Jul 30, 2014

Let's Be Addicted Together

Some people never tell ANYONE they know in real-life that they blog. Which blows my mind. Now don't get me wrong, I didn't set up a blog and instantly blast it out to the world, or announce it on Facebook or anything like that. I blogged sporadically for awhile, trying to figure out what the heck Blogger even was. But as I blogged more and more, I started telling people about it. First just a couple close friends knew about it; they basically looked at it, said "that's weird" and we moved on. Then family started reading it, and friends of the family and now it's no secret to anyone that I have this blog now.

So since I'm out of the bloggy-closet and have been for QUITE some time now, I'm determined to get everyone I know blogging. I don't think a week goes by that I don't tell a friend or a cousin that they should start a blog. If anyone I know even so much HINTS that they're interested in blogging, I offer them my services and tell them I want to teach them everything. True life, I'm addicted to blogging and want everyone else to be as well ;)

I say all that to say that it makes me SO excited when a "real life" friend starts a blog. It's like a blogfriend/realfriend jackpot when that happens. Chelsea was one of my great friends in college and she's unfortunately probably got more dirt on me than any one person should have ;) Our college years were awesome and as life goes, we drifted apart after we both graduated. We kept up on Facebook, sure, but it was rare for us to chat and it had been a looong time since we'd really caught up. Basically? Blogging brought us back together and I couldn't be happier to share this sweet girl with the rest of the world!

So Chelsea, tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you pick your blog name?
The name of my blog, A Little Bit of Heaven with a Wild Side, fits me perfectly. I am a stubborn, opinionated and strong-willed sinner saved by grace.

How about sports? You into those?
Sports are a BIG deal in my house! I love the Bengals, the Reds, Michigan football (I know, I know, I can hear the haters now) and Duke basketball. Seriously, JJ Redick will forever be my favorite person on Earth. Not many people share my love for Michigan Football and my Dukies, right Erin? (<--- For the record, I hate Duke. -Erin)
Favorite college memory with Erin, go.
Haha, oh man! I could name quite a few, but for the sake of our reputations I will say my favorite would have to be: Toga night at the basketball game, along with MANY other theme nights, OR belting out "Nobody's Supposed to be Here" at the top of our lungs in the apartment bathroom. Really, why didn't we get invited to the Grammy's?! 

Your a busy, working momma. What's your go-to weeknight meal?
I have two "go-to meals": Baked Penne (you can never go wrong with carbs and lots of cheese, right?) and this fantastic, super easy chicken, potato, and green beans dish that I found on Pinterest. It's very simple: put chicken breast, green beans, and red potatoes in an 9x13 dish and cover it with a little bit of butter and a package of Italian dressing mix. Ta-da!

Favorite blog post of yours that you'd like everyone to read?
This is a tough question, because many blog posts are very dear to my heart. However, if I had to choose, I would say this one right here. This post came straight from my heart and is one that I go back and read time and time again.

If you want to read more about Chelsea's adventures in life, teaching and as a momma- check out her blog here! And then immediately go make all your friends a blog and get them started ;)


  1. Hi! So I started reading your Blog about 3 months ago and I noticed this post today. I noticed the gentleman in Chelsea's photo and thought to myself, "hum, he looks familiar". That is because he IS familiar. I went to the same church as him for a bit during high school and we went to the same high school as well (he is maybe a year or two younger). Such a small world! Thank you for sharing this blog. I just started blogging and don't get to it very often, but I am at livelaughkeeponloving.blogspot.com if you would like to check it out!

    1. How funny is that!?! Small world indeed! Thanks for saying hi, I love finding other Ohio bloggers especially! FYI- I couldn't find an email address to respond to you directly to. you're a 'no-reply' blogger!

  2. I am a secret blogger....shhhhhh :)! Only a few people in real life know I have a blog, because I want to feel free to just be meeeeeee! ;)

    YAY for a friend that's now blogging, so fun, so, so, so fun!

    Love that picture in the bathroom, ROCK IT OUT!

  3. THIS MADE MY DAY!! Thank God for decent, appropriate pictures. You're right, I am SO thankful that blogging brought us back together. Thank you friend!! :)

  4. There are a couple of people in my real life that know about my blog, but not many. I'm loving your new haircut!

  5. I am the same way! At first I was kind of hesitant about sharing my blog with everyone but once I got the hang of it I love sharing with people!! I'm trying to make everyone I know a blogger now. So fun reconnecting with an old friend! :)

  6. Secret blogger here as well....I just recently outed myself to a friend who harassed me about becoming a hermit. Now? She's a follower. eek. Good thing I still love her, I did swear her to secrecy for now though since I'm still getting my confidence about being out there.

  7. I use to tell people then my stepmom blew up about it so I'm careful who I tell now. My stepmom doesn't think I should do it, esp venting if needed, so I just don't tell her anymore. I also don't post a lot of personal stuff in case its found by her. She's just very judgemental.

  8. I didn't tell people about my blog at first because I'm a little self-conscious at times but then I realized that one of the reasons I was blogging was to fully express myself and if people in my real life can't deal with that, then that's more their problem than mine. I worry too much about other people's judgement and sharing my blog was a way of letting that go.
    I'll check out your friend's blog! thanks for sharing!

  9. Only a few close friends know I blog but I don't post about it on facebook and twitter?! I guess because I'm still "friends" with random people on there and they can stalk my life that way?? Haha I'm not sure why I feel self-conscious about it! My mom said she wants to start a blog so that would be interesting :P
    That's really cool you guys could reconnect this way!

  10. LOVE that bathroom pic!! :)

  11. haha i Love this and i love her blog :) I am working my way out of the blogging closet as now and it feels so good knowing that I don't have a secret life anymore!

  12. Real life people don't get blogging but bloggers? We understand. Total get it and because of that, it's not super odd that I share my world on the internet for every Tom, Dick and Harry to read.

  13. I love Chelsea! Her blog is so fun!! I think my favorite part of this post though are those college pics ;) ohhh the blackmail close friends will always have on each other, haha!

  14. I am one of those people who hasn't told anyone in real life about my blog. I don't know how I would or what I would say. And really, right now I'm okay with no one knowing. I can just be me on my blog and not worry what anyone would think about what I post there. Especially with my weight loss stuff on there.

  15. I'm still halfway in the closet with my blog ;) I feel weird saying that.. I publish my posts on Facebook but I don't bring up my blog in conversation yet. I am not quite ready for that yet. I need a little more time under my belt and a little more confidence.

  16. I will for sure add Ms. Chelsea. I'm always up for more awesome bloggers to follow! :)

    Me, well, I'm still in the "blogger closet". People know that I have a blog, I talk about it but they don't know where to find it. Right now, it's just my little piece of the Earth that I can say whatever I want without having to worry about someone seeing it...if that makes any sense.

    Mandie ~ http://badbrewpack.blogspot.com/

  17. I think I'm half in the closet. I tell people, and don't keep it a secret, but NO ONE I know has a blog, so when I say my blog, they don't really react, they just say oh, and move on.

  18. I tried to get my cousin addicted...and she knows the actual link to my blog. A couple of friends vaguely know I do it & my mom just found out but no one but my cousin actually knows the link...I haven't hid it from them but they didn't ask so I didn't give it.

  19. Ahhh how fun is that?! I am a closet blogger but I do think it would actually be neat to find out someone I know also blogs. Maybe they do and I just don't know about it :P I used to freak out at the thought of anyone I know reading it but I've loosened up a little...now I wouldn't really care if someone found it, but at the same time I don't want to advertise it.

  20. I wish more of my IRL friends blogged. And by more, I mean ANY! I need more people in my life to talk blogging with!

  21. Going to meet her now! Plus, she's gotta be awesome...her picture is a FALL picture! my kinda gal! lol


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