It's a Good Day When...

...You get to Skype with your 14-month-old niece.

... A customer is actually complimentary on the phone instead of yelling at you.

... Dinner is in the crockpot waiting on you.

...You somehow peeled yourself out of bed to get to the gym before work.

... A new baby is born into the family!

... The scale tells you a happy number.... finally.

... Bloggers get together to network and chat and bring big ideas together!

... You get something free.

… People sign up for Swagbucks using your referral link.

... Someone repins something you actually created/wrote.

... Jared says "I bought you some candy" :)

... The creativity is flowing and you crank out a few thousand words in your book.

... You link up with some faves and a list totally counts as a blog post for the day!

Go link up with Brittany and Lisa :) Tell me what makes YOU have a good day.
=It's A Good Day Linkup


  1. Okay 1] I thought it said peed yourself out of bed...haha, I'm a weirdo!

    2] A happy number on the scale is the BEST!

  2. Yay happy days!!! Skyping with a cute baby is definitely happy!! What a cute link up!

  3. ooh new baby!? Can you share pics of this one? :)

  4. Love this list! This linkup is so fun...nothing better than a bunch of positivity first thing in the morning! I totally agree--there isn't much better than having dinner in the Crockpot and not having to worry about what to fix at the end of the day!

  5. Yay for the gym - I'm trying to be motivated for the gym today but I did one of my favorite classes yesterday and man the lunges really got to me. So I may have to rest but then I may just go do the bike and catch up on reading.

  6. oh wow! it was a good day!!!! :)

  7. Im such a fatty, but I love it when Ross brings me home an ice cream sandwich. I just light up - haha!! It ends my day very well!

  8. What a great idea for a link up!

    What is swagbucks? I see you post about on twitter and I'm curious. :)

  9. Great list - I love this idea for a post! Is it a one-time linkup?

  10. I did not know about this link up but I am liking it! And definitely having dinner ready in a crockpot when I get home is amazing.

  11. cheers to the swagbucks! and skyping with nieces or nephews- I love skyping with my sister's 10 month old- he is so gosh darn cute, and all smiles at this age!

  12. I just found your blog and I love it! I agree with the peeled yourself out of bed before work one... I will be doing that tomorrow before work and I am hoping it will help make for a great day!
    I've really enjoyed reading your last couple posts :)

  13. Aww this is a fun link up! I have work out clothes laid out on my floor but haven't touched them in the last week…whoops :) I love when Peter says he has something for me hehe.

  14. Yes to all of those things. This month for the first time ever in my life I have been working out 2 days a week in the morning before work and while I hate getting up so early it is awesome to get it over w/ and not have to do it after work!

  15. I really want to read your book. That's all.

  16. Oh I like this linkup!! :) And now I want candy. Thanks for that.

  17. 1.) YES. Candy. What type is your favorite?!
    2.) I love when people use my referral links for ANYTHING.
    3.) What is your book about?!
    4.) Great list! Thanks for linking up :-)

  18. new babies is always exciting!!

    i love when i make dinner in the crockpot,it makes me feel so productive early in the morning!

  19. This link up rocks! So does your list. Especially free stuff. Free stuff rules!


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