October Goals

Here we are again! The fresh start of a new month. The time we all feel most inspired to get our lives together and get stuff crossed off our lists. Posting my monthly goals has definitely helped me get better and better at sticking with them, the longer I've done it. It holds me accountable and even if no one else reads it or cares? It makes me get things done, which feels great. Here's a quick look at my September goals and how I did!

1. Have a no-spend(ish) month. I'd say we rocked this! We paid off another solid chunk of debt and didn't spend a lot of extra money anywhere. Look for a Sallie/Perkins update next week!

2. Reach some weight-lifting milestones.  Yes to this too! Something tough to measure or accurately keep track of, but I was definitely able to lift MORE in September than I ever have Feeling stronger is so empowering and I look forward to keeping at it. I want to have an "after" picture... know what I mean? :)

3. Update some pages/tabs on my blog. Done! Nothing crazy, but I did update some pages and I got rid of my sponsorship options/page. Not sure if this is temporary or permanent, but it feels good, I won't lie.

4. Make a cleaning schedule. This didn't happen. Even with Steph trying to help me, I failed on this one. To our credit, Jared and I have been following along a weekly to-do list much better, but we still need to come up with a set routine.

5. Read another book. I AM currently reading one, but I didn't quite finish it. Still counts, I think? ;)

6. Go on a fun/unique date with Jared. This didn't happen, and now I'm sad! Sure, we got to go to a Buckeyes game, but we didn't plan anything new or different this month. Big fat fail! 

7. Make two new recipes. Yep! I made Zucchini soup which we loved and even made twice. Plus I attempted a recipe with those noodles... but you know how those turned out.

8. Finish my 2012 photobook. While I made progress on it, it did NOT get finished. Add that to the October list ;)

I feel pretty good about September and what we got done and hope to keep on rollin' into October; or, as Jared and I have been calling it #ROCKtober ;)

1. Finish that 2012 photobook. See, it's going FIRST on the list so I can't put it off anymore. They are so fun to make and have but seriously THE most time-consuming thing ever!

2. Visit a fall farm and/or festival with Jared. I'm ready to run through cornfields, pick out pumpkins and drink fresh apple cider. Bring it on, October! 

3. Do another day of freezer cooking. My August freezer day definitely helped our sanity and our wallets - so I'm due to stock us up again. Since October is National Chili Month and I never, ever get sick of chili, I think a double (or triple) batch will definitely make the list this time!

4. Celebrate Halloween. You long-time readers will remember that Jared's cousin throws an awesome Halloween party every year, but last year we were out of town for it. This year I'm looking forward to coming up with awesome costumes, and maybe even actually passing out candy for trick-or-treaters. My feelings might have changed since last year.

5. Be crafty! Whether I actually attempt to get my sewing machine out of the box, or just whip up something fun for our house, I want to step away from the computer/phone some this month and actively do something creative and different. I have a whole closet full of craft supplies that are getting dusty!

6. Buy 2 more Christmas presents. I don't want that financial burden OR that stress come December, so I'm trying to gradually shop for people as I see good deals or find something I know someone will love. Little by little!

7. Get to the gym 18 times. This sounds/looks crazy to type it out, but last month I logged 14 workouts and it really felt great. I want to keep pushing myself every.single.month. I want to continually get healthier and feel better. I'm on the path and don't ever want to stray from it again!

8. Rock this Blog! September was a "weak" blogging month for me, but right now I feel like I'm overflowing with ideas and inspiration- so let's hope we can translate that into rockin' blog posts!

Did you post any goals for this month, or for the fall season?


  1. WOOHOO LADY! I see lots more green than red, way to rock it last month. And I KNOW THAT BOOK IS GONNA GET DONE!!! :)

    Smart trying to shop throughout the year. If you have some girlfriends/lady family on the list LOFT.com is running awesome sales, so I'd check that out. GOOD LUCK! GO YOU IN OCTOBER.

  2. awesome job w last month goals!!!

    We have a plan for a few pumpkin patches this year, I cant wait!!! I need to start gifts too, Ive started Breannas here and there but her big one I need to order online!

  3. Invite me over when you do hour freezer day!!!! ;) you did super well with your goals last month. GO YOU! I know you can hit that 18 workouts girlfriend.

  4. I still can't believe it's October!! Where is the time going?! Mia is going to be TWO in December.... AH!
    I haven't found a chili recipe that is too die for, yet. I'm on the hunt! Maybe I could try yours if you'll share??
    I seriously haven't bought one Christmas gift... December is going to be the craziest month with Mia's birthday and Christmas... I need to get going NOW on gifts!

  5. You definitely rocked you September goals! I keep telling myself I need to get on a cleaning schedule but it's just not going to happen. I DO need to do a freezer meal day. I always think about it but just end up doing meal prep for a week every Sunday.

  6. I absolutely think September was a success for you! Your goals for October are awesome! I know I'll be making some crock pot chili this month. That's such a great idea to shop for Christmas ahead of time! It never occurs to me until December and then I'm so stressed out.

  7. I love your October goals! Since we are only 2 days in and Mic and I are both sick, I have a feeling my goals will be pushed aside for a little while :( Hoping to type them out on the blog to hold my accountable :)
    We are hoping to get quite a bit of Christmas shopping this month since November and December are always super busy for us. Wish me luck! lol!

  8. Good job on the goals last month!! Looking forward to seeing your farm/festival pictures :)

  9. B and I tried so hard to stick with our cleaning schedule but we just weren't looking at it. Finally, I put up sticky chalkboard posters around the house to remind us of our schedule almost everywhere we looked. It ended up being awesome!

  10. You got Rocktober down! Great job on September's goals, keep it going!

  11. I have a cleaning schedule if you want me to email it to you. It has daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly chores. Just let me know! :) And I know there are probably a lot closer to you, but if you feel like venturing to Indiana, Batesville has an AMAZING pumpkin patch. Coop keeps asking when we're going to "picka the punkins". hahaha

  12. Get your craft on, girlie! :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  13. You did pretty well with your goals last month!!! Fall festivals are fun, that will be a fun date!

  14. Great goals for this month & I would say you did awesome with your September goals!!
    It's almost crazy how excited I am to see a Sallie & Perkins update! Always rooting for you two!

  15. Looks like you did great on your September goals and you can totally rock those October ones!!! What is it with fall and crafting? I want to craft too!

  16. Good luck with the freezer cooking. Question on that, when you do it are you storing in a deep freezer or just a regular one attached to a fridge?

  17. October is the perfect month to get crafty!

  18. I love reading other people's goals...is that weird?! Does your gym have a Body Pump class? I love it.

  19. I think you did a great job on your September Goals! Good luck in October!


  20. Pumpkin patches and apple cider are pretty much the best thing about Fall! Get to work on that 2012 photobook- soon you'll have 2014 to deal with!!! I just discovered zucchini but it is seriously delicious, I had no idea what I was missing!
    Can't wait to see how October works out for you!

  21. 18 work outs! YOU GO, GIRL. i just wrapped up a work out at 10 pm on a friday.......... exciting life i lead. :)
    I was in northern MN this week for work and on our way home today it SNOWED. like actual, large flakes so you better boogie on your pumpkin patch, winter is looming!

  22. I love freezer meals! Especially since if you don't get a chance to eat them all, they're in the freezer waiting on you rather than produce and what not going bad waiting to be cooked. Chili is one of my go to fall favorites! If we're getting a little tired of having just a pain ol' bowl of Chili I love that I can mix it up & Make frito Chili pie or Chili dogs etc!

  23. So this is totally random, last night Eric and I watched Draft Day and I told him about you (oh me and my blogger friendships, HA!) and he wondered what you do. And I realized I have no idea what you do at work! So we are totally curious to know what you do! Eric thinks it would be so fun to work in the sports world!

  24. I think I am gonna add 'visit a fall farm' to my list of things to do too!


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