The Makings of a Roadtrip

Hey friends! I'm extending my long weekend just a bit longer, as I'm not at the office today! Don't be too jealous though, Jared and I are making the 8.5 hour drive home my sister's house. We got to spend the weekend with them and celebrate my niece with a belated birthday for her. I hadn't seen my niece since Christmas so I just about exploded with excitement when we got there. She is just as cute as ever and for any new readers that don't understand why I can't post her picture, you can read about that here.

Anyway- Jared and I are pretty great roadtrippers at this point in our lives. I mean, in just the past few years we've driven to Hilton Head, Indianapolis, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Memphis, middle-of-nowhere Arkansas, Nashville... and more I know I've forgotten! so I thought I'd share our top 5 things that make a good roadtrip.

1. Snacks, snacks, snacks.
There is nothing worse than being on the road when hunger strikes and you just feel torn. You need food, in fact you're headed to the "hangry" zone, but you wanna' keep going. You need to be able to beat what the GPS says is your estimated arrival time. So stock up on the snacks before you leave. Easy, non-messy snacks work best and don't forget plenty of drink options. I always have my giant jug of water, but it's nice to have a juice or pop to mix it up!

2. Timing up your stops with great restaurants.
So you'll eventually have to stop somewhere. Maybe overnight! If this is the case, pick your hotel based on which one has the best restaurants around it. I'm serious. Jared and I always look for hotels near Mexican restaurants. What's up Old Mexico of Washington, PA?! We love you!

3. Print a hard copy of your directions.
Yes, this makes me sound like an old fart, but it has gotten us out of some sticky situations more than once. You never know when your phone or GPS will die or lose a signal, etc. It's nice to have map/back-up plan in case that happens or in case of an expected detour!

4. Pamper your car a bit.
Before any roadtrip, I always check to see if I'm due (ahem... or way overdue) for an oil change and take care of that before hitting the pavement. It's nice to know they'll check tire pressure and other odds and ends while I'm there too, so 'ole Emma will be ready to pound out a few hundred or so miles. I'm also guilty of having a dirty, disgusting car more often than not, so I use roadtrips as an excuse to clean her out on the inside, wipe down the dash and just make it a little less stinky since we'll be spending a lot of time together.

Lastly, and MOST importantly***
5. Have massive amounts of music available.
We love a good karaoke or even dance party session in the car, so it's important to have lots of variety in your music. Jared always makes a new mix CD of all kinds of fun stuff, new and old for any roadtrip we take. Then we make sure we've got a case of CDs at our fingertips to flip through and fit any mood. I always label my CDs so it's fun to pull one out that says "Spring Break 2007" and see what the heck I was jamming to then.


  1. I get hangry way too often on road trips (and at home! lol)

    I still cant believe you are so close when you stop at the restaurant....seriously like 30 min from me!!!! lol

    I have to have hard copy of directions!!! gps is great but I need to physically read the directions, so I guess Im an old fart too ;)

    pamper away, we do the same....thanks for reminding me I need to do that before we head to AL

  2. I have a feeling that y'all's mix CDs are the bombdiggity and I think I want a copy or two or a playlist sometime.

  3. Hanger is real! Snacks help.

    I love listening to my old mix CDs.

    Safe travels!

  4. Have a great road trip back. Very good tips for road trippin, breaking out the old cds and singing is the best!

  5. So happy you got to go visit your neice! Totally agree with your list. The first thing John does is work on the music list. He could forget all of his luggage and brush it off. But if he doesn't have music it's over.

  6. So glad you got to visit your cutie niece! :) I bet you guys had the best time!! I used to do 11 hour road trips to see my dad in the summer but I mostly slept haha. Having fun company with you on the road trip is great too :)

  7. Are you near me?!? Hope you had a blast of a weekend. I always want to go on long road trips but worry I will get car sick (which I'm known to do).

  8. Sometimes when there are newly built roads (or if we're on a dirt road), the GPS totally freaks out. Smart thinking! I want to do a road trip soon!!!

  9. Yes, the best road trip advice ever! Because a road trip without snacks and music is just a sad, sad experience!

  10. love these tips. Especially the snacks one. I always feel that calories don't really count when you're on a road trip :) Random fact about me and my husband, we've been together for almost 11 years and have NEVER listened to the radio while driving. Even when we drove for 11 hours from Washtington D.C. to Vermont...silence. For us it's weird to have music on in the car when we're together. We're strange like that.

  11. These are all great tips! Mic and I try to pick a new spot every year on our vacation to stop at overnight. It is something to look forward to and different than the rest of our vacation :) Another tip would be to have a portable DVD player or tablet for little ones to watch movies or play games when it gets dark out.

  12. agreed on all counts! glad you had a great time.So in just a few weeks the adoption should/can be permanent right?

  13. Labeling mix CD's are the best. Caleb and I jammed out to some crazy and amazing stuff over the weekend on our little roadtrip! Agreed with everything, ESPECIALLY the part about good snacks ;)

  14. I am DYING for a road trip now that summer has happened upon us. Hopefully soon - looks like you guys had a great time :)

  15. Definitely agree with all of these!! :) Snacks are a must! Jon and I always get Dunkaroos for road trips...hahaha They are like a staple! Oh and I totally print a hard copy of directions too--came in pretty handy when we were driving to Wilmington, NC and the GPS told us to take exit 19..which didn't exist...that was fun. ;)

    1. Definitely! The hard copy of directions has saved us more than once! PS- you are set up as a 'no-reply' blogger, so I couldn't find a way to email my response to you!

  16. And lots of things to keep me entertained. We went on. 3 hour trip last time & I had yarn and books to keep me entertained

  17. Those are all things that I need for a road trip as well especially the music selection. My Spotify is always going when I'm in the car. :)


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