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I'm sure I sound like a broken record many times during the fall months, but when your life is a continuous stream of late nights, weekends and football games things start to run together so much that I can't always form an original thought on this blog. You understand right? Not only is it tough to form an original thought, but it's this time of year that I struggle the most to have delicious dinner options for Jared and I that also have high quality ingredients
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Hormel's new Everyday Scratch and Hot Sandwich Meats have been a huge time-saver, if you ask me. It's nice to have a versatile protein that I know has ZERO preservatives in it. I can't tell you how many late nights I've run into Kroger, just scrounging for something to whip up for dinner and have ended up purchasing something totally unhealthy just because it was more convenient. Now my local Kroger is carrying these bad boys and I am thrilled! You can find them in the refrigerated entrees section, fyi... so you don't go wandering around aimlessly near the pizzas like I typically do.
High quality ingredients #shop
Straight from the grill flavor  #shop
Low-carb dinners are pretty much what Jared and I strive to serve each night. When I plan ahead and we use our crockpot, this typically isn't a problem. But it happens without fail that there are nights we just didn't plan for and it's all too easy to grab something unhealthy in the drive through. Hormel's ready-to-go proteins have made this much easier. I'm loving their Rotisserie chicken that is vacuum sealed and takes just three minutes in the microwave. Throw in a side of veggies and you've got a complete meal!
Straight from the grill flavor

Jared particularly loves the Philly Steak hot sandwich meat that is #NewFromHormel. Again, just a few minutes in the microwave! I'm sure it would be delicious on a bun (for all you carb lovers!) but it's just as delicious and filling on a bed of lettuce and topped with cheese!
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If you want to try these tasty new products yourself use this coupon for Hormel's Everyday Scratch to save $1 off any variety or $1 off their Hot Sandwich Meat


  1. Those look so good AND easy!! I can definitely see Matthew loving the Philly Steak hot sandwich meat as well! Can't wait to try these!! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  2. I need to try these!!! I love easy!!!

  3. This sounds perfect for my household! Thanks for sharing Erin! I will add them to my grocery list :)

  4. Sounds perfect for a busy night when cooking is the last thing I want to do. Thanks for sharing, Erin.

  5. I'm usually in the pizza aisle, too, so it's good to know there are other options that are just as easy! :) #client


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