Halloween A to Z

A- Apple Bobbing. I don't know that I'll be doing that this year, but I remember as a kid I was pretty darn awesome at it.

B- Black cats. I had a black cat named Cocoa growing up and even though I was super allergic to her I loved that cat so much- I haven't had a pet since!

C- Candy would be too obvious of an answer. So how about a clue.... my costume this year starts with C! ;)

D-  Dead Ringer. One of my favorite classic movies. It's from 1964 and Bette Davis stars in it. Watch it, trust me.

E- Evil laugh. Just saying, I can do a pretty good one of these.

F- Face paint. Kinda' happy that my costume this year will not require a this. Especially since I have to work bright and early the next day- don't want to risk having a funny tint still.

G- Graveyard. The party we're going to tomorrow goes ALL out with their decor and their front yard usually gets turned into an awesome, creepy graveyard.

H- Haunted Houses. I'm really not a big fan of them, to be honest. Jared begs me to go every year but I can't remember the last time he won that argument ;)

I- It's Alive! Famous quote from Frankenstein.

J- Jack Skellington. Jared and I almost went as Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas this year. There's always next year ;)

K- KitKats. A favorite candy for me. I think they're underrated.

L- Lunatics. Be careful, they all come out tonight!

M- Munchies! There will be plenty of delicious things to be eaten this weekend. Yum!

N- Nightmares. The result of Jared making me watch scary movies with him ;)

O- Oh, Great Pumpkin. Where are you?!

P- Pumpkins, of course! Ours look awesome this year, if I do say so myself ;) 

Q- Quaking. Quaking, quivering, shaking, shivering. Don't get too scared!

R- Rear Window. Now this is my kinda' "scary" movie. An Alfred Hitchcock classic!

S- Spiders! I wish I had a picture of it, but there's a house near us that has GIANT spiders all over their house for decoration. I'm talking at least 3 or 4 feet wide and dozens of them! Here's an example of what I mean, but even this doesn't do their house justice.

T- Thriller. I'm a big Michael Jackson fan (don't judge!) so of course Thriller gets played on repeat a few dozen times around Halloween. 
Yep, I went as MJ for Halloween one year.
U- Undead. Enough said.

V- Vampire teeth. No Halloween is complete without these and a few photo opp's ;)

W-  Witches. This is the prettiest one I know! Hi Natalie!

X- X-Citing stuff? Okay, I fail on X.

Y- Yells. You'll hear them all night long from haunted houses, neighborhood kids and pranksters up enjoying this spooky night.

Z- Zombies. Does anyone else watch Walking Dead and constantly discuss what you will do if this ever happens in real life?


  1. Rear Window is about the only kind of scary movie I can take! I don't like anything gory, but the suspense in that one is awesome!

    1. You need to see Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn. It's also a Hitchcock film, and is sooo suspenseful!

  2. Yes, yes, yes to discussing Walking Dead. And by discuss I mean Freddie and I agree that I would be one of the first to go. Haha. Happy Halloween! and Kitkats?! Delish.

  3. That party sounds like it's gonna be fun! You better take a lot of pictures!
    Also, kit kats! A total favorite! We took Mia to a trunk or treat last night and I tried to get her to pick as many kit kats as possible, HA!

  4. What a fun list! I would probably get stuff on X too --- unless of course I worked Xavier into it some how :)
    And I am such a wuss! Haunted houses, scary movies, etc. are not for me!
    Have fun this weekend! Can't wait to see pics!

  5. I swear Caleb and I have the "if the zombie apocalypse happened right now..." Conversation nearly every day! TWD will do that to your mind!! Lol...can't wait to see how your costume turned out :-) MWAH!

  6. i read Q as quacking.. like a duck.. and i was so confused about what a duck has to do with halloween. GLAD IT IS FRIDAY! ;) love your MJ costume and I am x-cited to see what you guys have planned for this year!

  7. Have fun this weekend! I want to know what you're going to be for Halloween; that hint was not enough!

  8. Ahh I love this!! Happy Halloween friend!!! I can't wait to see what you're going to be and all about the party on Saturday!!

  9. Rear Window!!! I love that movie! And I second the girl who mentioned Wait Until Dark. One of the best movies I've ever seen. Hitchcock movies are my kind of scary movie.

  10. WOW this list is AWESOME!!! Great great references for A-Z! Your pretty witch friend, i'm loving the decor she has on the background thats awesome. REAR WINDOW? YESSSSSS. I HAD to take a gen-ed college course and they showed this movie and i really really loved it so much. Did you make all those munchies? that whole set up is adorable. looks too cute to eat. and I happen to agree Kit Kats are totally underrated!

  11. Your MJ costume is amazing!! I have never seen Rear Window but I need to! I love Alfred Hitchcock and all of those classic suspense movies! Have you ever seen Charade?? AMAZING movie!

  12. Woohoo! Happy Halloween! Love that Michael Jackson costume. So great. Jack and Sally would have been an awesome costume, but I'm so excited to see what you went with this year! Also, The Walking Dead is my favorite show (besides Jeopardy, of course) and I am constantly plotting for the zombie apocalypse.

  13. Loving that MJ costume!!! This is an awesome list! I cant believe Halloween is here and gone already! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  14. I love seeing all the costumes, scary treats, and neat decorations at Halloween. Scary movies? Not so much lol! No worries, my husband and I have our walking dead plan of action in place - I cannot get enough of that show!


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