The Jam-Packed Weekend

This weekend I...

...danced to way too many songs at Jared's cousins wedding.
...loved watching Jared DJ the wedding with his Grandma. Some of you may remember DJ Dottie from our wedding.
...Got to spend time with Jared's parents who were in town for the weekend and snapped a great family photo.

...Had a complete stranger be INCREDIBLY rude to me at the reception. It upset me, but then I realized it must suck to feel like you're too cool to have a blast at a wedding!

...Hosted the 2nd Annual Friendsgiving at our house!

...Made and ate a LOT of food.
thanksgiving plates

...Had a blast playing seriously competitive games of Catchphrase, HedBanz and good 'ole classic spoons.

...Got to have a blast with our great friends-- some even drove an entire hour to celebrate with us!

...Stayed up way too late and insisted on cleaning the whole kitchen when everyone was gone. Around 1:30am ;) I can't go to bed with a messy kitchen!

...Watched my Bengals win a HUGE game against Houston and improve to 7-3-1 on the season! #whodey
...Spent more time with Jared's parents and family for a belated birthday/early Thanksgiving party and feast.

...Napped through most of the the 4 o' clock football games.
...Lost horribly in fantasy football.
...Munched on leftovers all night long (and likely will for the next 3 days)
...Watched the Walking Dead (any other fans out there?) and called it a NIGHT.

This weekend was just entirely too busy to post about other than the bullet points listed above. So much food, so much family, so many friends, loads of laughs and a lack of sleep. Excuse me while I nap at my desk today ;)


  1. YAY for fun weddings, BOOO for rude, rude people. DO I need to find them and beat them up when I get to Ohio, because I will!

    Friendsgiving looked like a great time and hooray for a Bengals win!

  2. Seriously so surprised our family pic turned out so good!! LOL! But yay! I loved seeing so much of your face this weekend!!!!!! MWAH!

  3. Hello, fellow stay up late to clean the kitchen person.

    Love the family pic and also the friendsgiving pics.

    Sorry the stranger at the reception has a crappy life and spews it at others. I'm thankful your life is good and it rolled off of you!

  4. Aww, Friendsgiving sounds like a blast! I would love to do that, maybe next year!

    Yay for football wins and family time! :)

  5. Ya'll had a crazy busy awesome weekend! Happy Thanksgiving week!

  6. Busy weekends are awesome when they are filled like this! That game was great! I got to watch it while John slaved away in the yard. I yelled updates out to him though so he was kept in the loop :)

  7. Whew! I need a nap after reading this.
    It soinds like lots of fun! fun!

  8. Good grief, how did you do ALL of that in one weekend? Time shifting or something? :) Sounds like a blast, minus the cranky wedding person. Funny story. At my own wedding reception (me in my wedding dress!) I walked out of the bathroom and a perfect stranger walked up to me and told me how marriage is hell and we were doomed to divorce and on and on with the marriage bashing until I just walked away. RUDE!! Hope you caught a little cat (bengal?) nap today.

  9. I went to my first Friendsgiving on Friday! We had pie :) Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Happy Thanksgiving week!

  10. ugh why was a stranger an ass to you? not cool! good for you for spinning it around!

  11. Love the family photo! And it looks like you had such a fun weekend! Friendsgivings are the best. :-)

  12. Those are truly the best kind of weekends! So glad you had an awesome Friendsgiving! I miss having them back in Ohio and I have no friends here in Indy! Ugh. I'll have to settle for living large this weekend to make up for it. Also, a big old WHO-DEY?! As much as I love JJ Watt (and that's a lot), I was very excited about the win.

  13. I've always wanted to host or attend a Friendsgiving!!! It looks like you guys were great hosts!! :)

    Also you and Kayla are just too fun! Love the picture! Can't wait to hang out!!!!

  14. After my husband smashed cake in my face at our reception, my grandfather came up to me and expressed his disgust about my husband doing that and how we hadn't been married an hour and he was already abusing me. So yea, that was nice.

  15. Glad your friendsgiving was awesome!

  16. Ugh, rude people...I like your attitude though. I always tell myself when someone is rude to me, I'd rather be me than them. It sounds like the rest of your weekend more than made up for that!


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