Disney {Day 2}

I cannot express how happy it makes me to have TONS of readers that love Disney! And for those of you who haven't been yet... I'm convinced by the end of this week and my 50 recaps, you will be booking your next vacation there ;)

Our first day in the parks was my actual birthday, so to say I was excited would be the understatement of the year. Our resort gave me my sweet birthday pin at check-in and you know I rocked that every day!

Animal Kingdom was park #1 for us. Jared and I will be doing a separate post all about Disney planning, including info about the best times to visit, how to plan which parks to go to each day, etc. Trust me-- every little detail about this trip was planned out.

We were some of the first people in the park that day (and every other day, for that matter!) so we headed straight to one of the busiest attractions, the Kilimanjaro Safari. We got to see so many animals and some of them got pretty close to our vehicle. I won't lie... I thought a rhinoceros was going to charge us at one point!!

Some of our other favorite things from the day included Expedition Everest- a crazy coaster that goes up this giant mountain...

"It's Tough to Be a Bug" 3D film. Tell me those aren't the coolest 3D glasses you've ever seen?! ;)

The DINOSAUR ride... something I didn't expect to be that cool, but I loved it! We did it twice, like most other attractions in the parks. We really went at such a low-crowd level time that we walked on rides most of our visit. Our waits in line were very minimal! We did Disney right!! :)
I told ya' you'd see my Dino posing again.... sorry, it's a habit! Also? Disney is NOT about fashion.... it's about comfort. When you're on your feet for 12+ hours every day, for six days... your feet need taken care of.  Enjoy all these photos of me in workout pants and tennies ;)

Since we walked so much, I didn't feel guilty at all about ordering things like a hot dog with mac n' cheese on it. It may sound disgusting, but trust me.... it was tasty!

We also met these cuties... :) Jared and King Louie fist-bumped.... I loved it!

Watched an AMAZING Lion King show...

Watched Mickey's Jammin' Jungle parade...

Met Tigger!!!... a personal favorite of mine since I was a kid. Tigger practically mauled me when we met him, and I was really okay with that ;)

After we shut down the park, we headed off to the Polynesian Resort by monorail for our dinner reservations at Ohana. We had heard SO MANY good things about this restaurant, so our expectations were high. And whewwwww, did this place live up to it! The most delicious food ever... and sooo much of it! There is no menu at Ohana. They seat you, tell you what they're serving and just start bringing out your food, dish after dish after DISH.

Who's hungry, right?!! They also called up anyone who's birthday it was, "lei'd" us and sang Happy Birthday to us Hawaiian style!

After stuffing ourselves, we got to relax, listen to some beautiful music, and watch the fireworks from our waterfront view in the restaurant. I seriously couldn't imagine a more perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

Best...vacation... ever!

Hey, friends!! It's me, Erin, remember?! :) I have been having the TIME of my life in Disneyworld and I'm finally back to the real world... the world that involves a job and a desk, instead of a castle and Mickey Mouse.
Not only was my vacation absolutely fantastic, probably the best ever, but I came home to even more excitement and happiness. I truly have SO MUCH to share with you all and can't wait to do so! It's going to take awhile...seeing as how I took 800 pictures on this vacation ;)  So I hope you all are ready for a Disney overload!!

In Orlando on our Disney bus and clearly SUPER excited!!!
We got into Orlando on a Friday afternoon, with plans to check in at our hotel and then explore Downtown Disney for awhile. Oh, and MEET ROBIN AND DOM later that night!!! Let's just say I was not super pleased when our luggage was not at the resort yet... and I had to go out in my traveling clothes of yoga pants. In the Florida heat that I was NOT ready for. Thankfully, Robin isn't judgemental ;)

We explored and shopped for awhile before stopping into the T-Rex restaurant. We hadn't been able to get a reservation here, but it was SUCH a cool, themed place we snuck in at the bar to grab a small appetizer before our dinner. There were dinosaurs moving all around us, a meteor shower taking place on the ceiling, giant jellyfish floating just above our heads... seriously cool!

And I'm not sure why... but anything dinosaur related causes me to do my pterodactyl pose. Trust me, you'll see this again ;)

Planet Hollywood was next on our list for our dinner reservations! Jared had never been to one, so it was definitely a fun place to eat on our first night of vacation. He even got them to wish me a happy birthday up on the big screen while we were there!

After stuffing ourselves (By the way, I cannot recommend the Disney Dining plan enough... it's the ONLY way to eat right here!) we strolled for awhile and before I knew it, Robin had texted me to let me know they were parking and on their way in to meet us!!

Meeting Robin and Dom could NOT have gone any better. Robin was just like I imagined she'd be, but even better!! We "met" in the blog world a year ago, and clicked instantly... so this meet-up has been a long time coming. That girl is as sweet and fun as they come my friends.... and now I'm even more sad that we live approximately 1,000 miles apart. I'm truly thankful to call Robin (and you too, Dom!) a friend and that we FINALLY had an opportunity to meet.

Thanks again for not laughing too hard at my yoga pants and my intense sweating due to the Florida heat. This picture makes me crack up... you can definitely tell who the Floridians are and who the Ohioans are :)

Thanks for sticking with me as I dig out of my inbox and adjust to the working world again. I definitely still feel like I need a vacation to recover from our vacation ;)

Come back tomorrow to check out our first two days in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios :)


You all should know... it's a legit holiday for this girl. 
Please observe it wisely ;)

Happy Draft Day!!


You guys, Ohio is a great place. Hey! Stop that! I can hear you big-city people and you beach-dwelling people snickering... but before you get too carried away, hear me out. Ohio really does have a lot to offer, but I think sometimes even I forget how awesome is it! It's easy to diss your own home state, and even easier to forget to show her off every once in awhile.
Well, you're in luck... I have one cool gal here to tell you WHY Ohio is cool. Which in turns, makes she and I both extremely cool ;) So get ready to take notes, here are reasons #1-10.

Hey, y’all! I’m Martha, and I blog over at A Southern Transplant. I blog about a lot of totally random things like being a newlywed (after 3 years, I think I still fit in this category), kids (I have a gwatrillion of them), my baby (my mutt doggy dog, Nutmeg), the South, trying to recreate my non-existent twenties (32 is not the new 20), embarrassing things that happen to me (like breaking my arm or falling sober in a bar)…well, you get it!
Hey y'all!

I’m so happy to be over here visiting Erin and her readers. She and I are almost like twinsies…except that whole age difference thing. Seriously, though, I knew Erin and I would get along famously. You see, girls from Ohio are just pretty awesome.

Here’s why Erin and I are exceptionally cool.

1. We both have a Mamaw and a Papaw! 

2. We know who Lequit is. And he will forever be shunned from all things Ohio. See #8 below, loyalty

3.  We are all for the poisonous nut. Beware. They are scary! Go Bucks! OH-! (I'll never stop cheering for the Buckeyes, even if I am a Gamecock fan, too!)
(On a side note, it's THE Ohio State Univeristy. Ohio is a school in Athens. For real, people.)

4.  We both know Cedar Point trumps all other parks. Take that, Six Flags over what??!! HA!

5. Erin and I love the fall. Especially in Ohio. And in Ohio, we do fall big.

6.  We have a love of travel to all places that aren’t Ohio. Ohioans are really good at broadening their horizons. I think this may be because winter lasts months…and travel is the only way to escape!

7.  We may not root for the same pro teams, but we love our Ohio teams. No matter if they are having an awesome season, or if they are the Bengals or the Browns, the Reds or the Indians. Loyalty, my friends.

***Sorry, Martha. You know I couldn't let you get away with something that says "Go Browns" without 
a picture of the REAL Ohio NFL team ;)

8.  We both have excellent blog design taste. Although, I have NO idea how Erin does such a great job! 

9. If it's football season, we're tailgating.  ***Or working. Lame. 

And, most importantly,

10. We both recognize the necessity to celebrate your birthday for weeks, not just one day!
Happy Belated Birthday, Erin!!!

A gift for YOU on MY birthday♥

It's officially my birthday and I've got a little something to offer you all, my wonderful readers!!

Dress United offered me a free customized t-shirt and I didn't hesitate to say, "Sure!" They recently launched their new site where you can create your own shirts, hoodies, long-sleeve tee's etc!

I'll give you one guess where I'm spending my birthday?! ;)

I know there are a million t-shirt designing places out there, but I definitely recommend Dress United. Their site is incredibly user-friendly and I couldn't believe how fast the shipping was either. Overall, it was easy and quick and I now have a fun t-shirt to wear on my birthday each year!!

If you're looking to create custom shirts for ANYTHING at all... bachelorette parties, a sports team, a birthday, a field trip... you name it, you can make it! And Dress United generously offered a 30% discount for all my readers! All you need to do is go to THIS LINK and use promo code BLOG30OFF4U when you order. You'll get 30% off AND free shipping!!

What are you waiting for??? :)

The long-awaited Friday

Dear Friday, I have been awaiting you for a very, very long time. Not just since Monday
much longer than that! Let's party!

Dear Birthday, You are tomorrow! I don't know where time keeps going, but it must mean I'm having a lot of fun, huh? Cheers to 26 being the best year yet!

Dear Amanda, And your birthday is today!!! I hope today is so special for you :)
I am so incredibly thankful for our friendship..... 6 years and going strong!

Dear NFL Schedule, You are the BEST I've seen for my team and I yet. PUMPED!!!
Dear Readers, Your comments in my inbox every day seriously rock. I get so excited to hear from
people that I've 'known' since I started this blog, and people who are brand new here! You all are great-- have a WONDERFUL weekend :)


Feeling Loved

My birthday isn't until this Saturday and I've already been spoiled and celebrated in too many ways to count! Seriously, I have some of THE best people in my life. I don't know how in the world I got so lucky, but my family and friends are just amazing. I don't deserve them!!! :)

Like the sweet group of my girls that celebrated with -what other than- Mexican food with me over the weekend.

No birthday is complete without a sombrero. I do believe I was wearing one on my birthday last year as well ;) What can I say, guacamole = life.

And having my parents treat Jared and I to dinner last weekend as well. Plus, giftcards for our vacation and some fun kitchen items I've been wanting-- thanks again!
The men were refusing pictures so this is the only one I got.
Then our BFFs had us over for a delicious veggie lasagna and made me fat with a huuuge piece of Red Velvet cake!! ;)
Candles in an "E" formation by Jared ;)


In other news? Today is somewhat of a holiday for the football-obsessed. The 2013 NFL schedule will be released tonight!!! This means I can plan the entire second half the year just with a single list of Bengals games! It means I get to see how many weekends/days in a row I'll work.... how many prime-time games we got hooked up with... what holidays I'll get screwed on... etc!! :)

Just know, I'll be waiting in anticipation by my email inbox ALL DAY. 
Please tell me someone else watches New Girl and loves Schmidt as much as I do?!