Thanksgiving Fun!

Coming back to the office after having four glorious, fun-filled days is one of the toughest things ever, I'm sure of it. Four days is that perfect amount that makes you feel like you went on a vacation, or like you were back in high-school again with extended time off for holidays. But sadly, Monday morning rolls around again and you're back at it... doing the whole look grown-up and presentable thing. I will say, I think this Monday will be made slightly better with the addition of Cyber Monday to my lunch hour ;)

So since we're all grumbling about being at work, and rubbing sleep out of our eyes still, what better way to get through it than to just photo dump the holiday weekend on the blog? I'm hoping many of you have the same idea today; I love looking at everyone's Thanksgiving photos and seeing all the family and friends that gathered over the weekend.

We did our traditional Thanksgiving Day at my Mamaw and Papaw's house. Thanksgiving just so happened to fall on their 61st wedding anniversary this year, isn't that amazing? 61 years!! I love this wedding photo my mom has of them. They got married at their pastor's house and then had a reception in their parent's basement- so simple, and so sweet!
I also got to meet my sweet cousin's baby Evy for the first time over the holidays! Isn't she a cutie? Possibly the most "chill" baby I have ever been around... she was too cute and just so happy all day. We ended our day at my grandparents with our traditional self-timer family shot. Pretty soon we are going to run out of space to fit everyone in! ;)

My sister, brother-in-law and niece were in town for Thanksgiving and we also did an early Christmas with them since they won't make it town again for a few months. As I'm sure you all know, I was pumped out of my mind to have that little cutie here for a few days and I spoiled her the best I could ;) She was too cute opening all her gifts and loved everything and everyone, especially Jared! I wish I could share photos of her, but just know that her cuteness is out of this world!!
Most of my pictures end up being of my niece, but that's normal right? It might not be normal that I forgot to even get a photo of Jared and I, but I did capture some hilarious photos during yet another game of Hedbanz. (My family will likely be sending me threatening texts after seeing these photos ;)) I can't say enough about this game, though! My in-laws bought it for us last Christmas and now it's a must at just about every get-together. So much fun!!

Other than lots of quality family time (and food- oh the food! #dietstartstoday) we got to watch the Bengals pull out a "W" with a crazy, sloppy, weird game. Dalton  and other teammates were battling the flu this week so it's impressive they were even able to get it together at all, honestly! It's my opinion that I don't care how you get the win, just as long as you do! A win is a win is a win! Plus, my Bengals are #1 in the AFC North- enough said!! 

I hope you all had a great long holiday weekend- can't wait to read and see all about it!


  1. Woohoo, nothing like a fun recap to make my Monday! Glad you had fun with your family, 61 years, that is so amazing. Hooray for early Christmas with your lil niece, what a fun idea!

    Hope you have a great week, friend!

  2. YAY BENGALS! YAY ADORABLE NIECE TIME! YAY FOOD! Sounds like an awesome weekend. And thank you for not including the part of your weekend when my daughter basically screamed for an entire skype session. :)

  3. awww that wedding picture is the best, 61 years holy moly! that's fabulous. Evy is adorable!

  4. Looks like you had a great holiday weekend! I love spoiling my nieces and nephews when they are around too! Don't get me started on dieting this week. Oops!

  5. What a cute wedding picture!! I love the simplicity. :) so happy we got to hang a few times this weekend!! Love you!!!

  6. I am the worst playing of that game. I never think outside the box...horrible I tell ya! Great weekend with family, and totally normal to take a ton of pictures of your niece :)

  7. I'm glad you had an awesome break! You deserved it. Hedbanz is so much fun and I can't wait to whip it out at Christmas. I can tell your niece is precious from that doctored picture. ;) And, as always, Who-Dey?! and Marvin Lewis is a genius.

  8. I also took 2000 pictures of my niece in about a 4 hour period this weekend!! :) Sounds like a great holiday weekend!! I also had the photo dump post today :)

  9. I love old Wedding photos like that! I am so with you about getting back on track now with the eating!

  10. YAY! I'm so glad you got to hang out with your niece. We are heading back to MN this week to celebrate an early Christmas with our nieces & nephew. It's the best!!!

  11. OH MY GOSH. I need that headbandz game immediately. That looks amazing. I can totally picture my family playing that. Fun! Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :) Is the kid with the heart on her face the one that's adopted? Just wondering.

  12. What a perfect Thanksgiving!! I'm so glad you got to spoil and love on your niece!
    I've never heard of that headbandz game but I think I need it asap!!

  13. OMG that headbanz game is awesome! We've played during games nights with our old neighbors! Love it!


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