Exploring Your City

Happy Weekend!! It's like SPRING is here, even if it's only going to last about two days. It's up to 50 today and rainy and I love it. Jared and I plan to explore a different part of town this afternoon and try to dig up some cheap/free fun. We are creatures of habit, and it's easy to always do the same things for date night, eat the same restaurants, etc. So today we're determined to get out and explore different areas and neighborhoods and just enjoy acting tourist-y.

A lovely blogger named Sarah just happens to feel strongly about exploring her own city, too and I was excited when she agreed to share her story and gorgeous, colorful pictures today. If her pictures don't make you want to get out of your house and explore your area, you're crazy! ;)

Hello, my pretties! I’ve been incredibly inspired by Erin’s goals this year of eliminating debt from her life. As my husband and I begin to pinch pennies as our bundle of joy’s arrival date gets closer and closer, we’ve been trying to come up with more creative ways of spending our time… ones that don’t cost money whenever possible. I remembered a day a while back when I took it upon myself to explore my own city… something so easy and simple that most of us often forget it’s an option. 

Here is what went through my head that day as I wandered through the streets of Seattle:

I was thinking… what if Dorothy had decided to take up residency in Oz? What if she kicked off those ruby slippers, threw out that horrible gingham dress, and traded them in for some Manolos and a pencil skirt? What if she took a job, got an apartment, and maybe met the right guy?

She’d probably start to worry about bills, rent, and whether the Wizard was going to increase property taxes in Munchkinland. She’d rush into the city each day while juggling her coffee, umbrella, and Prada bag. Then she’d spend eight hours in a cubicle working on a proposal about how to eradicate the Flying Monkey epidemic, perhaps finding 20 minutes to sneak in a salad and some gossip with Scarecrow. And at the end of the day she’d rush home to feed Toto and have a glass of merlot with the Tinman while they plan a weekend at the coast with the Cowardly Lion (Glinda’s not invited… she totally flirted with Tin last time).

And like most of us in our single mid-twenties, her credit card bills would begin to creep upward…

Anyway, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Emerald City would probably begin to lose some of its sparkle… But hey, this is the real world, and you can’t spend all your time skipping down the Yellow Brick Road, singing with Munchkins, planting poppies, and riding in hot air balloons. So even though Dorothy’s not in Kansas anymore, the Technicolor may have faded, and she might still see the world in shades of gray.

I’ve been living over the rainbow in the Emerald City of Seattle for almost ten years now. But I recently realized that I never even bother to explore my beautiful city anymore. I just plod in and out of the office each day, never so much as glancing around. What a waste! Especially because no matter what city you reside in, I can guarantee that it is filled with so many exciting, beautiful, FREE sights that you can experience for the first time, or all over again, any time your heart desires. There really is no place like home. Just make sure you walk on by those expensive ruby slippers winking at you from the department store display window.

One afternoon I took my own advice and became a tourist in my own city by walking down to historic Pike Place Market on my lunch break. What an eclectic, fantastic place! Honestly, it wouldn’t have surprised me if I saw a Horse of a Different Color there.

And all that eye candy was FREE! So the next time you’re looking for a little adventure even though you’re trying to save a buck or two like me and Erin, take your brains, hearts, and courage and hit the Yellow Brick Road to re-discover your own city. You might even see some lions, tigers, or bears… oh my! 

Stop by and meet Sarah at her blog, Life As Always.


  1. It is so much fun to explore your city, especially when it's a new one to you! We are constantly moving around and I love seeing what each new place has to offer!

  2. I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Seattle-- especially that Market. I know it sounds silly but I've had dreams about seeing the people throw the fish (maybe I've watched too much Real World?). Exploring where you live is always fun.. especially when you live in a place like I do with surrounding beach towns.. there's always something new to "get into".

  3. I think I need to move to a bigger city! ;)

  4. And there are so many other places in Seattle that I still need to check out! I really do forget how many fantastic things there are do to here... Thanks for the feature, Erin!

  5. I could spend hours at the market wandering around. This is a great reminder that I should head back down there. As always, too much to do and not enough time!


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