Apr 14, 2014

Money Saving Tips + $50 Giveaway!

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You Magazine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #lifeforless http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

I've mentioned before that I absolutely LOVE this time of year. Easter, my birthday, Spring… what's not to love?!  The past few couple of days I've been adding more and more Spring decor to my house by getting a little crafty and a little creative. Most people tend to go overboard at Christmas. Me? I am so tempted to purchase every last Spring-related item this time of year. But, as we all know… that's not practical or smart, especially when your BFFs are Sallie & Perkins ;)
So after flipping through All You's most recent magazine I grabbed at Meijer, I felt inspired to get a little more creative and save a little extra money at this time of year. I know it's tempting to want to buy new, bright things for your house or add pastels and florals to your wardrobe, but let's face it. Budgets are in place for a reason!

Jared and I are definitely preparing for a yard sale, but we've been sorting through our clothes to see what might get us a little more money, elsewhere. Have you guys heard of threadflip.com? If you have any type of designer duds you're looking to sell, you'll get much more bang for your buck by selling here. You get paid via PayPal, which makes it easy and safe. Also, any DVDs or books you're looking to sell? Consider the Amazon Marketplace! You'll pay 99 cents per item sold, but if you're looking to sell things quickly, it might be worth checking out.

Usually warmer weather also means the temptation for more nights out to eat. At least for me, the longer days and extra sunlight makes me want to hit up our favorite Mexican place and sit on the patio enjoying good conversation over a pile of guacamole. Those are great on occasion, but we still have to meal plan to stay on track. Try new recipes that don't require too many ingredients, or ones that are based around veggies and items you can get at your local farmer market. 

I pretty much can't function one day without a list, so I always keep my notebook with a grocery list and any coupons we have tucked inside. That way I always feel prepared! The more you plan your menu around the seasons, the less you're likely to splurge 'accidentally' during the week.
A couple small changes to your house at this time of year could add up in the long run. Our thermostat was the original one that came with our 30-year-old house so it finally came time to upgrade. Now, our thermostat can raise and lower the temperature at set times so we have more control over our energy bill! 
Yes, it was DEFINITELY time for an update!
We've also switched out the majority of our light bulbs in our home to all energy efficient ones which we're hoping will save us money over time. It's the simple swaps we sometimes forget when thinking of creative ways to save on regular, everyday life.

I'm excited for the nationwide launch of All You Magazine at Target, Safeway, Kroger, Meijer, and Dollar General. All You's April issue is loaded with coupons for some of your favorite products, great recipe ideas for $10 or less and more money saving tips like the ones I shared here. If you want to pick up your copy, be sure to use the $1 off coupon to save even more while supplies last! What's even better? You've got a chance at a $50 Meijer giftcard today! Just enter the simple form here between now and April 28th and you'll be eligible to win!


  1. Nice! Too bad there's no Meijer near me.

  2. Dom kept the house SO cold (for me) this winter in order to save money, so I can't wait to keep the temp extra warm this summer for payback! ;)

  3. Does that by chance happen to be your meals for this coming week? If so, Tuesday is twin day for us as I'm hoping to do crockpot fajitas as well. Which recipe are you using?

  4. I just noticed All You in the checkout lane at my Meijer last week! I buy almost all of our groceries there since it's two miles down the road from us.

  5. i keep our house at 64 in the winter. we have huge high ceilings and sometimes it can get chilly in there - but the good news is my gas bill hasn't been more than $100 all winter and it's been COLD!

  6. We totally need to update our thermostat.

  7. We try to keep our house around 66-67 in the winter. With a trilevel I feel like it's tough though because every floor is a different temperature, lol!

  8. I spy a pretty notebook!! :) I'm a huge believer in meal planning and good grocery list! ZipList is my favorite app to keep track of everything and what's even better is that the hubs can access it on his phone too!! Keep the money saving tips coming!! :)

  9. The weekly meal planning then shopping has been a challenge for me but, I'm getting better. We kept our house around 65 all winter so I just bundle up and its been windows open and fans going for the past few days!!

  10. Great tips...seriously! Now I just need to take note of them =) I'm loving that I'm not the only one who needs a written down list. I love technology but nothing is like crossing something off a paper list to feel accomplished.

    Oh and threadflip...have you put close on there before? I think I need to try that. I think I get ripped off at Plato's Closet.

  11. thank you for the coupon . I love all you.. Looks like you been doing great...


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