Feb 4, 2015

Checking In On Those Goals

Good Morning! Today I'm doing a little goal check-in; I wasn't sure if I'd keep up with these kind of posts in 2015, but I can't help it- I love them. I enjoy writing them and also reading everyone else's to-do lists as well. It gives me ideas of things to work on and motivates me to work on my own. I feel like I really did good in January overall, but I majorly slacked on the goal I had deemed most important, so that part sucks. Let's review:

In January I hoped to:
Finish the book I'm writing. It's not done, and who knows when it will be done. Sometimes I get really disappointed in myself for not making more time for something that I claim is my "dream" ya know? Maybe I'm not cut out for it... or maybe I'll hit a wild streak of creativity next month, ya' never know, I guess.

 Read 3 books. I read 2 and started on a third, so I'm giving myself credit on this one.

 Complete the first few weeks of my training plan. Yep, it has completely kicked my butt but I've stuck with it for the most part. I've been running a lot and also incorporating more stretching/yoga!

 Cross at least 1 thing off my 30 before 30 list. Technically I was able to cross off two! See that post over here.

Give up all pop/energy drinks. Not quite there... I think I only had a few this whole month, but cutting them out completely is the ultimate goal. 

 Send some snail mail to friends/family. Yes! Yay! It was fun sending a few just-because cards to people I love.

 Work on my photobooks. I worked on them! If I can get my 2013 book done by Spring and started on 2014 I will feel like I'm catching up, finally.

 Try 2 new recipes. I lost count of how many new recipes we did- seriously! This is the one goal I  really nailed :) 

In February I hope to:

- Lose at least 5 pounds. I really want to get back to a healthy weight. I'm tired of fluctuating!

- Work out at least 2x before work EACH week. I did this yesterday and it made my whole day better. I've gotta' remember that feeling!

- Read 2 books. I think 3 in a month is a little lofty for me, so we'll stick with two.

- Rework our budget and financial goals. We've talked a lot about our plans now that our student loans are gone, but I'm ready to put it all out on paper and really focus in on what our next steps are.

- Continue the decluttering. We did really good in the fall donating a lot of stuff, but didn't really do any of that last month. I'm ready to keep clearing out the junk we don't need and making our house more enjoyable to be in.

- Celebrate Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter how, but I just want to do something small/creative for Jared this year. Last year's $1 gift was a big hit so maybe I'll craft something again.

It's a short month so I don't want to overload myself with expectations, but I think these six goals are good ones to focus on for the next 24 days. I was talking to a friend recently and we both decided that since February is so short and there's really nothing going on (for me anyway!) this should be the month we get our lives in order. I'm ready to rock this month and set myself up for lots of fun in the coming months ;) What are you accomplishing in February?


  1. Great stuff, lady! I think you did a great job in January!

    Working out before work is such a great feeling, right? It stinks getting out of bed, but it's a great feeling once it's over!

  2. I always want to get up and exercise before work. I've come to terms with the fact that I'm typically not going to be that person. I am not good with a 4:30 a.m. wakeup call for anything other than vacation! If my hours were different I'd definitely try to. That's a great goal!

  3. It looks like you did good on your goals for January! I can't really read three books in a month most of the time either. I wake up early (435 am) every morning during the week to get my work outs in and it feels so good to have so much accomplished so early. That and there is NO excuse that I can make in the morning to not do it, but I can come up with all kinds after work. Good luck with your February goals!!!

  4. Great job on your January goals! I want to lose about 10 pounds overall by April, so I want to lose about 5 pounds in February too! I really need to get on the morning workout train I think. It will be a major struggle for me since I am the exact opposite of a morning person, but I just feel like my day would go so much better and the idea of not having my workout to do in the evening is very appealing!

  5. What two books are you planning on reading?! There's something about goals and the winter which never seem to work for me... I think I'm much more productive in the summer!

  6. You did great with your January goals! Good luck this month.

  7. Seriously. Waking up BEFORE WORK makes me feel like freaking super woman. I sooo need to remember that when the alarm goes off before the sun is up! ;) great job on last months goals...and even better luck on this months! ;)

  8. Great list!! I read three books in January too....but they were baby books, do those count??? haha. :)

  9. Dang girl!! You did awesome on those January goals, keep it up!! And Im right there with you on the working out thing! Before work is SO hard!

  10. YAY for new financial goals! Since I paid off my car late last year, I've been reworking my budget and goals to accommodate my new financial situation, including one MAJOR step that I took today that I'm sooooo excited about!

  11. I love these posts, too. Keep 'em coming! I could never...and I do mean never...work out before work. I just can't physically do it. Kudos to you, though! I'm sure it feels amazing to come home from work and remember you already did your work out!

  12. I just did my February goals post the other day as well. Hitting the gym 2x/week (besides my weekly Body Pump class) is something I want to accomplish this month as well. Kudos to you for making working out BEFORE work a goal. Not only can it change how your whole day goes but you can't talk yourself out of it all day at work because you've already done it! I struggle so much with that. And I also struggle with getting out of bed in the morning. Things to work on for sure.

  13. Great goals for the month friend. It's going to be a great month! I so wish I could workout before work each day but I'm too scared to go run in the dark. haha It really does give you so much energy. I love it! I'm reading My Husband's Secret right now and it just got extra juicy in case you need a suggestion.

  14. I love goal posts. Writing them and reading them. It sounds like your goals are good ones for this month!

  15. I think you did great in January! I haven't been working on my book either and it has always been a dream of mine too. Maybe one day when I'm done with grad school I will have time for it. Good luck in February!


  16. I used to get my butt to the gym at 5:00 each morning before work when I had to drive 45 minutes to work everyday. Now that I'm 2 seconds from work I hit snooze until I absolutely have to get out of bed. I realllyy need to get back at it - I had so much more energy back then!

    Props to you for working on your photobooks! I'm still on 2012's... I'm hoping by the Summer I can be caught up and on 2015's so I don't end up three years behind again

  17. On the one hand, I can see how the book could never get done if you keep putting it off. That's not just YOU. That's anyone who's ever said they wanted to write a book. On the other hand, books are hard, and they take a long time, and so you shouldn't beat yourself up about it. Okay? Okay :) Also, good job on your goals, lady! Rocking it!

  18. Way to go! These posts are my favorite kind of posts. I'm with you on fewer goals in February since it's a short month. I need to start on my list for this month... a few days late already!

  19. LOVE your goals! I need to set monthly goals for myself! This month? It's to get completely unpacked, organized and decorated. Make this house feel like our home! But after February, I'm totally making more monthly goals!


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