Oct 10, 2014

Need a Boost?

It's really easy to let the mind wander to the negative things, and I genuinely have to make an effort most days to remember all the good that's going on in my life. Since I got my new paper journal, I've been taking more time to write down a few happy thoughts/things multiple times a week. Any time I catch myself complaining too much, I'll whip out my notebook and force myself to change my attitude! I thought I'd share a few of the happy things going through my brain right now in hopes that it might boost your spirits or mood today, too!

The rare, nice customer. I deal with so many meanies at my job that a kind, appreciative customer can make my week.

An understanding boss. I had a really intense headache all day long yesterday and my boss could tell I felt crummy. He didn't mind me coming in a little late AND he offered to grab lunch for me if needed.

Friends becoming Aunts! I know how awesome is it to be an Aunt and it's just as exciting when I see a friend getting to experience the same thing. Yay for nieces!

Orange. My favorite color just so happens to be orange, so it's fun that everywhere I look this time of year I see it!

Debt payments. Sure, they hurt a little bit every time we send our money to student loans, but shortly after the hurt, I feel a little bit less stressed. Every payment gets us closer and closer to financial freedom.

Low energy bills. I love this time of year when I don't have to use the AC or heat consistently yet!

Getting a day off tomorrow. Sure, I have to work Sunday, but I will gladly take the rare Saturday off and enjoy it with Jared!

@earthpix My new favorite Instagram account to follow. So many gorgeous pictures of places, animals and people all over the world. Prepare for the travel bug to hit you hard.

Vacation planning. Speaking of travel, Jared and I still can't decide where to go and what to do for vacation next year- but right now we're having fun obsessing over travel sites. So many options!!

Friendship. I may not have a lot of close friends, but the few I've got are incredible. It's so nice to have people you can talk to about ANYTHING and never feel judged, only supported and loved.
Those are my ten good things for this Friday. What's on your happy list today??


  1. I always love when you do these positivity posts! I especially needed to read this after the week I've had. Enjoy your Saturday off :)

  2. I love the idea of a happy list...so many things to be thankful for (even during a crazy, hectic week). That's so great that you have a fantastic boss. More of them need to be like that!! (Their employees will work harder for them if they are!)

  3. You are so sweet!! I love how you're finding the positives!
    Your boss sounds amazing! Wish Eric had that atmosphere at work. Someday, someday!
    I could seriously clap and cheer over the fact that we aren't running our AC OR heat right now... especially because our energy bill sky rockets through our miserably freezing winters!
    I seriously wish we lived close! We would bff's! I really don't have a super close friend in this town and I'm used to being surrounded by them so it's been hard!
    And HELLO?! I don't even know why you're having a difficult time deciding because you totallllllllly want to come to Utah ;) Or Vegas! We are only a couple hours from Vegas, ha ha!

  4. I love a list of happies! I should make it habit to write them down too :) High five for having adorable nieces - go us!!!!! :)
    Luckily I've have some great bosses in all my jobs so far and they really do make a huge difference!
    DC is a prettty nice vacation spot - just sayin :)
    Have the best day off tomorrow!!!

  5. Fantastic bosses need to be a more popular thing---it really does make it difference. Even made it to your happy list! :) Happy Friday and Happy Happy Happy Day Off Tomorrow!

  6. Love this list, yay for positivity! Thanks for the reminder to keep a good attitude, I've been kind of grumbly this week since I came back from vacation and had to actually get up and go to work every morning! ;)

  7. I seriously love that quote...and you! :) I love low energy bills. Caleb agreed to turn the AC off, can you hardly believe it?!!! ;)

  8. That's one of my favorite quotes!

    Great list. Enjoy your day off tomorrow!

  9. Thank you so much for your positivity today! I wasn't aware of just how much I needed it after such a crazy week. And I definitely feel you on the paying off student debts. It hurts SO BAD seeing those totals coming out of my bank account, but then I remember that it's all to be financially free in the (hopefully) near future!


  10. I love that my energy bill went down this last time from the one before & is projected to drop even lower this next time.

  11. I love no air and no heat - my wallet loves it even more! What else is making me happy on this (rainy) Friday?The ALCS starting today (Go Royals!), and a photo shoot I have with my good friend's soon-to-be one year old tomorrow!

  12. Love this list my friend! I agree. I love that despite my ribs feeling crushed most of the day and like I can't breathe that this baby inside of me is growing :) ha

  13. Have you done a post on vacation tips on a budget? You probably have... We're thinking (okay I'm thinking) about where I want to go next year. Maybe the Grand Canyon? Or Alaska. Those are both on my 30x30 list, and even though I definitely won't get in all the destinations before my bday, I'd like to at least get one more!

  14. I love your happy things list Erin!! Here's mine!
    Enjoy your day off :)



  15. Close friends are SUCH a blessing! And yay for vacation planning!! What places are you considering?!

  16. I love you happy list! Sometimes it is so easy to complain and focus on the pain in the ass things. It's nice to read a few happy lines especially to start the weekend off! Hope you have a fabulous day off tomorrow!

  17. Awhoo hoo for vacation planning! Good for you! & a Saturday off?! Yippee! :)

    By the way, I nominated you for the Liebster: http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/2014/10/you-love-me-you-really-love-me.html. :)

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  18. I bet you end up at Disney! ;)

  19. i feel ya on the friends thing, i've learned the hard way the past couple of years that it's all about quality, not quantity when it comes to friendships. and earthpix is the best.. my makes that travel itch a little worse every time i see a gorgeous beach!

  20. Girl I am like 3 payments away from being done with my grad school loans......I am seriously going to do such a happy dance when that is not hanging over my head anymore!

  21. I'm excited to hear where you choose for vacation! I could seriously spend hours on different travel-related sites, drooling over vacations I can't afford. Oops. And another happy thought? The big win that's coming for the Bengals on Sunday! Have a great weekend, girl! :)

  22. Enjoy every second of your day off girl. You deserve it! Now i'm going to check out earthpix!

  23. I'm usually a super positive person, but I've been feeling myself weighed down in negativity lately and I hate it. But attitude is a choice, and thanks for reminding me to see the good!!!


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