weekend- he rocks. Friday and Saturday he and I are celebrating, then Sunday a group of our friends is getting together to celebrate, Monday's my actual birthday and then the FOLLOWING weekend I'll see my family to party one last time. I'm aware of how ridiculous we are- and that's okay.

It's time that someone cuts me off from this blog post. Good gracious it's random. Happy Wednesday!


  1. YES! I'm so glad you told me it was Bookmobile Day. My mom drives the bookmobile...so I'm an awesome daughter now for knowing that and telling her!!

    Also fun fact- the bookmobile in Holmes County (where I grew up) serves the most people per capita behind only San Diego. (Also- I could have this statistic completely wrong- but I swear that's what my mom said...haha!)

  2. Yay for birthday weeks full of fun! That's how we like to do birthdays too!

  3. That Popular book sounds awesome!! I'll need to check that out. I love that pic of you and Jared on the field, so cute!! See you Sunday!

  4. That's not ridiculous at all (said the girl who celebrates her birthday all month).

    I love cauliflower. Love love love.

  5. Okay, maybe something is wrong with me, but I have NO IDEA what a bookmobile is. I've seriously never seen one and that kind of breaks my heart. How does it work?! That cauliflower pizza crust looks delicious and I love that you squeeze the most out of your birthday. My best friend went from birthday to birthday week to birthday month and now she just exclaims, "BIRTHDAY LIFE!" So, I know what you mean.

  6. Yay for birthday week!!!! I say celebrate the whole time because duh, it's your birthday!!!!

    I really want to like cauliflower. I think once we get a food processor to make the pizza crust I may be converted. It by itself? Just no for me.

  7. i have got to get on the cauliflower pizza train, but my lazy stops me.
    i never got a bookmobile day but i kinda want to now. boo. adding the popular book to my list, i feel like i've heard of it before!

  8. I need that pizza crust in my life. :) Teach my your cauliflower ways.
    Jared is a keeper. Hooray for birthday celebrations all week long :)

  9. Wait, is there really a bookmobile around here?! I want to visit. Adding Popular to my list - sounds fun. And I'm sooo trying that cauliflower pizza crust when the Whole30 month is done. You're supposed to re-introduce one category (dairy, grains, etc.) at a time, and this would be the perfect way to do cheese without the grains in regular pizza crust, ha! Yum.

  10. Yay birthday week!! And yes, April is definitely a great month to be born!! And as quickly as I've been going through books lately I'll definitely have to check out Popular! Happy Wednesday!!

  11. I'm going to have to find Popular. It sounds fun. Happy birthday week!!

  12. We never had a bookmobile come to my school! Now I feel like I really missed out! :) So glad you have lots of fun bday plans-have a great time!

  13. WOO HOO for your birthday week!! So fun! Call me crazy, but I've never had cauliflower. And now I am wanting to!! That pizza looks delicious!

  14. A bookmobile?! I've never heard of such a thing, color me "intrigued". Ha!

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  15. We need to discuss what the heck a bookmobile is and also how to make a cauli pizza crust because i've wanted to try that but have been too scared!


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