Draft Day

Today is a bit of a holiday in the football world and I am ready to celebrate it. That's right, it's officially time for the NFL Draft! I love that for me, football doesn't start in August and end in February- it goes year round and this is just one step closer to the start of the season. Jared and I actually got out the Hard Knocks DVD's recently and re-watched the awesome series they did on our Bengals in 2013. What can I say? We're obsessed.
Remember that time I was ALMOST on the show?!

Today is so exciting to me, and I'll definitely be keeping tabs on the draft all weekend long (it's a 3-day event!) and stalking the picks. Has anyone seen the movie Draft Day? I highly recommend it. The whole movie takes places in just the 24 hours surrounding the start of the draft and it's really awesome to see the behind-the-scenes of the NFL draft. It's a fictional story, but based on how things really go down. Last minute trades and deals are a real and seriously complicated thing. I cannot imagine how it feels to be a coach or player on draft day. Stressful!

So my football-loving heart urges you to check in on the draft at some point tonight, or this weekend. Oh, and in case you're watching it with a significant other or friend or family member and aren't really sure what to say? Have no fear! I have provided you with a quick list of the most common phrases and cliches of draft day. Try them out for yourself, or try to keep a tally of how many times they're said ;)

They're drafting to fill a need here.

He's a physical guy.

He's got a high motor.

This is a matter of character.

So what does this mean for Johnny Manziel's future in the league?

Great value pick here.

I don't know how well his style of play translates to the NFL.

He's a high-football-IQ guy.

This guy's a gym rat.

Will he live up to the hype?

He's got a dynamic initial burst off the line.

He's a guy that makes a ton of plays.

He's a burner with great ball skills.

This guy could walk in and start, day 1.

That's a safe pick.

He plays with a lot of poise.

He's a road grater.

This guy struggled at the combine, but the tape doesn't lie.

And as always- WHODEY!


  1. YAY FOR DRAFT DAY!!!!!! It's so exciting! And yes that movie is SO good! Caleb and if need to buy it! Loving your list of "quotes", ha! Some of them made me chuckle.

  2. YAY!!! As a girl from an SEC, I love to see where my Gamecocks go every year...and a rabid Texans fan, it's even better when they go to Houston (I swear, Clowney WILL BE HEALTHY ONE DAY)! Also, and I thought you'd get a kick out of this---I went to high school with AJ Green (and, yes, we're still bitter he choose UGA over Carolina)!

  3. Woohoo draft day! Hope your Bengals get the guys they want! I always feel for the families involved with their sons, it has to be hard to watch them grow up in a few hours. And I always feel for the guys that don't go as high as projected, I get teary sometimes #lame!

  4. YASSS anything to do with football to curb the withdrawals I've been having since February! :D

  5. I live in Chicago and am hoping to go check out Draft Town this weekend! Go Cowboys!

  6. I figured if there was anyone in the world that would understand and be hyped for today (besides me) it would be you! :) Loved the movie! Can't wait for tonight! So excited I had to sport orange and brown to work! lol! And of course your phrases are spot on!

  7. Happy Draft Day! Hahaha I love this list. Sometimes the football cliches are the funniest thing in the world to me. That first one is a Draft Day fave ;)

  8. Hahaha...I'm not a football fan, but my boyfriend is and I was informed two weeks ago that he would be busy this weekend because of the Draft. At first I was insanely confused and now I'm still confused but not asking any more questions lol

  9. YES! I'm pumped for the draft, too. I'm tempted to go to the Colts official draft-watching party, but then I remember that I actively dislike the Colts and I'll probably just watch it at home...wearing a Bengals shirt...and pants...and socks. Hard Knocks was so, so good...both times! I can't believe you were almost on it! SO COOL! I haven't seen Draft Day yet, but it's on my list. Speaking of lists, I love yours here, especially the Johnny Manziel bit. ;) WHO-DEY?!

  10. Oh Johnny Manziel....*sigh*

    I'm super excited for the draft...mostly because who knows what the Browns will ever do! I'm feeling ashamed- I still haven't seen Draft Day yet!

  11. Football all year every year! Yay draft day :)

  12. Love the phrases!! Totally spot on :) Hope the boys in black and orange get some winners these next few days!!

  13. I'm anxious to see who the Colts pick. We really need help on defense. And maybe some offense help a well. I know we just picked up Gore & Andre Johnson, but you never know how they'll turn out, just like the Trent Richardson trade bust!

  14. I love this movie!! We might have to watch it after the draft.

  15. I still haven't seen that movie but it is on my to see list. I love your list of things to say lol.

  16. Yay....ya'll drafted Cedric from Texas A&M....WHOOP!!! :)

  17. Haha! Erin, I adore this post... and appreciate your input on acceptable things to be said of one who is drafted! Finally late yesterday evening, I told Caleb " I am SO over this draft!" I felt like a criminal as soon as it came out of my pie-hole, and by the look on Caleb's face, I'm pretty sure it was criminal, and I'm to be tried soon :)
    Miss you and hope you're well, little sunshine :)

  18. I personally love that you did a shout out to Draft Day, because I'm in the movie! Nothing major, of course, but you can spy my face in a couple scenes. In any case, I love that football is creeping closer!

  19. that movie was so great! my husband definitely had the draft on, we watched the beginning of it.

  20. I haven't watched Draft Day yet, but it sure sounds interesting. I will watch it for sure this coming weekend. Thank you for sharing.

  21. My dad was just telling us how much he loved that movie! We'll have to watch it, I'm sure it's right up our alley.


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