September Goals

I'm convinced I wouldn't make it through one day without a to-do list (or three), let alone an entire month. Typing them out makes them feel more real and more attainable. Plus, I always love when someone comments and let me know what their monthly goals are and if they posted about them, too. I'm the classic Type-A person who can only get things done with a list in front of me. The more lists the better, I say! ;)

Let's check in on August's goals and see how I did first:

1. Do a day of freezer cooking. Check! Did it once and planned for a second one- check out what I made here.

2. Complete a 30 day fitness challenge. So I was goingggg to do this push-up challenge. And I made it maybe 10 days in before I basically forgot about it. In my defense, I was working out a lot this month and constantly had sore muscles. However, I still want to get better at push-ups so I'm going to keep chugging away at them!

3. Go the entire month without drinking pop. I only had TWO this whole month. Let's go for ZERO in September. I get a 'check' for improvement! 

4. Write 10,000 words in my book. Let's just say, this didn't happen. Moving on.

5. Cross off at least one thing on our passport. :( Not a lot of dating/adventuring happened this month. Just a lot of Netflix... which totally counts as quality time together, but we need to get out more!

6. Finally have that garage sale. Check! We made a couple hundred dollars and felt great about getting a lot of extra clutter out of the house.

Sooooo yeah- August was rough on the goals, apparently. Just keeping it real. I let work get me down way too much and although I'm sure I had plenty of time for many of those things, I just didn't make 'em happen. I guess that means I need to double up on the checklists and seriously get stuff done this month, huh?! Here's my plan:

1. Have a no-spend(ish) month. It's easy to let little purchases add up, and the closer we get to being debt-free, the easier it seems for us to justify small things. There are a few things on the calendar that we'll "have" to spend money on, but I want to pay a lot closer attention to our bank account in September. Sweet victory is so near! 

2. Reach some weight-lifting milestones. I always have a hard time making fitness related goals, so this one is a bit generic. Jared has been training me hard and I'm starting to see little improvements in how much I can lift and what I can do at the gym. Just over the weekend I tried a weight I didn't think I could do and totally surprised myself by being able to do 6 reps! I want to keep pushing and find out what I'm capable of.

3. Update some pages/tabs on my blog. Funny how I always have time to work on other people's blogs and then put mine on the back burner looking like a mess ;) No major changes on the horizon, but a few things are driving me nuts and need updated!

4. Make a cleaning schedule. I'll be the first to admit as much as I love my lists and organization, I cannot seem to get into a normal cleaning routine. Which then stresses me out. And then I'm too stressed to clean. But my house is a disaster! And I can't find anything! And I don't know where to start! So I wreak havoc on my entire house and then vow to never let it get that bad again... but it does, all too soon. Anyone have a great schedule they live by??

5. Read another book. A girl's gotta make me-time and I refuse to let football compleeeetely take over my life. Some quiet reading and an amazing candle are good for the soul.

6. Go on a fun/unique date with Jared. Date nights are always budgeted for so it's time Jared and I actually get out and do something together that doesn't involve renting a movie or going to the gym together. I have a couple of things in mind that I'm excited about and hope we can make them fit into our busy schedule!

7. Make two new recipes. This is always sorta' on my radar, as I'm trying to add more and more to our dinner menu and find new, healthy things we like. The ole' favorites are surely sticking around, but I want to try at least two different ones this month and see if if we can find another delicious dinner option for us!

8. Make plans with Amanda. My college friend (Hi, Amanda! I know you're a faithful reader! :)) and I go way too long in between our hangouts and we've been texting about finding a date to get together. This month we WILL pick a date ma'am! Girl time is necessary.

9. Finish my 2012 photobook. You all have heard me mention these dozens of times, and I'm still chipping away at my photobooks little by little. I'm hoping if I can finish 2012 this month, that gives me the rest of the year to do 2013. You know... before it's 2015! #neverending

10. Make this blog rock. My content and consistency was definitely down in the past month, so I'm hoping to have lots of engaging and exciting stuff in September!


  1. It's exciting how close you are to financial freedom!

  2. 1. You rocked your August goals (and made some cash rocking them ;))
    2. Can't wait to see you accomplish your September goals!!!!
    3. I made a cleaning schedule for my apt awhile ago an it's my saving grace for that place lol. I posted it a few weeks ago.
    4. We consider nights alone watching Neflix a date night lol. It's always so relaxing but we need to get out, too! So definitely feel ya on that one. Can't wait to see what y'all do on your date night! I need some ideas!!
    5. Your blog always rocks!!!! :)

  3. I hear you on the cleaning schedule! I find myself doing the exact same thing. It is just so hard to be consistent.

  4. Great goals for september lady! That's so awesome you're getting stronger. Sometiems when the scale doesn't move [at all] I look back at my fitness book [because I track everyworkout #ocd] and realize how much more weight I am lifting. So I know I'm stronger, even if it doesn't show as much.


  5. Well, first of all your blog does ROCK. Moving on...your freezer cooking from this past month totally inspired me! I have a list of what I want to do.

  6. work on that book because I want to read it!!!!!!

  7. WAIT! You're type-A?!?!?!?! :) You are gonna rock these goals lady friend!

  8. What's a cleaning schedule. Haha! Joking...I hate cleaning too so I'm sure a schedule would be good for us too! Good luck on these goals :)

  9. I need to get on making our photobooks. I'm stacking, big time.

  10. Good luck! I have a cleaning schedule set, let me know if you want to know how I approached it or to see it!

    You're rocking the debt payoff - eyes on the prize and hopefully a no-spendish month will come easy!

  11. I find all kinds of cleaning schedules online all the time and need to just actually pick one and stick with it!!! We have kept ours clean (you know, other than that horrid guest bedroom) and plan to keep it that way! Love all of these goals!!! I hope you and Amanda can set a date to hangout!

  12. Good list, my friend. I went ahead & did my goals as well: :)

  13. My content is pretty much Mia, Mia, Mia. Oops! I need to change it up but I just can't help but always write about her! Ha! September isn't having the best start with posting, poor Mia is so sick so I haven't made the time to post :(
    You're going to rock your goals this month, I just know it!

  14. We just had a yard sale, too, and it was great to get rid of so much stuff. I need to update my blog a little bit as well..change up the tabs, freshen things up!

  15. I love freezer meal cooking. It makes my life with my hectic schedule so much easier!!!

  16. I'd say you did great on your August goals... and I look forward to seeing your progress on your September goals. Blogging and controlling my spending are priorities for me.. I desperately want to get back in the swing of things! :)

  17. This is a no spend month for us too! Good luck! And I'm looking forward to you new blog updates. I think I may have some business for you at the end of the year.

  18. Love this. One of these days I'm going to have to give the freezer meals a shot!

    1. Yes- definitely do it! I just started small and gradually I've done bigger and bigger 'batches' of cooking once I got the hang of things. SUCH a time-saver!

  19. Good luck with your photo book! I have four different Project Life albums on the go and never seem to 'find' the time to work on them. I have also been adding try new recipes each month to my goals and I haven't crossed it off my list once. I'm going to try realllly hard in September to actually do it!

    And also, your blog always rocks! :)

  20. I am totally with you on so many of these goals!

    When you make your cleaning list, can you throw it my way:) I need some motivation!

  21. I'm impressed that you only had twice! I don't drink a ton, but I'm sure I have at least 5/week. You also reminded me that I'm horribly behind on my photo books. I need to start working on them!

  22. Great goals! I can NEVER stick to a cleaning schedule. I don't know what the deal is. I'm all over every other type of schedule or to-do list but cleaning is a giant NOPE.

  23. You know I love my list post friend. Your goals are extra specific this month...that's the best way to get them done. Now print them out and hang them in your office and on your fridge! Woohoo for another month of fun living.

  24. Love for healthy, pretty easy recipes! I made her crockpot Italian meatballs tonight with spaghetti squash, and I was thinking that I could totally make extra meatballs and freeze them. I've frozen chili before, but for some reason have never taken the time to set a specific day aside just for making freezer meals.

  25. If you happen to get any good tips on cleaning, I need 'me. My apt is a hot mess right now. I am just terrible about cleaning the bathroom. I want to know what people think about Swiffers.

  26. I think you did pretty awesome in August. Don't be so hard on yourself :)
    I too live by lists. I couldn't survive one day without making a list!

  27. Yay!! You've inspired me to work on a goals list and I did one for August! Thanks so much for that!!

    (see it here if you want! )

    I'm so proud of you with how well you did with giving up pop (mostly!!!) Nice work, you won't regret it. (POP IS EXPENSIVE TOO!!!)

    And finally ... I agree ... The more lists the better!! :) :) Have a great weekend!!

  28. I really wish I could have a garage sale (a driveway and a garage may help with this!). I'm definitely in a 'get rid of everything' mode, but I'm going to have to donate it all in order to get it out of our apartment. Not that donating is a bad thing, but a couple extra hundred dollars wouldn't hurt!


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