Don't Roadtrip Without...

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Now I may not be a mom yet, but sometimes with our group of friends it feels like I'm the "mom" of the group. We seem to take my car on most of our roadtrips, both near and far. My car's been to Arkansas, Philadelphia, Nashville and Indianapolis just in the past year! And kids or no kids, us adults are pretty good at making a mess as well. Let's be honest, when you're in a car that long- there better be a surplus of snacks and drinks if you want everyone to arrive at the destination and still be friends ;)

I remember specifically a roadtrip Jared and I went on where we super pumped, had just stopped to fill up for gas and grab a couple energy drinks before we got back on the road. We "cheers-ed" our drinks and were off- - - just as Jared cracked open his drink that had unfortunately gotten shaken up. Sticky, sugary liquid everywhere! He was so mad, and I'll be honest, I cracked up laughing. I should have been mad too (Um, hello mess! In my car!) but his face just looked so distraught I couldn't help but laugh out loud.
This photo was taken SECONDS before sticky mess occured.

Luckily, as "Mother Hen" of the group I have learned to be much more prepared for instances like this. I keep all the necessities close by when we're hitting the road:  Gum, mints, pain relievers, chapstick, bandaids and of course Wet-Nap for the messes we're bound to make along the way.
Wet-Nap for road trip

Wet-Nap wipes
Wet-Nap is stronger than before, ultra soft and moisturizes with aloe so your hands feel amazing after you clean up with them. No matter if you're snacking on cheese poofs or chocolate- Wet-Nap will take care of you!
wet-nap in the car

I pick up mine at Walmart because of their every day low prices. And as if their prices weren't already great- there's currently a great coupon to get $.55 off your next Wet-Nap product purchase while supplies last. You can choose from either the Fresh or Citrus scent- and they also come in individually wrapped packets if you want to be able to throw a few in your purse or bag while on the road.

Most of you should be able to find the product in the napkin aisle at Walmart, but they can also be located in the toiletries section near the baby wipes. Grab some now and don't ever roadtrip without them!


  1. I need these. Life with a toddler is CONSTANTLY just sticky.

  2. I have wet wipes in my purse at all times. A necessity if you have kids or not :)

  3. I'm the mom of my group too. And I love wipes, because sticky hands and thing are gross. :)

  4. I keep wet wipes in my car at all times. Especially when having my child & my man child in there! lol. I have never tried this brand though! I will have to get some!

  5. So, not to be THAT person, but I'm totally going to be that person. Jordan used to drink Monsters sometimes before work when he was really tired, and he found out recently that the image on the front of the can is supposed to be the Mark of the Beast (aka the sign of the antichrist). I'm not saying Monster energy drinks are evil or anything, but he's stopped buying them because he doesn't want to support that company. Just thought as a church-goer yourself you might be interested in that little factoid :)

  6. Okay well then, sounds like I'm ready to take a road trip with YOU! ;)

  7. I'm the mom of every road trip too & I always have a wipe of some sort to do cleaning of the vehicle or persons in said vehicle. Ha!

    Mandie ~

  8. I hear ya, I'm like the mom of our group too because I feel like I'm the one who actually takes the time to think things through, plan, etc. I need to get some wipes for in my car, thanks for the reminder!

  9. I need to start keeping wipes in my car, just keeps everything cleaner, and we both know my car can always be a lil cleaner ;)

    Thanks for always being 'mom' on our road trips ;) hehe

  10. Having wet wipes on hand is always a good idea :)

  11. I am always labeled the "mom" of our trips and even group hangouts LOL

  12. I don't have kids (yet) either but I'm the "mom" of road trips too! Totally random but check out this balloon artist-- the first picture one like it belongs at PBS!

    1. Omg that is SO awesome!! I want to call him up and hire him right now! ;)

  13. I'm definitely the mama of the group, too haha. I'm surprised at myself for not already having some of these because I'm always trying to wipe up car messes with old napkins. Ick!


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