May Goals

Last month I checked off 4 of my 5 goals, which felt pretty good! The only one I didn't do was lose any weight... I maintained, but didn't lose. That's clearly my focus this month with the #4weeksfit challenge but I have some other personal goals and things I'd like to do in May as well!

1. Start on 2012 photo book.
No, that was not a typo, I mean 2012. I JUST finished my 2011 photobook a couple weeks ago which felt amazing to finally have done. It was a big year, our first year of marriage and tons of exciting things to cram into one photobook. I lost track of how many pages the photobook ended up being, but it's massive! Now I want to actually not wait another year to get started on my next one. Photobooks might take forever, but they are so worth it!

2. Finish a book.
Ever since vacation I've been hooked on reading again. It's so nice to make time for something that is truly just a hobby. Just something I enjoy doing and I try to set aside a little time for each day.
Currently reading; Also, my first ebook ever from the library. I am OBSESSED!

3. Have an AMAZING month of debt-payoff.
I mentioned last month that we'd recently reevaluated our financial situation and we're ready to step up our game and slash our remaining debt as soon as possible.

4. Pick something on my 30 before 30 list to work on/accomplish.
There's a lot on that 30 before 30 list that's a work in progress, but I'd like to pick something this month to get a start on or make progress toward. Not quite sure what that is yet, but I'll figure it out soon, I hope ;)

5. Try 3 new recipes.
I am totally guilty of making the same 'ole, same 'ole all the time for dinner. Don't get me wrong, those regular dishes are things we love, but its easy to forget that there are recipes and cookbooks just waiting for me to dive into them! If you've got a new favorite *healthy* recipe, send it my way!

**BONUS GOAL** Celebrate our 3rd anniversary on May 28th and come up with a creative gift idea for Jared!! :)
How was this an entire year ago?! #timeflies

What are you hoping to accomplish this month??


  1. Yay for your anniversary! Our first one is coming up next month! Not sure what we want to do yet. These are all super goals! Good luck!

  2. I know how easy it is to suddenly get WAY behind when it comes to pictures!

  3. Karen kingsbury isy FAVE author!! I just finished reading the entire Baxter series (24 books
    In all including the spinoffs) but I highly recommend it, best series I have ever read :)

    Congrats on everything you have accomplished and good luck to this months goals!!!

  4. Great goals!!

    I have a really good pesto lasagna dish that's healthy and makes just 4 servings (instead of the usual 75 servings lasagna makes). If you like pesto/ricotta, let me know :)

  5. Yay for the anniversary MONTH! ;) This is the birthday month of both of my babies so I'm a busy momma! I love it though, wouldn't change a thing;) You make me feel like a major slacker. I haven't finished a book since Savanna was born.

  6. I just shared this recipe over on The Lady Okie's blog but I am obsessed with these salmon cakes:

    You can use canned wild salmon which is less expensive that filets. I usually don't include red onions. They can be served on top of a salad or made like burgers with your favorite bun or flatbread. Soo good and really quick + easy!

  7. What books are you loving right now? I need some new ones!
    One of my 27 before 27 goals is to try a new recipe each week... so far so good! Thank goodness for Pinterest, blogsee and whole food IG accounts!

  8. P.S. Who do you get your photo books through?

  9. Man, I wish our library had ebooks. Where did you get yours from?

  10. These are great goals! I wish I had time to look at a magazine! But once you have a kid your free time goes toward cleaning, laundry, and sleeping! lol!

  11. Cannot wait to finished my photo books! Like, even the thought of having them all up to date is crazy to me! Good luck on all your goals!!! Let us know what 3 new recipes you try!!

  12. I didn't read the whole post so you'll probably get a second comment but I saw your book - don't read it in public or anywhere but home - I brought it to the office and cried all day - saddest book ever!

  13. Awesome goals! I just sat down this morning and figured out if I upped my car payment by $25 a month, I'll have it paid off by December with a very, very small payment in December. I cannot wait!!

  14. I'm so far behind on photo books too! I want to hopefully work on the end of 2012 this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!

    1. It's so easy to fall behind on photobooks! They take a LOT of time, but always worth it once they are done and printed :)

  15. I like your goals for the month! I have my photobook put together for my wedding but haven't had the money to pay for it yet, so it just sits out there waiting to be ordered & I wanna order it RIGHT NOW! Ha! But they are a lot of work but, like you said, totally worth it. I love looking back at pictures. :)

  16. I've recently gotten back into reading too and I forgot how much I love getting lost in a good book! I just finished Me Before You and highly recommend it :) I can't believe you guys will be celebrating 3 years at the end of the month!! :)

  17. Anniversary, yay!
    Such great goals.
    We are really cracking down on our budget this month I need to go back and read all your amazing tips!

  18. I need to read more books as hobbies. I have a ton of my list to read, but I never find the time. What a good goal!

  19. One of my goals is to make some pretty rad photo books, too. I love having them to look through!

  20. This is my favorite new recipe, and my boyfriend's as well! We're guilty of the same old, same old, and this is one of them! Plus, frozen spinach is super cheap! :)

  21. I've been the same way with reading...ever since I got back I want to read more but just need to do it. That would require me to put down my laptop though and I'm not sure I can commit to that! =)

    Recipe-wise I'm not your gal for the most part, but our go-to is crock pot chicken. Defrost a couple chix breasts, throw those along with a packet of taco seasoning and a jar of salsa into a crock pot (stir it in and cover chicken), let it sit for 6 hours (you can stir a bit throughout or not) and after six hours the chicken will fall apart to yummy shredded chicken. I eat it plain, with black beans and rice/quinoa, on tacos, in quesadillas, you name it!

  22. Girl i feel ya on the photo books!! I had our 2013 book done in january BUT i still have to do 2008-2012 AND 2014. Ahhhhh!!! I will do it, it will happen. :o)

    As far as recipes, omg. I have a wonderful one for you. Go to my paleo/primal board & look for "buffalo chicken & cauliflower casserole" & the one for "Avocado ranch dressing". These two go together. AMAZING.

  23. I need to start a photo book for last year!!! I am close to finishing a book even though it was a super easy book.

    I love when you do new recipes then I can steal them ;)


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