Sep 12, 2014

Crappy vs. Happy

Sometimes crappy things just happen. Little, big... it doesn't really matter. I like to focus on the positive side of things but sometimes you just need to vent about the not so awesome thing that happened before you can move on, amiright? So today I'm telling you the crappy stuff from the week, followed by the happy thing that makes it okay. Like...

Crappy?  Work this week. I have dealt with some of the most ridiculous, rude people in the past few days. It will always amaze me how big and bad someone can feel over the phone and internet. I'd NEVER speak to someone the way these people have talked to me.
Happy?  The Bengals ARE 1-0 and that first win Sunday felt pretty awesome. It's been cool to see the Devon Still story get picked up nationally, too and see the support from many kind-hearted people.

Crappy?  Being so sore that every move makes me wince in pain. It's an effort just lifting my arms up to wash my hair right now! True story.
Happy?  Working out is my jam! Jared is killing me week in and week out and I'm starting to see some new muscles in my arms and legs finally. Watch out world! ;)

Crappy?  Not eating whatever I want all the time. After pigging out Sunday for the Bengals game, my body hated me. It was reminding me why I CANT eat that way anymore. But it doesn't mean I don't still crave all the bad things...
Happy?  Feeling less bloated and gross is worth it. My Granny loaded me up with fresh vegetables from her garden this week and there is truly nothing better than eating something healthy grown with love :)

Crappy?  Looking at all the new fall clothes, and all the summer clothing sales. I'm pretty confident I've got stuff in my online "cart" from every story out there... but I can't click buy. I just look and daydream.
Happy?  We are getting SO CLOSE to being debt-free. It's a major uphill climb for this last student loan, but we killed it in August (can't wait to post about it next week!) and are running full-speed ahead.

Crappy?  Missing my family :( I never get to see them enough.... parents, my sister and her family, grandparents. I wish we could all just live in the same general area! I've been lonely so much lately and I know it's them I've been missing!
Happy?  We make the time together count! Today is officially my Dad's 58th birthday and we celebrated with them last night over BBQ ribs from his favorite local place. While it was just a few hours together, it was good to be celebrating another birthday with him. My dad is awesome and this will forever be my favorite picture of us. Happy Birthday, Dad!!!

Hope your happies outweigh the crappies this week! Happy Friday!


  1. Crappy? Being sick all week.
    Happy? Having an awesome SIL to email with even on those crappy sick days.

    Happy birthday Kevin!!!!

  2. Sometimes life stinks and it's totally okay to vent about it. And you've got everything in perspective so that's what truly matters. I'm sorry about rude people, I really don't get how they can act the way they do!

  3. I don't know WHY people think that being rude and awful is the only way for them to get what they want, or to make them feel better about whatever they are angry about :( I'm sorry you have to deal with that!
    Yay for new muscles! You two are amazing!
    Isn't it sad and pathetic how we just can't handle food anymore? Last night we went to DQ for blizzards and it just tore up my tummy. Ugh!

  4. Ugh the crappy moments are definitely no fun but it sounds like you've had a lot of happy's too!! Happy birthday to your dad and that pic is adorable of ya'll! Have a great weekend girl!

  5. Sorry you've had to deal with rude people! It's really the worst. I've had some ridiculous parents saying ridiculous things to me in the past week and it really throws off your whole day! and Jared and more than welcome to come train me and make new muscles appear in my arms ;) Happy Friday!

  6. What do you do that you have to deal with such awful people?! I feel you on not being able to eat whatever you want. My eating has been pretty crappy this week and (surprise surprise) I feel like crap. Happy birthday to your dad! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. My son Ryan and I had a conversation about rudeness not making people want to help you. I deal with that all the time, and I would much rather help someone who has a problem if they are polite and CALM about it instead of yelling or making comments that are not necessary. Kill 'em with kindness, amiright?

  8. And I swear people are even more open and rude when you are a parent. I've been holding my own for the last 2 years, thank but no thanks for the rude advice.

    Enjoy your evening with your family, celebrating your sweet Dad. It's tough being away from family or not seeing them as much as you would like BUT take the time you do have together and enjoy every single second.

  9. I feel ya, I hate being away from my family. Happy Birthday to your pops! I need to get back into my work out swing, I have been knocked out a bit this week with a gross cold. Hope you have a super fun weekend and I hope people are extra nice to you today at work. :)

  10. Happy birthday to your dad!

    You're a fitness inspiration! Just got done my daily squats I do in the bathroom at work. LOLOL, hey, I gotta get it in.

    I'm sorry people have been inhuman to you. It's ridiculous.

  11. Love how good you are at taking the not so great and turning it into a positive thing!

    And I'm not going to lie - I'm very much looking foward to the first Sunday after the wedding where I can sit on the couch, watch football and eat everything in sight because I don't have to worry about a very tight wedding dress ;) I'll hate myself the next day, but it'll be worth it.

    You're killing this workout thing! Keep it up!!

  12. Crappy - Cold and drizzly
    Happy - tomorrow starts a week long party (minus the trade show for work) because my brother is getting married next Saturday! The fun starts tomorrow night with the bachelorette party

  13. I love this post! And I'm so happy to come across your blog! My hubby works for the Bengals! And I just wrote about Devon Still.. isn't that story amazing? Happy birthday to you dad, love that photo!

  14. I'm the same way about shopping! We're trying to stick to a budget too, but seeing all of the cute Fall clothes is really testing my willpower!

  15. Crappy: Cincinnati is not right next door to where I live
    Happy: I'm coming back someday soon!!

    Have a great weekend!! :)

  16. Crappy that my Saints are playing your Bengals
    Happy that my Saints brought 100 Still jerseys
    Happy that the Bengals resigned Still so he can pay for his daughter's medical bills

  17. I love the idea of venting but then turning it into a positive. Sorry you had to deal with rude people!

  18. i love this post. reminds me of something from one of my favorite colleen hoover books. i hope those customers start being nicer to you. i have a customer service phone job right out of college and it was terrible how rude some people are to someone they don't know! i used to hate having to put a smile onto my face and making sure my voice was pleasant and didn't show a hint of the irritation i was feeling towards that rude person! hopefully next week is better :)

  19. Happy Belated Birthday to your dad! I am glad you are able to find a happy in all your crappy! Little by little, bit by bit and soon there will be no more crappies! :)

  20. Fresh, homegrown veggies can taste so amazing! And seriously, you are so close to being done with debt, it won't be long before you can add a few more splurges to your budget!

  21. Life is all about balance, right?! I will take being sore any day over not working out. So worth it when you feel better! Isn't it amazing when you start eating better, then have a veg day and realize how horrible eating like that really makes you feel? Kudos to your better eating habits!

  22. That picture with your dad is precious! I know what you mean about missing your family. My brother lives in California, my sister lives in Arizona, and my parents live in Cincinnati. I miss them all the time, but you're right about really cherishing the time you get to spend with them.


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