Happies 2.0

I was looking around for blogging inspiration and decided to take a timehop and see what I was writing about exactly one year ago. I think sometimes it's easy to forget what we all as bloggers put into words day after day, year after year, so it was nice to look back. Fortunately, it was a cool post. I wrote a list of things currently making me happy and you know what? The 365-day-old post still made me happy today. So I thought I'd do a "happies" 2.0 today.

Coming home from a long day to find the smallest of surprises from my husband. He was able to get a weird light fixture in our lower level to finally work and it's probably sad how excited that made me!

New kitchen gadgets. Hello, Pampered Chef party. I didn't go overboard like I'd love to, but just a couple new things for my kitchen are enough to lift my spirits and inspire my cooking.

Getting an email from an old college friend I haven't caught up with in awhile. 

Going through old pictures and laughing at what babies we used to look like. Hello, 2009!
wedding couple

The smell of lilac when I walk out the door in the morning.

Remembering I still have a couple giftcards from my birthday to use. Holla!
gift cards

Our city's annual "trash" day. This weekend we can put anything we want at the curb and they'll pick it up. Goodbye old, broken tube TV and bathroom sink!

Solving a problem at work and being recognized for a good idea.

Disney movies and how they have the ability to just make you feel warm and fuzzy inside no matter your age, no matter your mood, no matter what.
Frozen Disney Olaf

When Jared and I's paychecks end up being deposited on the same days. It only happens maybe 1/3 of the time, so it's fun to feel "rich" for about a day before we pay bills.

A hilarious snapchat from a friend.

The free songs on iTunes that come out weekly. Sometimes they're awesome, sometimes not so much. But you know how I feel about free things. #tightwad

Blogging. Bloggers. Blates. Giant blates, like the one I'll be going to tomorrow. All Ohio bloggers are welcome- if you need details, just ask! I'm excited to meet so many great ladies this weekend.

Freshly washed sheets. Ahhh, there is no better feeling.

Baby animals at the zoo. Thank you, Kayla, for sharing this baby flamingo picture with me!
baby flamingo

Trying a new recipe and it turning out even better than you thought it would be.

Sweet cards in the mail "just because" someone was thinking of you.

Sore muscles after a really good workout.

What's making you happy today? Take the time to think of all the good that's out there-
 I promise you'll have a better day :)


  1. That picture of you guys is so cute!! Happy Friday girly!


  2. The "trash day" does sound awesome. I can definitely think of some things I would be getting rid of....

  3. Trash day?? I am so jealous of that!! It's actually kind of sad how jealous I am of that. Officially an adult.

  4. Now I'm curious what I wrote about a year ago! I love looking through old pictures - it's cool to see how much has changed even if it doesn't feel like much. Everything in baby form is just adorable :)

  5. I finally used a gift card I've had for a while, it's like getting presents for no reason!

    I hope you have fun at your HUGE blate, can't wait to see pictures.

  6. yay for gift cards! I love kid movies, they just make you feel like a kid again! Plus, Frozen was super cute! Loved the snowman!

  7. I've never understood how people can save gift cards. I spend them like there's no tomorrow. haha! I have a friend who has a gift card from Christmas, I'm like "how?!" lol.

  8. I love the photo!!! gift cards are the best aren't they?!

  9. I seriously love looking back on old blog posts!! So awesome. I love happies!!! Baby animals are simply the best, and girlfriend! USE those gift cards!! ;)

  10. Clean sheets, after a shower is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It's my favorite weekly routine :) [yes i'm a nut job that changes her sheets every week].

    Disney movies are the best for sure.

    Love that picture of you and Jared, that dress is pretty smashing!

  11. Excellent post, my friend. I love it & I love that dress you're wearing in that picture. Very cute!

    BTW, you should hook me up with your Snapchat user ID so we can Snapchat. :)

  12. I'm about to change my sheets twice a week, that's how much I truly love freshly washed sheets.

    I love your circa 2009 dress.

    Happy weekend!

  13. Yay for happy things! I LOVE that dress on you, btw!

  14. I love clean sheets so much! I just wish I had a little magic fairy who would make the bed because wrestling fitted sheets are like my worst nightmare ;-)

  15. The baby flamingo is adorable!
    I also love that dress in the 2009 pic LOL

  16. Absolutely can't wait to meet you tomorrow!!

  17. So many good things in this list! Thanks for the picture of the baby flamingo. I don't think I'd ever seen one but now that I have, the percentage of baby animals I've seen that are also cute is still at 100% ;)
    Today I bought a romper for the first time and it is making me indescribably happy. I have no idea if it looks good or terrible but $16 for a whole outfit is something I couldn't pass up!

  18. Oh my! I have never seen a baby flamingo before!!! SO CUTE!

    Having gift cards is so awesome, hello free money! And clean sheets! If it wasn't such a pain to clean them and put them back on the bed, I would do it way more often then like once a week.

  19. Fresh clean sheets are the best. Not sure what it is that makes them feel better to sleep on. Only wish I had time/energy to wash mine more!! :)

  20. Reading about that trash day made me jealous...haha. I must be old. We've been cleaning out things like crazy and I hate that I can't just put out everything on the curb. Okay end trash talk. Haha. I love that old picture of you and Jared AND please fill me in on the big blate. I can't go because of father's day plans, but what's going on?!

  21. This is a great list. Love it. Finding gift cards you forgot you had is the best surprise ever.

  22. Sore muscles are the best even if I feel like an 80-year-old when I have to sit down to pee! That's the worst! Haha! I just went to a Pampered Chef party too and kept my wallet in check by only getting three things for just over $50 - yay, self control! And lilacs are the best! Seriously, one of my favorite smells of all time. And you guys are nerds - funny pic!!

  23. This whole list made me happy! Do you know what else makes me happy? A blate next week. :)

  24. Gift cards & sweet cards in the mail are two of my favorite things... hehe. I love this post so much!

  25. Can we talk about how CUTE that dress is?!?!?! Your skinny mini little self needs to bring that bad boy back!


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